Anglo Singapore International School


Yeah, Anglo has strong academic. You can check Anglo's high achievements in the recent IGCSE and As levels results. Students have top in the world and top in Thailand. Anglo's website is

Famous universities such as Imperial College and UCL offered to its graduating students. This is one of the evidences that the school offers quality education needed by the children and parents.

Anglo has the most established Singapore programme amongst schools offering this programme in Thailand and strong academically offering a holistic education.

Hello, I am a Primary 6 student studying here at ASIS. This has been my first and only school. The teachers are experienced. All Language Teachers are native speakers, but some other subject teachers who are new and less experienced have some small issues. The food here is good, the taste is very delicious and there is a variety to choose from than other schools. There are lots of complaints from the parents about the management but I don't think it is that bad, only that everything is quite expensive. If you lose something, you will be charged. So, I would like to recommend this school to parents whose children have a very good foundation in Maths and Science which is very important in this school.

Anglo has been my child's home for the last few years, and I am grateful for the kind and caring staff present in this school. All teachers are truly willing to help each and every student, and this is a school I truly am thankful for.

Anglo Singapore International School is a second home for me. It has opened me up to so many different opportunities and I am incredibly grateful and thankful that my parents sent me to this school. I couldn't have studied at a better school.

I think ASIS is like a second home for students. It is a school that take cares of students very well. Anyone who wants to learn other language other than English ASIS is recommended, because the teachers are very hardworking and they always help the students. But what I like about this school personally is that there is debate in this school. Students get to earn to speak in public and they also gain knowledge. The food also tastes great too. I definitely recommend this school.

I don't think a lot of teachers and staffs of the school understand the keys to maximizing pupils' potential.

Very good curriculum and very smart pupils, but...

The management knows what to improve, doesn't it?

I heard teachers and staffs frequently left the school. It does not seem the management creates a positive atmosphere at the workplace. This issue causes the students to be adversely affected.

Anglo is not only academic, but holistic too. This year (2013), they scored top in Thailand for English First Language.

The school is not just about academics. Since last year, they step up to join many competitions like soccer volleyball, , basket ball n swimming. For the efforts they put in, I would give them thumbs up for trying to be involved in the sporting arena. Give them time n I am sure they will be as good as any schools who are dedicated to sports activities.

It is not just about the academics, it is about the friendliness and the commitment the school seems to endlessly give. I'm proud to say my child is enrolled in this school.

My friend's child got top in the world for mathematics and top in Thailand in physics. I'm just very happy with the school, the teachers are very responsible and caring.

They don't pay their teachers for summer vacation so there is a big turn over there. They ask for a lot of work as if they are a top school, but they pay an inferior salary that does not match the workload they give you.

This is the school I have been in since I was 3, and I think it is a great school. The teachers are great, and they care for all the students equally with care and effort. Now my 9th year there has ended, and think I am very proud of my school. It is not only good at academics, but also sports. I do not care what other people will say about my school, since I know that is an amazing school. No international school is better.

Debate is truly beneficial to my child, as it has improved her English.

Studying at Anglo is not only an enjoyable experience, but its also fun with a very good learning environment, and the people here are great. The sports here are developing and soon we are going to be participating in TISAC soon. Anglo is a great school!

Anglo is the best academic school in Thailand, and I wholeheartedly agree.

This school hardly cares for sports. So, the students seem so sheltered.

No other international school in Thailand is more academic than ASIS. However, I thought the quality of the teachers from Western countries and staffs was not so good. If the owner improves this point and the school lunch, ASIS can be one of the best in Thailand.

The school is amazing however the food is horrible

We think Anglo Singapore is the best school for my daughter. She can take Japanese class every day. As a result, she is able to keep and improve her linguistic ability in Japanese.

I heard the graduating students could get the offers from prestigious universities although the school has a short history. For instance, according to its website, one of them was accepted in Univ. of Cambridge this year.

They have no sportsman ship they think they're so superior. They swear in Thai or Korean when they lose and when they win they go up to us and show off even when they are disqualified. They really hate Berkeley the school I go to and they're our rivals.

Not only are the academics excellent, their co-curricular activities, both Drama and Debate, are top in Thailand.