Top 10 Worst Things About the "Holiday Season"

Ah yes who doesn’t love the holidays? It’s a special time of year for many filled with memories family “fun” and chaos in between. The holiday season includes anything from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, but Christmas is probably the most recognized during this holiday season. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas as much as the next guy, but you’d be lying to yourself if you think there’s not problems with it.
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1 Christmas music is irritating

Literally there are more bad christmas songs than good ones. I personally like the Chipmunk song, but I could only stand Chipmunk voices for so long (which was one of the problems I had with the Alvin movies), and All I Want For Christmas Is You is annoying, I mean, if it got banned instead of Baby It's Cold Outside, we wouldn't have to listen to Mariah Carey sounding like a dying goat trying to do a high-pitched squeal.

Someone please tell me I'm not alone on this. Christmas music ranges in quality from okay to makes you want to rip your ears off. You have your holy Christmas music, then you have your happy bubbly Santa songs, then there's the romantic songs and then everything else that doesn't fit in one of those categories. Every year I find my tolerance for Christmas music declines. Driving in December becomes a nightmare when you have to listen to nothing but Christmas music on every radio station ever. I actually want the commercials over the music...because yeah all I want for Christmas is to listen to "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey 50 million times. And a moment of silence for anyone who works in retail or grocery and is forced to listen to this nonstop for their entire shift... I feel your pain.

So true, at least the new pop-infused ones. I'm surprised normies haven't been affected by it, as a few classmates decided to put it on in class. Whatever happened to good ol' christmas carols...

It's weird looking at the charts at that time most of the top 10 is Christmas songs. I also don't care for most Christmas songs.

2 Awkward family time

Look I love my family but that doesn't mean that things can't get awkward. No matter how hard you try to avoid it you will get hit with "how's school how's work?" "When you getting into a relationship/How's your relationship going?" That's not even getting to the adults arguing about politics the economy work and any other current topics. I get it you want to catch up, but stop asking me a million times. I love spending time with my family that I don't see too often, but forgive me for wanting to sprint out the door the first chance I get.

Na that's the fun part. My mom likes to do start the whole "how's your love life?" "When are you gonna get married?" "When are you gonna get a job." "I love you kids so much." So I try to get my siblings talking about something different, so she can't talk.

I hate my family because they never shut up. They always say hi to me and all I want is to be alone. They also are are very annoying. This is the only reason I don't like about the holidays

I've spent a few Christmas's with family members that I've literally never seen nor heard of in my entire life. That's awkward.

3 It’s become so commercialized

I suggest that all advertising should be banned, that all business should find alternatives.

I hate how commercialized it is, the world just makes it so fake nowadays.

Charlie Brown fought against it back in '65.

4 People who jump right into Christmas the second Halloween ends

Why is Thanksgiving skipped? I love Halloween I really do please don't get me wrong folks.

But it isn't even a state holiday much less a federal one.

Everyone claims to LOVE Thanksgiving so much and even is many favorite holiday but Halloween gets over with kicking off the holidays and guess what? Well time to put Christmas up.

Can we wait until after Thanksgiving? I mean maybe put your tree up if you can't wait.

Why not decorate for Thanksgiving? Some people throw some inflatable turkey out or have some uncarved pumpkins .

I wish Thanksgiving though was held about as high up as Christmas but whatever

Oh yes, and don't put Halloween and Christmas decorations together... thanks

I remember it being 2 weeks away from thanksgiving and people already have Christmas decorations! At least can you put it up 1 week before Christmas and take it down one week after?

Yeah. November is no month for festivities, not here in Sweden at least. And as people pointed out, what about Thanksgiving in the US?

This is the one I agree with the most. (Great list, by the way.) People even jumped the gun with the Christmas related lists. I'm just thinking "What about Thanksgiving?" but in all fairness, it's hard to make HQ Thanksgiving lists.

5 Shopping is a nightmare

If you need simple groceries like toothpaste or cereal or something like that, be prepared for the most difficult shopping trip of your life. If you need one little item from the store, you'd better set aside 4-13 hours because everyone is aggressively shopping for Christmas presents until literally seconds before Christmas. That typical grocery list will be the most difficult and painful store experience possible.

So many Christmas products shoved in your face, annoying Christmas music playing 24/7, whining kids begging for their parents to get something they want before Christmas, shoppers themselves freaking out about trying to find the perfect gift, IT'S TORTURE.

At least it became less of a hassle during pandemic times (at least here), but still...

I shop online, and even that is a real pain.

6 The chaos of travel

Traveling can be stressful already, especially at an airport now amplify that stress by a million and you get this chaos "FLIGHTS CANCELED, FLIGHTS DELAYED". It makes any other time look civil in comparison. Everyone has the same goal and everyone is selfish and wants the least amount of problems to deal with. But it's an absolute mess because of weather and/or people are idiots and/or selfish and/or all of the above.

