Top Ten Kitchen Nightmares Restaurants Where You'd Never Eat


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1 Amy’s Baking Company

These are two people you'd never want them again after meeting them the first time. - egnomac

One of these days they are going to get mauled by an angry mob.

Tank goodness it's no more - BorisRule

Bad news for everyone, who have an YouTube account:

It seems like Amy have a YouTube account, just so she can attack other people over being viewers of the episode. I once prayed for that account to be a troll, but I found out she really do have an account there. :( - BorisRule

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2 Dillon’s

This place closed a while back.

Ewww... Paper flies cover with flies, an very unhygienic kitchen, moldy and old food served to Gordon Ramsay, and a ridiculously old phone.
Nobody goes to the restaurant and too many workers and managers are doing nothing. - BurnAux

3 Fiesta Sunrise

Closed a few years ago.

4 Spanish Pavilion

I recall Gordon finding a live pigeon in the kitchen, and telling the owners that it was the freshest thing there, and, due to the rotting lobster, lucky to be alive. Damn, nasty.

5 Casa Roma

Closed a while back.

6 The Serect Garden

Also closed.

7 Trobiano's
8 Seascape

You wouldn't believe how many of these restaurants closed.

9 Finn McCool's
10 Chappy’s

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11 Peter's
12 Mill Street Bistro
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