Top Ten Best Indian Super League (ISL) Teams

The Top Ten

1 Kerala Blasters

Best and the most powerful team in ISL. We have to dream for our team's best ISL season ( the season in which Kerala blasters become the champions)

Kerala, Kerala. Beautiful Kerala
Kerala, Kerala. Greatest Kerala

Because of kerala blasters team and fans now the world football teams and players know about isl league

Kerala is the best and young talented team in isl 2018. Definitely they will defeat Chennai and goa and win the title

2 Atletico de Kolkata

If u talk about football in India then we should start from Kolkata, because Kolkata is the city of football. This city has a rich history of football. Atk being a club from Kolkata has to be the best club in India.

ATK is the best isl team and is qualify for the AFC cup and this club will be a famous in world wide in few years

Kolkata is the only team that won ipl, islam and kabaddi
East or West, Kolkata is the best.

Hopeless idiotic nonsense atk with that bald Habas and stupid Roy Krishna

3 Chennaiyin FC

Good Management and owners. and the most successful ISL Team

Chennai is powerful team in ISL
I am Chennai fan
We have more Chennai fan

We have won two titles so we r most successful team in the history of ISL

Nerijus Valskis and Rafael Crivellaro are my favorite players in CFC team

4 FC Goa

This is the best team in isl since they play very beautiful football.

Play Beautiful Football Under Sergio Lobera (but sadly he got sacked)

It's the best team ever I have seen they play well every season but end of the game they come in trouble but they will try to win this year

Have been consistently among the top team, the game is superb

5 Mumbai City FC

It is my favourite team and I m sure MUMBAI will win Hero ISL 5 GOOD LUCK MUMBAI

Mumbai is having new players and they are playing well in all their matches acpcet first 2matches so this time Mumbai will win common Mumbai players

Its an efficient and worthy team to win isl 5 with some efforts

Mumbai is best

6 NorthEast United FC

Best of the best team...surely they will win the isl title next year

Northeast is always the best team... And its fans are really amaging... Wether home or away fans of northeast are everywhere found..
Northeast holds the most players in isl

Gyan is my favourite player in NEU
This team's performance is massive

North East united FC has the passionate fans and in North East football is a religion not a game

7 Bengaluru FC

Probably the most popular football club playing in Isl with respect to Indian fans. Has a lot of good Indian Players like the Indian Football Captain himself - Sunil Chettri

In just a span of 5 years from 2020 it will be one of the top clubs in Asia

Bengaluru FC is the best team not a ISL. He is a best team of world. My favourite player Sunil chettri.

because sunil chhetri there in the tram as well as strong team

8 FC Pune City

And they have Adil Khan as well

My best team I ever seen

I love FC pune city

They have Marcelo, alfaro

9 Delhi Dynamos

Best team in the isl

Best players

Very short information but ok


10 Jamshedpur FC

With a Spanish captain, they will win.

No words for #JFC...young players, good facilities and great captain.

It's very good team

Best team in isl