Leading Vendors In Barcode Scanner Market


The Top Ten

1 Accurate Systems Labelling

A wide range of Barcode scanners and other computer handhelds are available at Accurate Systems Labelling. They sell scanners for a range of applications, from heavy duty solutions for warehouses through to inexpensive solutions for retail stores. - antonio332harris

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2 Aceeca

Aceeca was established in 2001 and is headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand. Aceeca is a private company that supplies rugged computing devices worldwide. The company is known for its excellent manufacturing facilities and skilled workforce. - antonio332harris

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3 Advantech

Advantech was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Taipei City, Taiwan. They offer innovative embedded and automation products and solutions. The company has expertise in developing and manufacturing high-quality and high-performance computing platforms. Advantech operates in 21 countries worldwide. - antonio332harris

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4 Handheld Group

Handheld Group was founded in 1997. The company is based in Lidköping, Sweden. The company offers rugged mobile computers, which include tablets, notebooks, handhelds, and custom products. - antonio332harris

5 Opticon

Opticon was founded in 1984 and is based in Renton, Washington, US. The company operates as a subsidiary of Optoelectronics. Opticon provides 1D laser barcodes, 2D imagers, and charge-coupled device scanning solutions. The company serves telecommunication carriers, system integrators, distributors, independent software vendors, and resellers. - antonio332harris

6 TouchStar Technologies

TouchStar Technologies offers mobile computing devices and solutions for industrial and commercial applications. The company provides touch-screen computers, mobile computers, mobile printers, cradles, and global positioning system vehicle tracking devices. - antonio332harris

7 Generalscan

Generalscan looks to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage by the continuous and timely development of new products and enhancements of existing products. - antonio332harris

8 ZEBEX Industries

ZEBEX Industries is based in New Taipei City, Taiwan and was founded in 1987. The company focuses on the production of auto-ID equipment, including scanners and terminals. ZEBEX uses innovative technologies to offer high-quality products with superior performance and also maintains customer satisfaction through support. - antonio332harris


RIOTEC was founded in 2002 and is involved in manufacturing and marketing auto-ID products. RIOTEC's patented laser barcode scanner is used in advance optical laser technology. The company's products are used in applications such as retail, point of sale, inventory management, stock control, document tracking, and office management. - antonio332harris

10 Bluebird

Bluebird is involved in the design and manufacture of handheld mobile devices to serve end-users in automatic identification and payment solutions and data collection. The company serves the transportation and logistics, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, leisure and entertainment, finance and real estate, healthcare, media and telecommunication, energy and materials industries, education, government, and public sectors worldwide. - antonio332harris

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