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21 ^-^

This is the face you do when you are feelin Kawwai... Kawi? Kewi? Heck I don't know, you get the point.

22 x_x

It's just really funny! I mean no-one can go against it, can they? Everyone likes the dead face!... X_X

Hehe this is for us emo's out there I love it X____X now that's what I call sexy

I love this face. It's quick and simple, and easy to understand. I had no idea what @(^_^)@ had got anything to do with a monkey, but this one is so easy! A true classic face X_X

There's only 1 word to describe this.. EPIC!

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23 ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

So cool! I love it! How do you make it though?

So adorable! How do you make this? Please reply back... Or do you make it using copy and paste?

That is so funny please do more do more please please please please please

How... -.-

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24 (⌐■_■)

I'm sorry for having so much swag, puts on glasses.

Sorry, couldn't hear you over my swag

It looks like gangsta face

John cena exposed

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25 (^3^)~♥



26 &

This represents the wide range of emotions I feel everyday. I think everyone needs to see this symbol, It is truly amazing.

What kind of face is that

It's just so simplistic yet shows all my mixed emotions in one single character!

Its more then a face...It's the meaning of life.

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27 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Like don't throw over that table! *NO* (in slow motion)

Maybe he saw a spider under the table and wanted to make sure

Much better than the one on the first page. There is a table


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28 >-<

My crush is looking at me

Me looking at meh crush in private. >-<

He is so damn embarrassed ♬♩

29 =^_^=

This is a totally awesome face how do you make others? I think that it is really cool kitties are really awesome! Does anyone else like kittens? I do! There is another face I know: here it is:! Its 2 eyes with lashes on top of it! It it not totally awesome! Hehe :D O-o that's another. Ill tell more later on. Please comment!

This is the best face ever how do you do it if you guys know please comment back I'd really like to know.

Looks like a football player

#Cute #Anime

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30 (•‿•)

Like to know how to draw it!

Love it! But how can I draw the mouth?!

It looks like the face on a lot of adventure time characters

squint.. - Ananya

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31 ⊙▃⊙

It's funny! Laugh out loud

How do I make this?

Me when I drop my phone in the toilet

There has been a kidnapping

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32 (⌐■_■)=/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

Nice design now give me your cake

How do you make it

Pretty sweet


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33 (|:)K

Come on people! Rotate your head to the left (or turn off rotation and turn your device to the left) so that the K is on the bottom. It's a ninja

I think it's a ninja?

What is that a little boy?


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34 T.T

T...T - p_q-e_e

35 (^◕.◕^)

Hands in the air like I just don't care

How'd u make it? It's So Cute! I LOVE the EYES!

How did u make dis?


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36 Ծ_Ծ

Copy and paste it

This face awesome man! Have absolutely no clue on how to type it, but that's why copy and paste was invented! In my opinion, it kinda looks like you have absolutely no clue on what the other person is saying, so whenever I'm confused I know the perfect face. THANK U 4 SHARING

How do you do that?


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37 @@@@ : )

If you look at it sideways it is marge simpson

It is a person

Haha good one


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38 (ʘᴥʘ)

It looks so cute and awesome

Its just so cute. Anytime you want to do more of a face than ":3" just do this!

Cute. looks like a puppy

More that just a simple semicolon and 3 face. ( :3 ) absolutely adorable.

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39 (/゚Д゚)/

Look like a chair is in it

It looks like its saying, "Why? WHY?! "

That's a guy who got a ice cream cone stuck on his nose

Lol it's so sweet - Ananya

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40 $__$

Looks like my ex wife.

This is making me want 10,000,000 dollars. Me/Olivia: I WANT ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

I love spongebob that's y I like this one lol

Sponge Bob: Hey Mr. Krabs I need your help. Mr. Krabs: MONEY MONEY MONEY WHATS THAT SPONGE BOB I can't HEAR YOU OVER ME SINGING! Sponge Bob: I said-

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