Top Ten Best Indian Super League (ISL) Teams


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1 Kerala Blasters

Kerala is the best and young talented team in isl 2018. Definitely they will defeat Chennai and goa and win the title

Kerala should be first

Always blasters

Kbfc is a talented team in asia one of the best team

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2 Atletico de Kolkata

Number 1 team in isl it should be first rather than Kerala blasters

There are only two good teams in isl Kolkata and chennai

Number 1 team in isl

Best and most strong

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3 Chennaiyin FC

Chennaiyin fc are the current champs... They should be first in 2015

Young Talents, Good Coach and loyal fans

I like chennaiyin FC

Cfc n atk deserve the first place

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4 FC Goa

Best scoring team in isl

It's the best team ever I have seen they play well every season but end of the game they come in trouble but they will try to win this year

Have been consistently among the top team, the game is superb

Number 1 twam

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5 Bengaluru FC

The invincible team of ISL and runner ups in the first league. This season they haven't lost a match out of 11 league games played. Undoubtedly the best team in ISL

This should be actually the best team

We are not in danger, we are always the danger...

Goa and Bengaluru are the best ever

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6 NorthEast United FC

North East united FC has the passionate fans and in North East football is a religion not a game

Come on.. They are on the top of the table.. They are the best team for passing and assists..

They are the best

Developing team. Come back power is come

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7 Mumbai City FC

Its an efficient and worthy team to win isl 5 with some efforts

Mumbai is best

It's a good team

Best team I like this team just because sougo

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8 Delhi Dynamos

Best team in the isl

Best players

9 FC Pune City

And they have Adil Khan as well

They have Marcelo, alfaro

10 Jamshedpur FC

It's very good team

With a Spanish captain, they will win.

Good attacking team

Best team in isl

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11 Assam Assam


12 Guwahati

best city

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