Top Ten Best Beyblade Combos

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1 Twisted Eagle AD145WD

Sorry, it I found a new combo after years of research. It is called MF-H Meteo l-drago CH120RB, and this combo can beat combos that have a track 85 To a combo that has a 230 track. Come on, try it out before I do, and before nothing can beat it.

It is too heavy, the real best combo is earth eagle th170wd. You should really keep the earth fusion wheel you will be glad you did.

Ultimate bey one smash from an attack type and the attack type goes out of the stadium. It even beats wing pegasis if I lauch wing pegasis twice.

It killed my burn fire blaze, and ultimate meteo l-drago absorb and more.

2 Wing Pegasis T125RSF

I agree with this statement as the tornado spin track, good attack quality, and constant attacks make a good combo as attack-types need good stamina to be first-rate beyblades. This is because they are usually at a disadvantage against defense-types, but the more stamina a beyblade has, the more times it can hi the other beyblade, the faster it can drain its opponent's spin strength.

The wing fusion wheel is the greatest attack type wheel on earth. it's also heavy {like 50 grams} and in ironclad attack mode, its outstanding in defense and balance. RSF was a great choice for this combo because it has good stamina and good attack. This reminds me of my current favorite combo Wing Orion SA165TB because it ues the wing wheel and has a defensive track that is somewhat useful for attack types.

Worst! More of a defense attack is very less my fang pegasis 85r2f will defeat this while with its girlfriend

I tried it! And it was super effective! It broke a beyblade tip!

3 Diablo Nemesis BD145CS

Diablo Nemesis is the HEAVIEST beyblade in the world so far! Plus, it can change tips on its own and manually!

"The ULTIMATE Beyblade.Diablo gives it great attack power which is enhanced by the strong counter attack of cs, while bd adds to its defenses.

Amazing knock my customize tempo every time and sometime break parts of other beys. I win beyblade tournements with it

It's the best because mine keeps knocking the other one out of the stadiun even if the stadium has tall walls and it also literaly destroyed my frends saggitario the spin track and the face bolt broke it even chipped a small piece of it's fusion wheel!

4 Galaxy Pegasus WA130RSF

Best bey even beats Earth Eagle!

Best. It even beat diablo nemesis, metro ldrago, flash saggitario and phantom Orion

You are not tsubasa

5 Diablo Orion TR 145 WD

I feel that diablo is a 4d bey and as having 2 metl weels it has good attack, stamina, defense but not balance so your opinion is the best I fell.


I love this combo, this thing is beast!

Were down wd good attack

6 Twisted Capricorn GB145BS

Little less balance but otherwise thumbs up!

7 Meteo L-Drago D125FS
8 Flash Unicorno W105HF
9 Flame Kerbecs AD145 B

That's a cool Beyblade

It suck and it is a Bey

10 Rock Leone D125WB

A great bey all in all but could use some more stamina!

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11 Phantom Gasher TH170D

It beats every single beyblade I own! It even beats my friends too! I recommend this bey to every single person looking at this review. This beyblade is top tier in Stamina but Takara Tomy brand Beyblades are recommended for this top tier Beyblade.

Are you serious people? This is the official best combo. Have you seen the WBO's top tier combinations? If you haven't and you are reading the Top Ten List, then you are wasting your time. Go get some real advice at WBO.

It is a really strong bey for Stamina. Beats all of my beys!

Phantom is OP. Although bearing drive mode be a better tip, cool combo

12 Flame Pegasus LL 145 SD

Look this bey combo the best it can beat hades kerbecs plus phantom orion even twisted tempo

13 Hades Befall BD145MF

This is a very good Beyblade. It has strong attack power solid defense and good stamina. It very good when it is in boost mode

Hades fusion wheel is way too overpowered so literally anything in it will win

14 Duo Cancer TH170SD

This is sick mate

15 Scythe Capricorn 145B

It is the best combo

Super good combo

16 Earth Herculeo 105F
17 Duo Bull TH170RB
18 Hades Befall 230EWD
19 Death Cetus S130RDF

I love your combo I tried and it was the best I vs my friend and when I win I have 5 of his Beyblade I defeated him all because your combo I love it I use it in all my tournament.

Super powerful and both attack power and defense increased. The greatest defense type
You find these parts in death quetzacatl, jade jupiter and grand cetus

I have a similar combo that I made by my self, Death Lyra S130RS. It has awesome defense.

20 Variares CH120RF
21 Diablo Orion 230WD
22 Flash Pisces GB145R2F
23 Spiral Virgo 90 HF
24 Fang Leone 145W2D
25 Earth Capricorne R145RS

It's the best well legend cyber pegasus is the best but this is still good

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