Top 10 Ways to Celebrate New Year

2021 is just a day away, how will you celebrate the upcoming new year?
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1 Fireworks

Nothing beats the spectacle of fireworks on New Year's. Hazardous as they are, with proper safety and handling, you've got a spectacular display in the sky. Sadly, due to many injuries from improper use, my locality bans consumers from using them completely right now, what a shame!

Yes, I went down to see them last night since I'm not too far from the fireworks.

2 Parties
3 Make a New Year Resolution

Making a New Year's resolution allows you to change any past habits that you had, make new changes to yourself, think of your future goals, and what you will do for the coming years including the year that just arrived. It's very simple to do, just grab a pen and paper and let your mind do the rest!

4 Greeting Family Members

This is the simplest yet best way to celebrate the new year. Call your family members as well as your friends and wish them a happy new year, and they may return the favor. Greeting Happy New Year in general helps keep hopes and spirits high when the new year starts.

5 Gift Giving

Most often it's cash, but other gifts can also be given. Generally, when it's cash, it can either be presented in small packets or letters or simply given by hand.

6 Lucks and Charms

While this is merely a superstition, it does help boost your spirits and hopes that the next year will be better (just like greeting everyone). For instance, my dad hands me pennies and tells me to shake them when New Year arrives since it's considered good luck.

7 New Year's Meal

A staple for many households. Preparing a grand feast for New Year is a milestone for your family and yourself. Hoping everything will be better, this is your very first meal of the year.

Savor the taste and enjoy since this is the first meal you've had for the year. No other meal in any part of the year beats it. Careful though, some superstitions prohibit certain types of food from being eaten during New Year.

8 Karaoke and Concerts

Want to make noise without the risk of injury? Go to a karaoke or concert. Listen to your favorite artist or just whatever band or singer pops up there and let the music ripple through the stage.

Some concerts also have a fireworks display assembled by professionals so you don't need to set them up yourself and risk getting blown. Not worth it? Hire a karaoke and let your talents light up your New Year celebrations.

9 Virtual Fireworks

A slightly less popular but very practical alternative to fireworks is making them on your computer! Simply download a software that allows you to create firework simulations (FWSim works best!) for just a couple of dollars. There you have a cheaper and safer way to watch the lights in the sky! Another plus is that it allows you to be creative with your displays, meaning you can churn out more stunning fireworks than you can ever do in real life within a restricted budget.

10 New Year Art

Believe it or not, artwork is a good way to express the welcome for New Year. Drawing fireworks or creating digital wallpapers of celebrations for the next year can convey a lot to others! Simply pasting Happy New Year text in a photograph or your own art can work as well.

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11 Making Out
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