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These are the absolute greatest custom maps from the community of Halo: Custom Edition and! Sit back, and go to while you are at it and download all of these maps for yourself!

If you think these maps are cliche or chosen by popularity, no, it's moreso the fact that these maps are the top ten out of the hundreds of maps that has created.

RULES: You can add a map, but it cannot be one of the original maps from Halo: Combat Evolved, and it MUST be original! No remakes/mods of existing Halo maps!

The Top Ten
1 Yoyorast Island (by Yoyorast)

The perfect map for all gametypes. There are perfect sniper locations, and, for a twist in Halo maps, the bases are right next to each other, but the flags are elevated high enough so you have to work to get to the flags.

A basic description of the map A giant island that has the Red and Blue bases set right next to each other, and the warthog garage is shared between the two. The map has one big track going all around it, but still having places that must be traveled on foot, making you walk and pedal to the metal, making this the ultimate Halo map.

For Slayer, there are sniper towers and many weapons around the map, leading a good Slayer match to fight your opponents!

King of the Hill is quite self explanatory. And it is fun, too, as people scatter all over the place to get to the Hill!

Oddball is weird, because you can't see where the dude with the ball is because of how big the map is, and how strange the ball can be placed.

Race is perfection at ...more

Spent so many hours on this map!

Good old days! Amazing map.

Best map ever made!

2 Hydrolysis (by Sean Casey)

This map is outright gorgeous. It is a forerunner hydroelectric power facility with two islands between it, and is believed to be one of many power sources of Installation 04.

The bases are very detailed, and it is a nice twist to Slayer, King of the Hill, and CTF; you can't walk or drive, you gotta fly! This map has a new jetpack vehicle, which is how you fly around on this map, but there are boats if you want to sail around.

This map was really close to #1. In fact, I would have made it #1, but Yoyorast Island surpasses it in gametype aspects. Still, amazing job, Sean!

3 Precipice (by Siliconmaster)

A forerunner complex that has two sides, with a broken bridge connecting the two, and with a giant pit that emits energy blasts every now and then. Don't fall! This map is amazing for Capture the Flag and for Slayer gametypes.

Honestly, I love how the map is divided into two with a busted bridge that acts as a ramp to the opposing base.

4 Mystic (by Jahrain)

This map takes place in a forest with two ancient structures, which are Red and Blue base, and with tons of twists and turns in the site. It is a large map, with a bulldog motorcycle, warthogs, and a different Spartan model!

Now, this map is VERY amazing, but I put it as #4 because it looks extremely historical and not technological which makes Halo... well, Halo! Still an amazing map!

5 Extinction (by DA Ender)

Holy huge! This map is the biggest custom map ever created! It features two warships of the two opposing factions, with two outposts that have the flags, fighting for supremacy of the desert! This map is good for CTF only, because... well... it's enormous. That's why I placed it at 5 because it is too big to do anything other than CTF. Still, this map has 370,000 downloads, making it the most downloaded Halo Custom Edition map to date!

6 Blood Islands (author unspecified)

This map is like a flooded Blood Gulch with Valhalla's towers! A wise recommendation for CTF and Banshee Slayer! The extra islands have bases on them, and this is a high ceiling map. Also, since the water is shallow enough, you can drive and walk around the water!

7 Revelations (by Selentic, Massacre, and Conscars)

This map is all-out creative. It takes place on a Halo ring that is currently in construction in the Ark. It features two forerunner towers, a tunnel complex, and a variety of Halo weapons in it. It is meant for CTF, but it works on all gametypes!

8 Portent (by EJ Burke)

This map takes place on a planet in which the setting of the map was constructed not long after the planet was formed. It has a giant base in the center, with Red and Blue bases on the opposite sides of the central structure. Great for all gametypes, especially Race.

9 Coldsnap (by Tiamat)

The second-largest custom map ever created, next to Extinction, of course. The bases are hidden within the three mountains that surround the plateau of ice, with a giant cliff and a canyon going through the middle, only passable by the bridge or by flight. This map allows for Pelicans, explosive sniper rifles, Longswords, and jets! The ground vehicles move faster than ever! CTF is the best for this gametype, as the map is extremely big and the flags aren't out in the open.

Coldsnap is great for many reasons. The aesthetic was better than it's counterparts Extinction and Hugeass and it felt more balanced. Both teams had an arsenal of jets and extra-fast warthogs. One team had two longswords and the other had the mythos! Plus the explosive sniper gave everyone a fighting chance.against the awesomely powerful vehicles.

10 Abyss (by Peter Sakievich)

A giant canyon with bridges and lakes and overhangs. It is similar to Exile from Halo 4, which is an AMAZING map, by the way. Abyss is filled with tunnel complexes and is suitable for all gametypes! The grassy terrain, the teleporters, and all of the high bridges give the eerie feeling that someone will push you off, or drive you off, falling to your death! Be prepared!

The Contenders
11 AI War of Gulch Beta

It's the best AI map with Covenant and Marines taking place in Blood Gulch

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