But why would you travel for Christmas to begin with?

We never travel for Christmas.

7 When it’s all over and you want to relax, but now you have to take everything down

Oh, so you just got done with Christmas and you're stressed out and need a day to recover? That's too bad because reality doesn't care. The world doesn't stop, get up and get to work! You had your break, now back to reality. Nobody cares about December 26th or 27th, it's all over. Take the tree down and put it all away for another year.

My mom put the Halloween decorations up in the last week of September, took the Halloween decorations down halfway through November, put the Christmas ones up a week later, and took them down halfway through January. We balance it out, because we love both holidays.

We usually put down the tree the day before New Years Eve. Sometimes my mom takes it down earlier. The lights come down on the 26th.

I just don't take it down until I feel like doing it.

8 You can’t enjoy Christmas festivities as much because of finals at school or work

Remember when you were a kid and you could be in your pajamas for 3 days in a row eating cookies and watching Christmas movies all day? Yeah, gone are those days. Reality is just because it's Christmas, the world doesn't stop so you still have to go to school and/or work. And if you have to work on Christmas or Christmas Eve, well thanks for taking one for the team, but yeah that sucks.

Um school is usually out by then. Only if you have a graduate exam or some crazy test like that, do you worry all Christmas.

Actually, we can, seeing as school is usually out by the 20th. Don't disagree that it's a living heck though with school.

Yup. Exams can really suck the Christmas spirit out of you.

9 Overrated Christmas movies

Which is most of them.

10 Getting stuff you really don't want.

Agh! I told my sister I love the show Criminal Minds - my favorite is Dr. Reid, because I love Matthew Gray Gubler, and she gave me a shirt from CSI. I cried, but I still love her. She doesn't watch ether show so I get it.

Oh, a jacket? Yeah, um thanks dude...

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11 Decorating is a pain
12 People fighting about everything
13 Dealing with all the bad and loud kids.

I love my cousins, but I usually dread spending Christmas with them for this reason. It gets overwhelming, especially when they think they're just gonna get everything they ever wanted, then they spend the rest of the holiday miserable when they don't.

14 The dreaded Christmas picture

Ugh dear God, I hate these so much. Apparently, everyone and their mothers and grandmothers like to take a ridiculous amount of family pictures and then proceeding to waste time with making and sending Christmas cards to like 40-50 people. Can someone please explain what's the point of Christmas cards? Yeah thanks Aunt Susan... I don't want to immediately throw it away, but I'm also not collecting these things as evidence to track down a criminal in a murder mystery. Don't even get me started on the Christmas morning pajama picture. Yeah, apparently no matter how old you are, your mother will make you do it...

I would have to say it's this along with the forcing kids to go to church that ruin the holiday season. The christmas pictures don't even have any merit in the end since they are forgotten for new ones next year.

This is the only thing I don't like about the holiday. I always have chapped lips while doing the pictures.

I just go to the bathroom, till it over.

15 Being dragged along to see Christmas lights

Maybe as a kid this was fun, but nowadays, it's just kinda boring. Like oh let's just look at complete strangers' houses to judge their dedication or lack thereof to decorating their house and making it the best on the block for 30 days. I wouldn't want someone looking at my house for no reason, but to each their own I guess.

I was very worried I was gonna go to boring light shows with my aunt, little brother, and little cousin, and my mom. But luckily home alone was playing! (one of the only movies I like in the holidays because it dosen't focus on christmas too much) and My fun cousin was there so I didn't get to go!

This one is a little annoying, but honestly I have no problem with any of the ones on the list.

16 Getting stuff you already have

I just give the stuff to my little sister.

17 Only Christmas is widely acknowledged

Even in November, everything is Christmas themed. Christmas is December 25th. On let's say, Easter, almost nothing is Easter themed.

But Halloween is too! It's the only holiday that can rival Christmas!

18 Everything is expensive
19 Knowing New Year's is only one week away

This is especially scary this year because considering how crap 2020 was, I feel like this year was completely wasted.

I hate new years eve, it's so loud.

20 When you get clothes that are too big or too small and don’t get a receipt

Look, I appreciate the thought, but maybe get a receipt just in case? How hard is it? Otherwise, the thoughtful gesture turns into well, enjoy a shirt 2 sizes too big or too small that you'll never wear. By the time you take it back, you'll get maybe $5 in store credit if that. Pro tip: If you buy clothes as a Christmas present, ALWAYS always always get a receipt in case said person wants to return it.

I just buy my own clothes, and give them to my mom to give me.

21 Everybody trying to give you you eggnog knowing you don't like it.

My family does this to me every Christmas, and they know good and well I DON'T LIKE IT!

22 Ungrateful kids
23 Matching outfits

I don't have a problem with it, but my sister hates it.

24 You have to watch bad Christmas movies
25 Too many Christmas movies
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