Top Ten Most Important Things You Should Do While Playing Video Games


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1 Press all the buttons

Should be renamed to 'make use of all the buttons in a logical order'. A decent video game should have proper skill involved - a game you can win by randomly mashing buttons is a huge sign of shoddy programming. - Entranced98

When I'm at a friends house and I play this game called Samurai Heroes (she likes fighting games) with her I randomly press buttons and guess what? It works! - RiverClanRocks

2 Never tell yourself you suck at video games

I like this entry, it's so encouraging. Nice job.

I suck at nearly every video games I played. - RichardSSG

I suck at beating moltres. - Ad1230

I suck at everything.

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3 Never cheat

If you cheat, you're not really playing the game! - Entranced98

4 Try your best

This is probably the best one on here. - SlimVeggie

5 Never get mad

Dude, that's literally impossible to do

Call of Duty players are good at that

That's what Call of Duty players do

6 Concentrate on the game

Concentration is the key

7 Run away from bad stuff

Like Mario maker, it is a bad raging game.

8 Go towards good stuff
9 Run in circles if you don't know what to do

Or you could read the instruction manual? Get some tips from another player? Find a safe place in the game and try to figure something out? - Entranced98

10 Kill yourself in the game your playing

This literally fixes everything - DubstepLover

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11 Save

When I'm playing a Final Fantasy game before and after a very hard moment this is my priority.

12 Look at the screen
13 Listen to motivational music

The music in quite a lot of video games is motivational enough on its own. Still, listen to whatever helps you to do your absolute best. - Entranced98

14 Win

We don't need to be told this so directly - I'm sure everyone looking at this list wants tips on HOW to win. - Entranced98

15 Practice
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