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21 Metaphysics

With consistently little to basis in reality, almost totally abstract, metaphysics is extremely difficult in that you can not just memorize or go by a formula, you really have to think, other subjects are similar to your brain going for a jog as metaphysics is powerlifting, you are really forced to THINK when given such broad concepts as being, knowing, reality, etc.

22 Computer Programming

I am a senior in highschool. I have a 4.2 weighted gpa, and I have been talking a lot of honors and AP classes. And by far computer programming was the hardest class I have ever took in my life. DO NOT take this class if you are not experienced with programming!

By far the hardest.

Honestly, it's Pretty Fun

Never it is very easy

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23 Social Studies

We learn about global warming in eight grade and I still remember it. Many scientist believe that gases in the air are causing the Earth's atmosphere to gradually hotter. This is call global warming. If you read it remember the basics of global warming.

Oh one of my favorite. Subjest...

It's so hard to understand History and Gas and things

Too much projects, presentations, essays, and really hard tests!

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24 Religion

I'm an atheist, and I'm forced to talk about how God/Allah is perfect. Even though, I have nothing against people who believe in God, it's a struggle for me.


Religion subject is not hard just give your faith to your god and have a peaceful activities with him or her.

Its hard if you don't really know much about the religion haha

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25 Physical Science

The physics and chemistry you learn in this class don't even carry over to future science classes.

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26 Spanish

To me it's super hard cause I don't know how to speak or read in Spanish.

Who ever put it here should remove it - tearest7

Keep* it, I think that's what you meant to put. Don't tell me "oh this is easy" because no, you probably already knew the language. - mattstat716

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27 Dance

It's not a sport not really a subject it would probably go with P.E. - funnyuser

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28 Medical

I want to be a doctor when I finish college

Best subject ever

29 Earth Science

Exactly,Earth science is really the important subject than others...

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30 Music

For Asians, they are lucky for music and math because each type of people could affect their subjects. Science is mostly for white, language arts and reading is for black, and math and music is for Asians. I'm actually Asian and I am such a pro in piano and I'm the smartest kid in math and music in the entire class(got every single A except writing).

I love listening to music but I hate learning about it. It's so boring. I want to jump out a window and kill my self! It is so hard to hear your self playing guitar when 7 other people are playing the same song as you. Never take Music class unless you have a passion for it!

Yeah thank god I do! I don't just love listening to music, I love playing and writing it! - sryanbruen

In music all we do is play some flipping hard song on keyboards. That's it. Can we at least choose a song and perform it on a keyboard? Or how about choosing our own music genre to study? WHY THE FLIP DO I NEED TO LEARN ABOUT THE BLUES? COME ON, WHAT USE IS THAT? - Wolftail

I can't sing.
It was so annoying in Primary school assembly having to sit on the hard floor when we sang religious songs, then year 6 and finally the benches.

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31 Writing

Writing is just a way to criticize someone's hard earned unique skill.

I'm writing laugh out loud

No matter what you write they say there is something wrong

Horrible - Orlemley

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32 Linear Algebra

How is this not number 1? It's the most, or one of the most advanced math classes you could take as an undergraduate.

Got 21.25/200 on that crap (10.66%)

33 Psychology

Psychology isn't as easy as you'd think. It's a lot of stuff about the brain and other theories about how we learn and think and process information. I went in expecting to learn a bunch of stuff about mental disorders and all that, but we barely even got to it. That's what interested me most and we never even covered it. Other than that it's kinda boring, like parts of the brain and especially the theories on how people learn. Some stuff interested me, but I really enjoy psychology so that could be why. Don't expect to walk in and sit down and learn about schizophrenia on the first day. You probably won't even get to it. However, taking a high school psych class will definitely help for when you have to take a college level psych class, and if you're a psych major like I am, even the classes after. - ultralyssa

It's a nightmare, there's so much to memorise and there's no solid answer to any hypothesis, its all theories and studies that need to be evaluated and there's so many. Plus only specific key terms and dates apply to a study. My book has 300 pages and there's at least 2 studies per page. And a new theory every double page. I can't believe that its 64 because its absolutely horrible and its ruined the subject for me thanks to AQA a level which by the way, the exam broke twitter because the students were literally taking the piss out of that exam paper. Its an utter nightmare. I hate it. I failed this subject amongst every other person in my class because it's so hard, the grade boundaries are lower than my standards ffs

Its literally rape

34 Latin

This must be the worst subject ever! Even worse than ancient greek

It actually isn't. You just need to pay attention and it gets really easy. I had a 96, and right now in 4th quarter I have a 100.

Latin is a little hard. I have a 100 in it, but all you need to do is pay attention. In first quarter I never listened and got mostly c's d's and f's. But then I listened and got a 93 to end the quarter. But I would much rather take Spanish than Latin.

35 Hindi

My handwriting in this, is not Good!
But I think I have improved it
Gonna leave this near year - Ananya

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36 Ancient Greek V 1 Comment
37 Biochemistry

It requires a lot of memorization and deep understanding.

** ( Tough Material ) **

Why is bio in top 5 but biochem is this far down morons makes no sense

38 Drama

It's also a hard subject because when your teacher said to do a performance you have to really memorize a long sentence

I'm an actor this should be higher but its not that hard for me cause I'm the best in the world at it

Hardest subject out but also best subject

39 Computer Science
40 Mandarin

Okay, so when I went to a private school, we had to learn Mandarin. Writing, speaking and reading it. After six months of going to a local, normal school I have forgotten 99% of what I learnt. - Wolftail

For sure. I used to know how to write in Mandarin, but after 1 year with no lessons, I have forgotten almost everything. It's really hard to remember. So many little lines! - JustAnAccount

Me too. When my friends speak Mandarin,I'm like how can they speak so fast!?

I don't find it too hard honestly - FireWasp2004

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