Least Creative Words

Let's remind us of the words we are tired to hear over and over again. This list is not only about online comments, but also prose and real-life conversations.

Also note that least creative is not the same as most overused. Here we are talking about words that people say with a routine without ever thinking how to say it in a different way.

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1 Awesome

Extremely overrated. I generally say one of five words (outstanding, excellent, spectacular, great, incredible). - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

I usually stick to excellent as it sounds less childish, I do use this word sometimes though just so that it won't get too much of one word - darthvadern

Was that ad on the top added by some user? Because it's creepily relevant.

Edit. It was a thesaurus ad - Alkadikce

Seriously? I don't mind saying the word awesome. It's usual.

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2 Absolutely

I don't mind it that much - darthvadern

Especially in informative T.V. programmes - Alkadikce

3 Really

Least creative reply in conversations with somebody you caught up on the street. (some average sentence) I've just finished reading the book you gave me for Christmas. Really?

It seems really is just a way to avoid staying in silence. It doesn't help the conversation move on. - Alkadikce

I actually like it a lot - darthvadern

4 Suck

Although the word itself is bland, the origin of its slang-like meaning is quite interesting. But this word still sucks. - Alkadikce

This word sucks! - Metal_Treasure

It does get repetitve to be fair - darthvadern


5 Overrated

Zootopia is so ove...(ok I won't say it) - darthvadern

6 Awkward

At the beginning I thought awkward was the same as awesome. This proves that this word if often used in inappropriate context due to poor vocabulary. - Alkadikce

I don't actually mind it that much - darthvadern

7 Simple
8 Terrible

Horrid, horrible, awful, dreadful, gruesome. I could name five similar words without a thesaurus without being a native English speaker, this proves that people don't even think what word to use before saying 'terrible". After checking a thesaurus: direful, horrendous, disastrous, ghastly, atrocious. - Alkadikce

People seem to use "terrible" more than "horrible", at least I do so, but that, I will change for now - darthvadern

9 Actually

Does this word even have a meaning or it just gives you time to think? Two versions of the same sentence in an interview:

Version 1: I am actually a more extrovert and outgoing person.
Version 2: I am (2 seconds of silence) a more extrovert and outgoing person. - Alkadikce

The one word that we didn't need actually to be fair - darthvadern

Actually is another way of saying "In fact".

10 Amazing

A little less overused than awesome, but I don't tend to use it. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Small sister of awesome. - Alkadikce

Better than awesomne, but what does the amazon have to do with positive? - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Underrated

I didn't include overrated because there's a lack of possibilities (at least for me) to say its meaning in a different way. In this case: needs more attention, depriciated, misjudged, misunderestimated... - Alkadikce

Eh, not too bad, overratet is worse I guess - darthvadern

12 Chuckle

Chuckle sounds like something negative but it seems like a positive for some reason - darthvadern

I feel like every second word in a novel is chuckled, muttered, stared or cried. - Alkadikce

13 Nice

I don't know if they do it in other schools, but when I was growing up, my teacher always encouraged us not to use the word "nice" as an adjective. All of us had a tendency to overuse it. - Gg2000

I have a teacher-aide who always says "yeeah, she's a nice girl" about everyone. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

14 Guy

UGH dis word is so boring it easily the least creative on de list

15 Literally

This is literally the most over used word at my school. Literally everyone uses it in every sentence. It's literally the worst. - Cyri

16 Selfie
17 Edgy
18 Faith

It is just another word for believe, but worse because it is used by religious authorities to get money off people and scare them into submission - germshep24

This word makes me question my faith in humanity, am I right? - darthvadern

Yes, you are, but your comment helped me to restore my faith in humanity that there are still people who do not use their faith in humanity every minute. - Alkadikce

Especially combined with 'humanity'. Comment from Best Rock Bands of All Time about Rolling Stones: I think I've lost fate in humanity! - Alkadikce

19 Bazinga

Sheldon... - Cyri

20 Um
21 Apple

This is a great addition to the list. Ask any person on the street to say a random word, most will say apple. - Alkadikce

22 Autotune Autotune

Oh these singers today suck because they're actually overrated rely on autotune to sing well so they really do suck not like the 1980-1990s which are awesome, amazing and nice. - chuckled the absolutely edgy teen on TheTopTens. - Alkadikce

I'm fine with autotune as a tool, but not a crutch. - Cyri

I have also heard it applied even to singers who don’t actually use it anyway.

23 Pal
24 Dope
25 Cringe
26 Bro
27 Badass
28 Retarded

For me this word is not uncreative, just plain awful. - Alkadikce

29 Cool
30 Creative

But most of its synonyms have slightly different meanings! - Alkadikce

31 Trump
32 Ass
33 Bitch
34 Like

But like, I mean like, I'm like, like "like" all the, like, you know like, time! - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

A word used by people to stall when they can't think of what to say - germshep24

35 List
36 Uncreative
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