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1 Video Game Let's Plays - Various
2 Being too obnoxiously pessimistic to even know the difference between a bad game and a good one - Gligar13vids
3 "How much of a douchebag can I possibly be?" - Keemstar, Onision, Gligar, Filthy Frank, etc.
4 Ranting - Various
5 Youtube Poop - Various
6 Pure Trolling - Gligar13vids, CopperCab, MarioTehPlumber, etc.
7 Constant Forced Memes - Jontron, Nostalgia Critic, Filthy Frank, AVGN, etc.
8 Clickbait Titles - LeafyIsHere, PyroCynical, IHateEverything, etc.
9 Super Mario 64 Bloopers - Super Mario Glitchy 4
10 Reskinned Meme Videos - ToysInJapan, 3LameStudios, etc.

The Contenders

11 Angry Gaming - AVGN, RoosterTeeth, DashieGames, etc.

Plus the Nostalgia Critic for a few episodes: Bebe's Kids, Blues Brothers SNES, and The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare - TrueWolf99

12 Cringe Channels - TheFandomMenace, SolarSands, CringeInTheHouse, WooflyWaffles, Knight Of Central Fortress, etc.
13 Wearing Glasses - AVGN, Nostalgia Critc, Filthy Frank, Black Nerd Comedy, etc.
14 Gratuitous Usage Of Swearing - AVGN, Vinesauce, Filthy Frank, MarioTehPlumber, etc.
15 Being Complete Manchildren - Chris Chan, Jerbear, SammyClassicSonicFan, AVGN, iDubbbzTV, etc.
16 Review Videos - Various
17 Solid-Color Video Backgrounds - Zero Punctuation and A Kind Ale War
18 Toy channels - Various
19 Youtube Drama Firestarting - Keemstar, LeafyIsHere, Jinx, etc.
20 Constant Yelling and Screaming - Pewdiepie, DashieGames, Rage Quit, etc.
21 Funny Animations - Egoraptor, SMG4, Mashed, Dorkly, College Humor, etc.
22 Pandering to kids - Pewdiepie, Keemstar, StampyLongNose, Danger Dolan, etc.
23 Blatant view-whoring - Keemstar, LeafyIsHere, Pewdiepie, IGN, etc.
24 Idiotic crackpot theories (that people take far too seriously) about video games - The Game Theorists
25 Literally only caring about the graphics and presentation in video games - Gligar
26 Blatant hypocrisy - Onision, SammyClassicSonicFan, Gligar, Keemstar, etc.
27 Calling people offensive insults at literally every possible opportunity - iDubbbzTV, Filthy Frank, Keemstar, LeafyIsHere, etc.
28 Stereotypically British Accents - The Escapist, I Hate Everything, StampyLongNose, TearOfGrace, etc.
29 Constant Gay Jokes - Pewdiepie, iDubbbzTV, etc.
30 Hating every modern Sonic game in existence - Chris Chan, Gligar, Old SammyClassicSonicFan, etc.
31 Ironic usernames - Gligar, SammyClassicSonicFan, MarioTehPlumber, etc.
32 Extreme quantity-over-quality focus - Jinx, Prank Channels, Vinesauce, Pewdiepie, Toy Channels, IGN, ToysInJapan, etc.
33 The best Undertale comic dubs in town - Starbot Dubs
34 Intentionally Stupid Humor - Filthy Frank, iDubbbzTV, JerBear, MaxMoeFoe, etc.
35 Remembering things so that you don't have to - AVGN and Nostalgia Critic
36 Hilariously cheap and low-budget special effects - Various
37 Reaction Videos - Various
38 Adorkable - Tyler Oakley, AVGN, PeanutButterGamer, JonTron, IHateEverything, etc.
39 Constant Character Breakage - Filthy Frank, JerBear, MaxMoeFoe, iDubbbzTV, etc.
40 Music Channels - Various
41 Cooking Videos - Various
42 "So bad it's good" videos - Gligar, Old SammyClassicSonicFan, Stephen Quire, Filthy Frank, JerBear, MaxMoeFoe, etc.
43 Smash Bros Videos - Little Z, Omni, Alpharad, etc.
44 Only caring about Mario, Pokemon and Zelda - Nintendo
45 Being a mentally retarded poor man's Youtube equivalent to this website -
46 Hatred of Nintendo - Gligar
47 Trying WAY too hard to be funny - Stephen Quire, Old SammyClassicSonicFan, EgoRaptor, iDubbbzTV, Markiplier, DashieGames, etc.
48 Acting as stereotypically black as humanly possible - DashieXP, DashieGames, Jinx, etc.
49 Prank channels - Various
50 Constantly trying to hide his lack of a chin - LeafyIsHere
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1. Video Game Let's Plays - Various
2. Being too obnoxiously pessimistic to even know the difference between a bad game and a good one - Gligar13vids
3. "How much of a douchebag can I possibly be?" - Keemstar, Onision, Gligar, Filthy Frank, etc.


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