Top Ten Best Incredible Things and Streaks in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

The Top Ten

1 First Time (16) beats a (1)

This years tourney has been the most unpredictable yet, and the fact Virginia was the one to lose to a #16 is absolutely stunning, and I can't believe Tony Bennett is not out already after that loss I don't think they can ever recover from that embarrassment. - htoutlaws2012

Knocking off the over-all (1) is hard to do in any tournament. Probably broke 80% of all brackets, because most probably picked Virginia to win it all - westofohio

2 First Time a (9) plays (11)

With Kentucky being the last “decent” team in the South region to fall we end up with K-State and Loyola Chicago to battle for a spot in the final four. Just like everyone predicted! - Randomator

3 2 (13)'s Made It To Second Round [First Since 2008]
4 Only The 7th Year In NCAA History a No (12)'s Made It Second Round

Since seeding began in 1979 - westofohio

5 No Duke / North Carolina Match Ups Continue
6 Most Upsets By 20 Points Or More

This is what makes this tournament weird is that most of the upsets aren’t back and forth close but instead they are big wins - Randomator

7 (11)Loyola-Chicago Run [First Tournament Appearance Since 1985]

As sister Jean looks on, and becomes a sensation now thanks to this one unforgettable underdog run lol. - htoutlaws2012

8 [3]Michigan Run [Won Big Ten Tourney as (5) Now In Elite 8]

Potentially a chance to be rightfully make the final two GO BLUE! - htoutlaws2012

And the fact that their season could have ended if not for Poole’s buzzer beater against Houston - Randomator

9 Kansas State beating Kentucky for the first time after 9 straight losses

The Ego of the youngsters got the best of them thus got over confident in the shocking loss in the south regional. - htoutlaws2012

I’m a KU fan but this was an impressive win for the Jayhawks’ “little brother”/rival KState and the Big 12 conference

10 All (2)'s won in first the first round

The Contenders

11 (11) Syracuse Orange run to the Sweet 16
12 Two (9) seeds in the Elite 8
13 Nevada upsets Cincinnati
14 (1) Kansas beats (2) Duke in the elite 8
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