Top 10 Worst Holiday Combinations

Have you thought about holidays that don't go together? Well here's a list for you because holidays can be different. And I mean very different. Also, think about how it treats little kids too. I mean yeah we're a bit grown up but this is about holidays.
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1 April Fool's Day and Valentine's Day

Pun intended. Some people fall in love so foolishly with the least deserving person...

Metal_Treasure, you are clever, I must say.

Totally one of them!

Now that's clever

2 April Fool's Day and Christmas

Just think about it. Practical pranks in Christmas means you get to lose your gifts from Santa (Maybe not really Santa) or maybe breaking what's inside it. Oh god don't let this happen.

I got coal in my stocking.
And lighter fluid.

And fire.

Oh no, a coal chunck appeared. (insert name here) used sadness, it's not very effective

3 Halloween and Christmas

This is a good combination actually: Nightmare before Christmas, Black Christmas, Gremlins, Santa's Slay, Don't open till Christmas. Christmas and horror go together so well

Death metal and holiday music don't mix! That's my point of view of stuff like this. And oh yeah! The nightmare before Christmas is just like this too.

Just ask Jack Skellington. He tried it once, and let's just say he was nearly blown to smithereens because of it.

4 Valentine's Day and Halloween

Sharing love cards with spooky decorations, Imagine that. I don't celebrate Valentine's day but I do know that this is another terrible and awkward mix.

Perfect for vampires and those, but for humans? Nah, messed up it would be

Isn't this just called a normal valentine's Day for a person that doesn't get love in return

5 New Year's Day and Independence Day

I live in america by the way. These holidays are separated from each other and they don't even sound similar at all either.

We make fireworks and have BBQ for New Independence Year's Day!

6 April Fool's Day and Mother's Day

Now this is just dumb. If you're celebrating Mother's Day, you kids gotta make it special and nice for her. Mix it with pranks makes it stupid.

7 St. Patrick's Day and Halloween

Trick or treating in St. Patrick's day. Yeah, Imagine that happening to you. Can you imagine some trick or treaters going to your house in that day?

Hey, sweet! A lucky clover.

*Guy in scary costume jump scares you*

*Dies of a heart attack*

8 April Fool's Day and Father's Day

Now this is just dumb. If you're celebrating Father's Day, you kids gotta make it special and nice for him. Mix it with pranks makes it stupid.

I guess that's what YouTube was going for when they made a video dedicated to Mother's Day and not Father's Day,

Thankfully this would be impossible but gods would it feel messed up

9 Columbus Day and Valentine's Day
10 April Fool's Day and Remembrance/Veteran's Day
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11 Mother's Day and Halloween

Setting up spooky decorations for this holiday sounds dumb for Mother's day too. Kids, would your mom like it if you do that?

My mom hates scary stuff so yeah.

12 Tomato Day and Dia de Los Muertos

Tomato Day? Wait, that's an actual holiday?

13 Easter and Halloween

I think I just convinced myself that this is actually a good combination.
Really the only difference between the two is the religious aspect to Easter if your Christian otherwise Halloween and Easter are pretty similar. Both involve Zombies, both involve candy, both involve costumes (if your one of those that likes to dress up like a bunny or chicken on Easter to make it more festive)

Candy and candy? How about Bunny and Ghost. How does THAT make you feel? Setting up Halloween decorations in easter? Yeah right.

They are pretty much the opposites, one of them is about happiness and another one about zombies and ghosts

14 National Sit on the Toilet Day and National Don’t Sit Down Day
15 Father's Day and Halloween

Setting up spooky decorations for this holiday sounds dumb for Father's day too. Kids, would your dad like it if you do that?

Yeah, because all fathers love to see ghosts and bodies on the ground on their day (sarcasm)

16 Thanksgiving and Christmas

Why is this one here?

17 Independence Day and Christmas
18 Independence Day and Halloween
19 St George's Day and Independence Day
20 Halloween and Remembrance/Veteran's Day
21 April Fool's Day and Easter

This actually did occure in 2018, and the prank was..., say it with me, thetoptens infinity war (although it happened a bit after)

22 Independence Day and Cinco de Mayo
23 Mother's Day and Independence Day

Because there's nothing more independent than a mother staying home with kids...

24 Valentine's Day and Independence Day

Because when you are in love, you are dependent and not independent

25 Thanksgiving and Halloween
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