Top Ten Most Hated Slang Words

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1 Swag

This Word ruined my life.

I like "swag" when it is used properly, as in "a curtain or piece of fabric fastened so as to hang in a drooping curve." <---original definition, ladies and gents.


I mean, you guys, I mean, just YOLO Swag, and just 5ratchet the shorty, what! Why would I do that? I mean, just hella, cray! ! What! Literally, you guys are overrated. - CityGuru

YOLO is the most ironic phrase ever. - PositronWildhawk

That word means Yeah, Let's on Lets orange

This thing can go to hell

3 Bae

In reality, it's Danish for poop.

Super sad our language is accepting this word!

I hate this word!

Bae is a word used by dumbasses who think they are cool.

4 Ratchet

Honestly, I sometimes say rachet meaning it kinda a ghetto style, but when people say "eww that make-up is rachet" or "eww that would look rachet together" Just please stop. NOW preferably

5 Shorty

This means Should hot or rock that yes

6 Hella

This word sounds awful when midwestern guys say it.

This means Hell ever love love another

7 Cray

Cray is a slang term for crazy. Please don't butcher the English language by introducing this word. Cray is not even considered a word.

This means Cry rihanna always you

Crayfish are bait for crabs or lobsters or something


What come on that is the best slang ever!

This is the worst and mean (in some ways ) slang word! - funnyuser

9 C***

What does it means?!?! Please tell me

Oh, you mean, See You Next Tuesday

Don't show the full word. - Deed

10 Doe

The Contenders

11 OMG

Is used a lot today. It means, "Oh My God".

This means Orange makes gain

12 WTH

This means what the heck

13 Tbh

Just write the word fully, what's the point of "texting" something that someone doesn't understand.

14 Hubby
15 Literally

This means Let it to Egypt reality and let loo yolo

16 Hoes
17 Brung
18 Brexit
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