Top Ten Faces You Can Make With Your Keyboard


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1 ಠ_ಠ


I love this face so much but yet, I don't know how to create it!
It looks like the person is saying " What the heck? " or is seriously
Disturbed by something someone did. Anyways... This face is HULARIOUS!

See what you do is you highlight it then right click and press copy and whenever you want to make it you right click and press paste - Thecyanryan

Laugh out loud whenever I look at this face I can't help but crack up, its hillarious. I don't know how to make it but I would really love to learn how, I pretty sure it would make my friends laugh :P. Its like someone is saying "WT fuu-" laugh out loud


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2 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

How do you make this face?!?!?

This is really cool but how do you make it?!?!

The creepiest, yet the nicest. Love it


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3 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I saw first time like this face its too cool but one thing I can't write it

How does one even do this face with the keyboard? It's so awesome!

That's an awesome Face I'm not queit sure how I'm gonna do it but I will
Probs manage laugh out loud AMAZING!

This is honestly the most annoying thing people type on their keyboards - Nonpointed

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4 : )

The face that started it all - browney115

This is the simplest, and easiest, gotta love the classics, Some smiley faces are too hard to even write like, :-) is just stupid in all fairness, is the best smiley face

Gotta go with the original man nothing else can match up to it, so call me old school

This one's a simplistic classic that will always be used while having started it all. - whattheheckamidoing

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5 ̿ ̿̿ ̿’̿’̵͇̿̿з=(◣_◢)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

:o how do you do that?!

I love this one takes ages for me to do

This face is so cool... It is special because its hard to write it with a keybourd. Its also cool because he is half mad... I think this should be the one!

Copy and paste.

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6 @(^_^)@

Cute smiley @()@. Every time I use it to tell my friends that you are a monkey...

I kie monkeys a little bit to much
Very very cool

I love it you even added ears! I can't believe you could make this its the best thing iv ever seen

@(^_^)@ is the easiest to make

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7 ^_^

This one is good because it is simple to make and it is not sideways or anything like that but for real I would like the monkey face more if it had no @ it even though that looks very good to so I think that I actually like either this @(^_^@ or this

The straight face is definitely the best. Its simple and right to the point, and doesn't look like the person who made it was trying to hard, which is always cool.

This is by far the most epic keyboard face on the list. MUST. CLICK. VOTE BUTTON. Oh, by the way... ^__^

I love using that face on roblox and minecraft guys

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8 :-)

Thank you for showing me how to put a smiley face using a keyboard

For some reason it looks a bit silly compared to the one without the nose... - Entranced98

I like the nose :-)

so smexy..

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9 ( ಥـْـِـِـِـْಥ)

Show how to do it

He's crying while Derping... I love IT!

When you fall down the stairs and break your leg and the first thing you check to make sure is okay is your phone and hit has a scratch.

Me love it

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10 =_=

This face happens on me every single day now and then. It's like a curse or something, laugh out loud.. This isn't just the "do not care face" though, it is also the face when you think something was stupid and you can do better than it.

Don't care anymore=_= life may suck and people may talk about me and create lies but you know what=_= I don't care love the face! Yay

This is me when my brother says something


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11 [‘ᴥ’]

How do you make this face?

Wow how do you do it!?... ^_^

How do you do do this face?

Yes how do I make this face

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12 (>'-')>

Nice kirby face is one of my favorite player. This is a cool face, thank for sharing it.

It's just so cute

Awesome, I think that kirby is a cool character that should be shared with people. I love homer simpson he's awesome.

(>._.)> my best try

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13 :-0

Surprised face could be used as try again on a hyper linked question using power point I've done it before and it is really good. You should try it!

My favorite face, I use it all the time. Random surprise face - that's me all the way!

It is easy to make and it shows smile emotion easily

I like the mouth

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14 (╯°□°)╯︵


. I love that face although how do you make it? =_=

Ha! So cute, I like this one. And also, everyone who is having problems typing this, note you can always copy and paste it. It's what I do, heh.

(╯°□°)╯︵ my beautiful realistic face ☺ - LAURENRL

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15 ^__^

I like it almost as much as the :3 face

To me this emoji reminds me when people don't get what your saying after 10 times and your just trying to explain it but they won't get it and your just annoyed like uh! But with nothing to say

Already on the list


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16 XD

People! Come on, this has got to be the best thing ever made by humans who were too bored. Like me right now, voting for an emoticon. Hmm…WHAT THE HECK?! THIS IS THE BEST EMOTICON EVER! !

This is always overused by me, I am serious I use it everyday over six to ten times sometimes even more if I'm lucky!

There is no doubt about the emotion behind it. Pure laughter! I love it. - Britgirl

I use this a;; the ti;me

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17 :D

That's how I feel every day!

This is the face of pure enjoyment :D

Love this use all the time!

This one's my favourite. I put it at the end of almost all my comments. :D - Rocko

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When you go on facebook this face will be cooler than now

I love this face but you can't make it on the computer unless you have a speical effects board! :(

I wish I could make those square shapes faces


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19 (-_(-_(-_(-_-)_-)_-)_-)

Looks like a gang of people

It's like a bunch of people just shaming you. They're saying, "I'm not angry. Just disappointed"

Awesome! Looks like a bunch of praying karate people before they go to war.


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20 ::)

Aliens are the best yeah!

It looks like spider. I don't like spiders. Screw you.

It kinda looks like a spider but it's pretty cool!


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21 (ʘᴥʘ)

It looks so cute and awesome

Its just so cute. Anytime you want to do more of a face than ":3" just do this!

