Hardest Halo Missions Ever

The Halo series had you on the edge of your seat with its story. Well, in this case, we are looking at quite possibly the hardest missions from the highest maximum of skulls turned on. This can also be described as LASO to the hardcore fans. I will judge these missions from two different perspectives combined. So sit back, and just witness the number of attempts you will take. Leading to complete insanity when thinking about these specific Halo Missions.
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1 Gravemind - Halo 2

With a cool set of an endgame to this point in the story. Master Chief is sent to High Charity to go and kill the remaining prophets. 117 is spawned right in front of Truth and Mercy alerting all covenant forces of his presence to ''kill the demon.'' This is also the first time you get to face Brutes who got promoted as the trusted guards due to the death of Regret. Right from the start, you could die in like a point second from a jackal sniper. This level is the most brutal all the way to the end. Throwing everything at you, being stealthy is your best bet, but be careful not to get their attention as they could all gun you down instead. The ending puts your skills to the test. It's one of the most challenging ending sections to a mission without a doubt. The developers were nice enough to throw in a killer track to go with this epic fight of civil dysfunction. Sure you'll be dying a lot here, but hey here's a good track Breaking Benjamin we got for you gamers out there. The point is ...more

2 The Library - Halo: Combat Evolved

Okay, try this one up for size. Play this mission in its original form (on the actual Orignal Xbox itself) with the lowest resolution where it's too hard to see from its dark lighting. You are forced to play this with 343 guilty spark convincing you to retrieve an index going up 4 floors of endless flood waves. All you do to survive is keep killing the flood and pray that you have just enough ammo to survive the next set of them swarming to take you down. The problem with this mission it was way too flawed as you progress through the dark environment. You know those blue hallways? Well, the way the Flood spawn in these areas is not well done, and the Flood basically spawn above you like a wasp trying to sting you from behind every second you try to turn around or flee. The Library is one of the most disliked levels by the Halo fanbase, and it is undoubtedly one of the hardest missions from the purpose of the mission is simply to survive.

3 Regret - Halo 2

Between this one, and another mission they are insanely difficult to get past let me tell you. The jackal snipers on Delta Halo aren't too bad. On here though you better have eagled eyed perfection view and hits to the head. You miss, you're dead over and over again. It also doesn't help that this is the longest mission in the game. Meaning that you venture through underwater elevators and the slowest gondola rides ever while a wave of covenant come to try and stop you from killing the prophet of Regret. They bring the whole team here alright, even the respawning guard elites at the very end. Just go immediately for the prophet and don't worry too much about the rest of the chaos and run away if you were able to somehow get through all that slow torture of doom to progress through the mission.

4 Coastal Highway - Halo 3: ODST

The final mission in the game in ODST is very difficult. Coastal Highway sure you group up with your Squad, but you're doing most of the work as the Rookie. This is one of the few escort missions (just like with the other one mentioned) where you must make Dare doesn't die in the tank she is in. Your only hope is Buck can just shoot, shoot and shoot while you are forced to drive. If you are somehow able to get past that point in the mission. Your endgame finishes with a firefight with every covenant enemy you had faced. Your squad just pulls back, while you have to take chances in ways to take down every wave of them they throw at you. All of this just to keep an Engineer at bay.

5 Two Betrayals - Halo: Combat Evolved

This is both a cool and hard mission at the same time. This is the first time you are encounter 3 different enemy factions. All of which are located near the pulse generators you must destroy in order to destroy the halo ring. The toughest sections are towards the very end. The always annoying flood rocket enemies with near-perfect aim will have you losing it. If not that, then how about a battle between the Flood and Covenant all-out war while trying to steal one of their banshees just to get to the last generator.

6 Cortana - Halo 3

This mission is undoubtedly hard, it's just you inside the flood-controlled high charity trying to find Cortana and just get out of there. The problem is there are a lot of Flood enemies in the way, and the Gravemind inside your head. Your best chance to beat this mission fast enough is to really memorize the pattern well. Otherwise getting lost here is what makes this one a tough mission to beat with no help from the Arbiter until the very end.

7 Blue Team - Halo 5: Guardians

Now Halo 5's story to be honest was and still is an absolute mess of all confusion. Early on you are finally given your very first Master Chief mission and this one doesn't mess around compared to the introduction mission. For a wave of only the Covenant you face here abord this ship they got quite the army you have to take out. At one point in the mission, the return of the OP Jackal Snipers make the mark mainly in this mission. Many times my entire squad would get killed where I died in that exact placement. Meaning getting revived at any chance in this mission is not an option to consider relying on your friendly A.I. versus the very intelligent enemy A.I. If somehow you were able to somehow get past them. The ending really puts you in a test of patience with the whole wave after your squad. From Hunters, Main elite general force, and jetpack forces. Blue Team surely made an impression that even speedrunners find it difficult to get past this one fast enough without screwing up way ...more

8 Truth and Reconciliation - Halo: Combat Evolved

As long as your sniping skills are on point early on. You wouldn't think this mission is too hard right? Well, actually once you board the ship is where the difficulty really gets cranked up. This is the first mission where you are introduced to the camouflaged Elites and you better save as many marines. Fewer you have reinforcements. Your chances of survival get really really hard with the massive wave of the covenant force you have to take down in order to escort Captain Keyes out without getting him killed in the process of escaping. This is probably why most people consider this mission one of the harder ones knowing protecting Keyes from all angles can be very stressful.

9 Data Hive - Halo 3: ODST

Halo ODST's story consists of a lot of flashbacks in short mission segments. Towards the end of the game, however, you are diving into a real-time transmission from Dare to go in for assistance. This is a very long-enduring level that really puts the Rookie to the test for survival with the biggest amount of hive enemies ever seen in a Halo game. Some actually use the Red Plasma rifle to really throw the player off. If that wasn't enough the Hammer Brute Chieftain can certainly put a wrench into your plans of escaping. This is no pushover since, unlike Spartans, an ODST trooper can't regenerate health. Use your Plasma Pistol wisely as your main source to move down this maze.

10 Assault on the Control Room - Halo: Combat Evolved
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11 Midnight - Halo 4

This is the only mission where you face only the Promethean enemies which are the most annoying in the game hands down. The final level in the game is no cakewalk. Master Chief is constantly on the move here getting hit with everything inside this ship the Didact pilots. Tons of Knights to takedown mainly, and seeing they take so much durability. This mission will leave you scared by the end of it. If you are able to somehow beat it getting past the army of a nightmare that thankfully you faced in very few missions.

12 Arcadia City - Halo Wars
13 The Pillar of Autumn - Halo: Reach
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