Top Ten Ways Parents Ruin Christmas for Kids

I haven't made a single list all December. Let's change that! What do parents do to ruin Christmas for their young ones?
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1 Force them to take awkward family photos

In my case this year, me and my family were at our friend's house. So me and my sister had to take Christmas photos with their kids. Worst thing about it wasn't taking the photos themselves, but our parents constantly begging us to take another photo every time we kept sitting down thinking we were done. Ugh, they should have at least done it all at once instead of all of us having to get up every single time they told us to come back.

Ugh even as a teen I still despise this. Literally the only people in your family who care is your mother and/or grandma and/or aunt. Outside of those people nobody gives a damn about taking 20 pictures. Is it really necessary to take pictures EVERY single year? Seems a little unnecessary if you ask me

2 Force them to go to church

Let's all be honest here. Only old people like church. Not a single kid wants to be in church during a holiday of joy and fun. So why do religious Christian parents have to be so adept about attending church when kids are more focused on being nice kids for good presents? Not to mention all the crying babies. Do these parents know that kids don't like church or are they just nonchalant about these kinds of things.

Not to be heartless or anything, but at Christmas, some of the people can go to church just for praying or not. Yes, there might be crying babies in church, but that is because they want their kids to be there for representing the Christmas spirit and that is something you just have to ignore. And no, forced is not a good word. It's a question of ''feel like it''.

3 Tell them Santa isn't real

I mean you kinda have to be told at some point but not until you're at least in 5th grade.

Well this one should be pretty obvious. I'm not going into any detail here.

Why do parents even make up stories about Santa in the first place?

4 Force them to attend a party they don't care for

Guess what. I don't like most of my relatives. I don't like attending a party just because it's in any location. I'm not even attending parties even if they are at my own home. I don't like seeing relatives because they really don't care about me that much anyways. Okay, the Christmas parties may be a bit better than others, because you actually get gifts, but still, kids would rather be playing with their new presents INSTEAD of meeting family members.

5 Give them presents they don't care for

Kids can be naughty or nice. Still, there's always the one present they don't care for, usually some clothes. Old people have this stupid habit of giving kids presents they don't want. Ever see A Christmas Story? Ralphie's Aunt Clara gave Ralphie a pink bunny suit. It's an obvious allegory to the obvious gift that no kid cares for.

More like give them presents they DON'T LIKE AT ALL (e.g. coal, diapers for grown ups, a mean Christmas letter, a knuckle sandwich, etc).

Well, I'm not into presents anymore at my age. It's now exchanging gifts, so it's safe than sorry.

6 Replace all the milk in the refrigerator with eggnog

My family is health conscious and they don't drink eggnog that much...

Sounds like something Timmy's Dad would do.

7 Intentionally do things that kids never like to see or do and make them get mad at you with the intent on making them seem "naughty" on the days before Christmas

I think this one speaks for itself as well.

8 Tell kids to study for school next year

Ahh, middle seventh grade, Dad told me to get off my headphones and study biology, and in eighth grade, he told me to forget about my video editing and work on my English class instead, even on Christmas day, even during the winter break, that made me mad, and yes, we are an Asian family. But I'm glad it stopped in freshman year of high school.

This is usually a teacher's or tutor's fault for giving homework over winter break or either putting a test the day after break. But some parents just give you homework or make you study for finals.

9 Ruin Christmas carols by singing horribly

If it's unintentional, it's forgiveable. I'm a bass with no musical talent. But at least I try! My parents intentionally sing at their worst.

If you can't sing, DON'T. Simple common sense. Even kids know what sounds horrible in their ears.

We did this once and never again...

10 Punish them for not liking certain gifts

This ties in with the 4th item. But if you're a parent and you enforce a gift that a kid doesn't like, you refuse to understand exactly why a kid doesn't like a certain gift. Understand how kids behave, please.

Kids you are grounded for not liking my cocaine gift.

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11 Make them wait for the parents to wake up to open Christmas presents

This isn't bad. Their just teaching you to save things and don't spoil yourself because if you open your gift before Christmas on Christmas your going to be left out with no gifts to open.

My family also makes me and my brother wait but I'm okay with it because it's only an hour or so.

Yeah, this happens in my family. It's so annoying

12 Not set their kids straight about what’s important and not important during Christmas time

Christmas has been so commercialized by big companies. Now, Christmas is all about how many presents we get, how full our stockings are, and how big of a Christmas party we can throw!

Do you know what Christmas was supposed to be about? It's about Jesus, or our Christ and God who created the universe and sent His only son to die on the cross for your sins so you could be His child by believing that you are a sinner and that you believe that Jesus died for those sins.

So, I'm sorry that you all had to go to a Christmas party with relatives you don't like, and I'm sorry your parents told you Santa was real and you had a huge letdown. But all these things happen because we forget the real importance of Christmas. The real importance of Christmas is remembering what Jesus has done for us.

13 Ruin Christmas shopping by arguing with you nonstop about what to buy

Exactly me and my dad were arguing back and forth the whole time.

14 Force them to memorize the Bible on Xmas
15 Not give them any presents

I rarely get Christmas presents from my mom anyway...

16 Tell kids any favor they ask is part of their Christmas presents
17 Get them in trouble for no reason during a Christmas party

It happened to me twice. On Xmas 2015 my cousin was throwing a massive temper tantrum and constantly terrorized me all because I told her to turn down the volume on the T.V.. My mom told me to let her do whatever she wanted. In 2016 another cousin took a blanket and my sister blamed it on me and MY ENTIRE FAMILY YELLED AT ME.

18 Threaten to take back gifts after the kid does something bad
19 Disapprove of gifts their children got for Christmas

My aunt got me a plush Shiba Inu for Christmas last year and when my mom found out she wasn't too happy. She did eventually accept the gift, though.

20 Force them to watch a bad Christmas movie

They won't know it's bad.. but if you watch channels like Saberspark then maybe you do

21 Make you sing along to embarrassing songs
22 Makes them eat food they don't like

This one tied in with my party problem earlier in the list because I don't like the food at the party I'm at.

23 Make kids wait until afternoon to open presents
24 Make them stay inside and listen to Christmas choirs
25 Make them do chores
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