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41 Arabic

I heard arabic is the second hardest language in the world, right behind mandarin/Chinese

Too boring. Cannot even understand the teacher's accent! - archiesweirdmysteries

If this was taught in English schools, I would say one thing: LEL! And that's for no reason. Spanish, French and English are my limits. - Wolftail

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42 Art

It definitely requires the most work! Be prepared to spend 20+ hours on 1 drawing and have nothing good said about it during the critique.

For people like me who don't have any artistic talents this subject can be really hard.

It was the most effort requiring subject in my freshmen year!

I seriously cannot draw - HazzaInHisMazda

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43 Engineering Graphics & Design
44 Cursive

This is the HARDEST! Do you even know how horrible I write? In exams, I always aim for 100 but end up getting 87 or 92. ALL DUE TO MY HANDWRITING!?!?! - Animefan12

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45 Additional Mathematics

I never had failed Physics but always failed add math...

Why does this even exist? Laugh out loud! - Wolftail

It exists on a higher academic school level for those who wish to take a highly mathematical university course, and then once onto university, it becomes an essential part of it. I take it and I love it! Though one gotta hate the stats. - PositronWildhawk

It is crazy hard!

46 I.C.T.

Nope I was the life of Maine at augusta peter jackson is a book that I don't know how to make a public statement of Maine majors and the soldier is magic tree and I was just about every one is magic of Maine majors the questions that they are walking

47 Tamil

Hell, even tough mother tongue, I can't speak,read or write it fluently or properly.

48 Graphics

This is difficult - people just think its all using computer programs and rulers! I am in my 4th year at secondary school and am doing the work that 5th years are doing but that's just because I love the subjext and work really hard.

For me it's definitely the hardest subject

Its MAD Easy for me.

A lot of different subjects rolled into one great profession.

49 Health

Health is the worst thing that happened to this world since Harry Potter. It stinks. I didn't pass any of the tests

It's really a subject I take it a my school plus it's required

Health is the subject, we learn that in 7th grade

Is health a school subject? No? Really? Answer me imedietly once you've found out.

50 Afrikaans

LMFAO why is this up here I'm voting for it

51 Environmental Science
52 Sociology
53 Cooking

Cooking is hard, but if you take the time to do it it can come out in happiness don't rush it it is like art don't RUSH IT

It depends on what level the course is. Some of the advanced levels are super challenging, that I will say

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54 Child Care

Having the phobia of kids, so hard.

55 Telugu

I'm Telugu and my parents expect me to learn the language, although I'm foreign. Ugh it's so hard

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56 European History
57 Precalculus
58 Typing

This was hard for me until the sixth grade. Then I became very good at it and one of the fastest students at typing in my class. It's a very useful subject when you get into high school and have to type all the time, it pays off.

We don't even need it! All day kids stay in front of their laptops. - Animefan12

59 Vectors
60 Javanese
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