Top Ten International Schools in Bangkok

The Top Ten

1 NIST International School

It's a close call next to ISB and Bangkok Patana, but I think NIST is simply the best school in Bangkok. The quality of academics, extracurriculars and support programs is light years past most other international schools. It's also exactly that: international. A lot of "international schools" aren't very diverse. NIST has over 50 nationalities, and no single group is larger than a few hundred students out of more than 1,500. Just visit the school, and you'll get an idea why it's consistently referred to as one of the best in the world by students, teachers and parents.

2 Wells International School

Wells is more than just excellent academics and preparation for overseas or local universities. From sports and extra-curricular activities, to local and international travel experiences that are AFFORDABLE, this school gives students incredible opportunities above and beyond what we pay for.

Wells is an great school. The best part of the school is the teaching staff which offers a great help to the students.

Best teachers with good education quality. School is small but very warm, like family.

The school is the best

3 Australian International School of Bangkok

One of the Standards school in Bangkok

4 Bangkok Patana School (BPS)

The best school by far. Anyone else is simply trying to defend their own school, which is terribly biased. Blessed to go to this school.

good skl

5 International School Bangkok (ISB)
6 Ekamai International School
7 Niva International School

The best educational experience my children have ever had! The educational standards are challenging, and the support systems throughout the school are professional and effective. Teachers are innovative and caring. Kudos to all! - Kittipat

I have been studying here for 3 years, and I never see any fighting. People in the school are so kind and friendly. Since I moved here, I felt so happy to be in this school. This school is like one of a big family. We are a community. - lex

Niva International School is a respected educational institution that endeavors to go beyond intellectual rigor and academic standards. - lhexzjha

8 Trinity International School
9 Shrewsbury International School
10 Traill International School

The Contenders

11 Ruamrudee International School (RIS)
12 KIS International School (KIS)
13 Glory International School (GIS)
14 International Community School (ICS)
15 Harrow International School
16 Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School
17 Concordian International School

This school should be number 1, 2, or 3 in Bangkok. Ridiculous to see other names at the top... - gocucese

By far the best strong value school in Bangkok - lafu

18 Bromsgrove International School Thailand
19 Garden International School, Sathorn, Bangkok

There are many schools left off the list in the particular list. Garden International School Bangkok is one of them. It is a well established International school, providing the British curriculum.

The school website is: - GardenSchool

20 Anglo Singapore International School
21 St. Andrews International School
22 The Regent’s International School, Bangkok

Been moving schools for the past 10 years of my life and I’ve never liked school more!

23 St. Mark's International School
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