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21 Cody Simpsons Cody Simpsons Cody Robert Simpson is an Australian singer, songwriter, musician, dancer and actor from Gold Coast, Queensland, who was previously signed to US record label Atlantic Records.

Really don't like Cody but hey I'll try anything once...

He's like Justin Bieber, stupid and ugly

He's hot so hot and seexxyy
Ulala mama like it sweet like a cherry

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22 Gary Clayton

He is so hot and his body and I date him!

Really hot in teen beach movie love that smile and those eyes

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23 Cody Linley

Very cute and nice hair, he's adorable and funny. Cody Linley is certainly the hottest Disney Channel guy.

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24 Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake

Come on you guys. Are you forgetting about one of the first? I think you are. Screw the Jonas Brothers or Zak Efron because JT has WAY more talent than them combined.

Don't forget Ryan gosling...

25 Ryan McCartan V 2 Comments
26 Spencer Boldman Spencer Boldman Spencer Boldman (born July 28, 1992 is an American actor. He is known for his role as Adam Davenport on Disney XD's Lab Rats. more.

Yup how about Robbie amell

He is so hot I just want to marry him so badly

Spencer Boldman is so cute. I though so more when he was in zapped!

He is so hot and I love him so much

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27 John Deluca V 3 Comments
28 Hutch Dano

Are you people nuts he's hot

29 Kevin Jonas

He is married but still pretty hot and I really think he has talent so if on one will vote 4 him I will cause he is cool

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30 Karan Brar Karan Brar

He's actually kind of cute, even though nobody really likes him on the shows he's on.

The awkward-ism. Laugh out loud

He's cute in a more "cute" way. Not in a hot way.

He is SO cute

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31 Michael Seater

He is absolutely amazing! He looks so relaxed and cool in his skin1and that complimented with his superb acting!...really decent! :-D

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32 Austin North Austin North Austin North, is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Logan Watson in the original Disney Channel sitcom I Didn't Do It.

I think he and Olivia Holt would make a cute couple. Just putting that out there.

He is definitely the hottest Disney Channel actor of all time!

Super cute


33 Roshon Fegan Roshon Fegan

He brings a little diversity to the Disney crew and is very easy on the eyes. And who can deny those dimples? - lyang912

I think that he's smoking hot those magical eyes

He has der swagg and der luks and I think h's mre an imgnary bfrnd#TRUEsTORY


34 Ricky Garcia

An amazing musician and actor but don't forget that he is smoking hot.

Super cute on best friends whenever, but not as cute as Ross Lynch and Peyton Meyer

Super adorable as Noldo!


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35 Corey Fogelmanis Corey Fogelmanis

He looks so cute on Girl Meets World

He's really cute

love him

Really good looking, amazing personality! A lot of people would be suprised he had a massive glo up!

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36 Lucas Grabeel V 1 Comment
37 Peyton Myers

Possible the hottest guy in the face of the earth. Definitely on Disney Channel! Love you Peyton

He is so cute love him on girl meets world

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38 Tony Oller

From 'As the Bell Rings! '. So super cute!

He was Danny in as the bell rings!

From as the bell rings

39 Calum Worthy

He is so hilarious in Austin and ally his red hair really suits him and his personality is nice

I love his hair and personality he's just so adorable!

Love his sense of humor

He's ok.

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40 Kevin Quinn
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