Cute. looks like a puppy

It's so cute.Totes agree with you.Hundo percent.100%

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22 (ʘ_ʘ)

I work with person

He's like a Oh my god what did you do face

Looks like someone's face when that someone tasted something uber-nasty

I just pooped my pants while on a date with my crush

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23 ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

So cool! I love it! How do you make it though?

So adorable! How do you make this? Please reply back... Or do you make it using copy and paste?

That is so funny please do more do more please please please please please

Wow y'all might be the most talented people on the keyboard!

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24 Ծ_Ծ

Copy and paste it

This face awesome man! Have absolutely no clue on how to type it, but that's why copy and paste was invented! In my opinion, it kinda looks like you have absolutely no clue on what the other person is saying, so whenever I'm confused I know the perfect face. THANK U 4 SHARING

How do you do that?

me though

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25 (/-_-)/

Face of a parent. Catch me daddy.

26 x_x

It's just really funny! I mean no-one can go against it, can they? Everyone likes the dead face!... X_X

Hehe this is for us emo's out there I love it X____X now that's what I call sexy

I love this face. It's quick and simple, and easy to understand. I had no idea what @(^_^)@ had got anything to do with a monkey, but this one is so easy! A true classic face X_X

The dead emoji!

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27 (⌐■_■)

I'm sorry for having so much swag, puts on glasses.

Sorry, couldn't hear you over my swag

It looks like gangsta face


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28 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Like don't throw over that table! *NO* (in slow motion)

Maybe he saw a spider under the table and wanted to make sure

Much better than the one on the first page. There is a table


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29 &

What kind of face is that

This represents the wide range of emotions I feel everyday. I think everyone needs to see this symbol, It is truly amazing.

It's just so simplistic yet shows all my mixed emotions in one single character!

A true testament to the human experience, demonstrating the eternal battle between good and evil. It's curves explicate the challenge of honest living, yet the reward of hard earned bread. While some pedestrian memers may consider it a plain symbol, they fail to acknowledge its relevence to the fall from eden and permanent guilt of the human soul.

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Want to know how to make this one.

That is Japanese letter. Sound "shi" in Katakana.

Seems so whimsical and amused - Ananya


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31 (⌐■_■)=/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

How do you make it

Nice design now give me your cake

Pretty sweet

Its petty good... ELAPHANTE

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32 (•‿•)

Like to know how to draw it!

It looks like the face on a lot of adventure time characters

Love it! But how can I draw the mouth?!

Oh hii yeah today is gonna be just great...

*Dying inside*

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33 =^_^=

This is a totally awesome face how do you make others? I think that it is really cool kitties are really awesome! Does anyone else like kittens? I do! There is another face I know: here it is:! Its 2 eyes with lashes on top of it! It it not totally awesome! Hehe :D O-o that's another. Ill tell more later on. Please comment!

This is the best face ever how do you do it if you guys know please comment back I'd really like to know.

Looks like a football player

My favorite face =^_^=

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34 ⊙▃⊙

It's funny! Laugh out loud

How do I make this?

Me when I drop my phone in the toilet


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35 (|:)K

Come on people! Rotate your head to the left (or turn off rotation and turn your device to the left) so that the K is on the bottom. It's a ninja

I think it's a ninja?

A ninja, rotate your head - PeeledBanana


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36 ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

Lol its like he/she is trying to impress their crush but just can't

LOL just LOL

It da best Boi so getcho bubble gun dum dum

37 (o_o)

Bro wot the heck face

38 (∆_∆)
39 (/゚Д゚)/

Look like a chair is in it

Really big nose sad mouth saying why must I have a big nose

It looks like its saying, "Why? WHY?! "

This is the face when your wife says she’s getting a baby

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40 $__$

Looks like my ex wife.

This is making me want 10,000,000 dollars. Me/Olivia: I WANT ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

I love spongebob that's y I like this one lol

EA in a nutshell

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41 @@@@ : )

If you look at it sideways it is marge simpson

It is a person

Haha good one

This is not funny >:(

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42 !_!

Focus and maby you will see it ;)

I just happened to pass by and I had to let someone else experience what I see. I wont spoil it

That look's like $_$ make that on your keyboard

It took me awhile but I got the face

It looks like someone crying if you make the l in! part the eyes

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43 X_X

That's all I feel

Same as number 24

Didn't you already use this face before?
Anyways, still cute.

cheats D:

44 @ 'ェ' @

Love it!


It's a sheep! - Ananya

[:] Witch Way does it look like to you

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45 (_8( I )

That is really creative and cool and yeah where did you think of that?

That's sick! Never thought of that. Who told you? Nice, the world shall know!

Awesome! That is so cool! It looks exactly like the real Homer Simpson! That is so cool! How did you think of the


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46 :P

That is what I feal like doing to my siblings every day! LOL!

Most used in FB!

:P I do this face in roblox every day

The ROBLOX face :p aye. pretty simple

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47 ๏_๏

That's cool how the eyes change.

Just saw something unbelievable!

That is pretty tiny one.


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48 (✌゚∀゚)☞


Wow this face is AWESOME!

This is so cool I made a different version of this.


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49 ╚(•⌂•)╝

Wow so cool how to made this

This is the sort of face you use when someone says no more devices

Is that a house in the middle of the face cause, that's just weird.

It looks like some robber bursting in with two guns

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50 (''')(=^-^=)(''')

Why so far down the list? Cats are adorable.

It's a cat with paws Bam!


Very nice!

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