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1 Ryuko Matoi Ryuko Matoi is the main protagonist of Japanese anime series 'Kill La Kill' produced by Studio Trigger. Ryuko Matoi is a highschool student who attends Honnouji Academy to find her father's murderer.

I love Ryuko! She is badass and can fight with a giant scissor blade like it was nothing! And she can be pretty awesome and funny as well!

I love Ryuko. She's very cool and badass.

#BestGirl no doubts. In the entire universe.

Why is she number 1 in this list and not the Dosh King Kaneo Takarada? Matoi is terrible.

2 Satsuki Kiryuin Satsuki Kiryuin is one of the antagonists from 'Kill La Kill', an anime series that ran from 2013-2014, created by Studio Trigger.

Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! Those are the facts of this world, and you will ALL surrender to them! You PIGS in human CLOTHING!

Way better written character than Ryuko, also big brain girl

3 Mako Mankanshoku

One of the funniest anime characters ever!

She's an adorable cinnamon bun, enough said.

Cute and pure


4 Senketsu Senketsu is a Kamui created by Isshin Matoi who is later revealed to be Sōichirō Kiryūin, and is the deuteragonist of Kill la Kill.

Senketsu is my favorite character, he is amazing, he is funny, he has a badass voice and he has great and funny talks with ryuko.

He's hilarious, and actually helps a lot. He's great

Senketsu x Ryuko all the way.

he's cool

5 Nui Harime

I like how she is truly wicked and evil while remaining honestly childish and cheerful. I also liked it when she piloted the helicopter.

She's funny and just breaks the laws of physics making her hilarious. I love how she's almost always smiling and you've gotta admit she is cute.

She is very cool, interesting, sexy and funny character. I love her so much.

She's so adorable. I wish I could hug her and never let her go.

6 Nonon Jakuzure

My favorite Elite 4 member, so sassy.

7 Ira Gamagori

Taken from the Kill la Kill Blooper Reel:
Mako: Oh, you're so cool Ryuko!
Gamagori: Mankanshoku, reverse cowgirl!
LOL! By the way, I don't think you want to know what reverse cowgirl means...

My favorite male character so intense, so awesome!

Definitely my favorite in the show, dudes funny and badass too. Of course kill la kill made him into a masochist though."punish me more so my power will stand strong and hard" lmao.

8 Uzu Sanageyama

The man gave up his eyes for his queen. Respecc. 'mic drop'

Bruh he's hardcore

9 Ragyo Kiryuin Ragyo Kiryuin is a fictional character in the anime television series Kill la Kill produced by Trigger. She is the mother of Satsuki Kiryuin and is the main antagonist of the series.

How tf is she one of the Most favorited Characters lol

10 Aikuro Mikisugi

How I convinced my girlfriend to watch the show

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11 Tsumugu Kinagase
12 Houka Inumuta
13 Soichiro Kiryuin

The progenitor of all hope. The man who sparked the rebellion against life fibers. He who cast away his life of prominence and went into hiding to protect humankind. He who painfully stayed away from his daughter so she wouldn't be pulled into this whirlwind of a mess. He gave his life for humanity, and refused to buckle under the might of Ragyo. He truly is the best character, or rather most important. Ryuko, Satsuki, would have never realised the truth had it not been for Soichiro. Without him, humanity would have ended.

Don't remember him but name sounds cool

14 Guts
15 Mitsuzo Soroi
16 Omiko Hakodate

I kinda liked her when we saw her maybe we could've seen more.

Who is this lol

17 Mataro Mankanshoku
18 Sukuyo Mankanshoku
19 Kaneo Takarada

All hail the Dosh King Kaneo Takarada.

20 Kyuji Obayashi

This guy was damn great! He did amazingly as his role. Sadly he should have been the main character.

21 Barazo Mankanshoku

No words can describe how funny his scenes are.

22 Ryosuke Todoroki

Endeavor needs to pay more attention to his sons

23 Suzuki
24 Takaharu Fukuroda
25 Jack Naito

President of the Knife Throwing club at Honnoji Academy.

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