Top Ten Idiotic Reasons Why the Malaysian Plane Crashed

Anyways, if somehow anyone one here is a family member of someone who is on that plane, I'm sorry. I really am.

The Top Ten

The pilot was listening to rock music, when he was air guitaring, he accidentally hit the Self Destruct button
Kermit the Frog showed up and screamed on the pilots ear.
The pilots were doing Yo Mama jokes, one got mad and crashed the plane as revenge
A 100 mile per hour car fell out of a higher plane.
JB ate it.

So that's why he's so fat. - CityGuru

One of the pilots was playing PAC-Man, what he didn't realize was that the joystick was connected to the steering wheel.
One of the pilots did a magic trick. Only one pilot survived.

Hint- The Saw-in-half trick. - CityGuru

One of the pilots was on Facebook, and he didn't realize that Psy was sitting on the windshield. When he realized, he screamed and jumped out of the plane.
The pilots flipped a coin. Heads,the plane survives. Tails, it crashes. Guess what it landed on.
They looked up this list and decided to reenact something on this list.

The Contenders

The pilot was texting about the worst things that could happen in a plane.
The pilot was running away from his Death... He actually took Final Destination movies seriously.
Somebody wanted to see if they could survive.

He probably ended up dying. Either that or he stayed alive for two years on little food, and is now looking like a concentration camp victim. - imacg4

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