Top 10 King of Bots Competitors With Spinners

After 'Robot Wars' and 'Battlebots', China's 'King of Bots' came into the fray to provide an enjoyable (though choppily edited) alternative show for robot combat. A lot of the robots entered were spinners, however whilst half of them were good the other half didn't really leave much of an impression.
This list is for what I considered to be the best bots with spinners from Season 1 of 'King of Bots' and 'This is Fighting Robots' (A.K.A. KOB 1.5).

The Top Ten

1 Tungsten Tungsten

Entered by the duo that built Carbide, this bot was purpose built to beat robots of that nature, complete with a durable shell and a mighty vertical flywheel capable of catapulting robots skywards. - SuperSonic17

2 Megabyte Megabyte

The bot everyone was afraid to fight in both seasons, with it's 360 degrees of destruction, very few survived it. It only really fell to opponents with high endurance. - SuperSonic17

3 Xiake Xiake

How strong is he? - TheDarkOne_221b

Quite possibly the best combat robot to come out of China, they were runners up in the first series (with Chiyung Jinlun), then managed another podium finish on KOB 1.5. It's just a neat durable bot with a vicious drum spinner. - SuperSonic17

4 Grill Judge Grill Judge

A fierce vertical spinner that was unfortunate not to win the first series, and even more unlucky in 1.5. If the team can iron out the kinks this is a potential series winner right here. - SuperSonic17

5 Shrederator Tiger Claw Shrederator Tiger Claw

Brian Nave's entry to represent his Shrederator line of robots. This full body spinner caused a lot of destruction in it's path, though a lack of srimech was it's biggest downfall. - SuperSonic17

6 Red River Hong Red River Hong

This drum spinner may be pink, but it ain't pretty. It took a while to show what it was truly capable of, but it performed very well, even causing a couple of upsets in the process. - SuperSonic17

7 Great White Great White

An entry from Australia with a vertical spinner that packed a nasty punch. It got arguably screwed over in season 1, and didn't fare as well in 1.5. - SuperSonic17

8 Cat King Cat King

An American entry from part of the team that entered Warhawk in 'Battlebots'. This robot had teething problems at the start, but once they were fixed, man that disc was powerful. - SuperSonic17

9 Zen Oh Zen Oh

A team from Portugal who built a very similar looking robot to Carbide. It's just a shame their weapon was unreliable, because when it worked it was very destructive. - SuperSonic17

10 Stealth Stealth

A team from South Korea who entered a bot with a dangerous undercutting bar spinner, and a sleek cool look to boot. - SuperSonic17

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