Most Iconic Disney Movie Songs

The Top Ten

1 Beauty and the Beast - Angela Lansbury

My favorite Disney movie definitely! The songs are beautiful

2 Part of Your World - Jodi Benson

Nice song

3 Hakuna Matata - Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, & Jason Weaver

Definitely one of my favorites

4 Under the Sea - Samuel E. Wright

Not bad, but definitely catchy

5 You've Got a Friend in Me - Randy Newman

Love this song

6 Circle of Life - Elton John

I always sing this song when I hear it LOL

7 Let It Go - Idina Menzel

Not a bad song, but not in my favorites

8 A Whole New World - Lea Salonga & Brad Kane

Beautiful song

9 A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Ilene Woods


10 Reflection - Lea Salonga

Awesome song, although I think the “Man” song (sorry I don’t know the exact title) sung by Li Shang and the group was the best

The Contenders

11 The Bare Necessities - Bill Murray & Kermit Ruffins

Catchy but not so good

12 When You Wish Upon a Star - Cliff Edwards & Disney Studio Chorus

Best song of all time - Margarida

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