Top 10 Least Harmful Illegal Drugs

There's lists about the worst drugs in existence. But how about a list of measuring which illegal drugs are actually not that unsafe. Criteria of safe would include: low addiction potential, low toxicity, low lethality and lack of judgment impairment.

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1 Marijuana

People on this thread are really ignorant and are going with their personal prejudices over science and logic. Basically, according to them, marijuana is safe, alcohol is safe-ish and literally everything else is horrible. That's not how it works. Marijuana has zero lethality, but it has addiction potential which tryptamines like LSD and Shrooms have been proven not to. While alcohol is safe to most individual users, it causes societal harm on a level that no other other drug does. None of these drugs come close to causing the amount of violent aggression that an alcoholic is capable of. - marmalade_skies

I've done weed before and as a guy who has experience. It is actually safer than it looks. It's safer than tobacco and alcohol which means it cigarettes will damage your lungs more than weed does. My dad and grandparents smoke and offered me weed before. I tried them and thought "damn smooth".

It's even safer than medicine and it won't give you lung cancer until you smoke 654324 times a day. I wouldn't mind trying another joint of weed but it's best to not be addicted. - AlphaQ

THANK YOU. This is what I've been saying. You can't overdose and kill yourself on it. Tobacco and alcohol are more harmful. As well as weed having health benefits. I have done it once. I wouldn't mind doing it again but I'm not desperate. - IronSabbathPriest

Better than meth

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I have taken many LSD trips in the sixties ( pure medical LSD of the Sandoz factory. This was a legal drug till 1967 ). Never had a problem but I've seen with the same pure LSD substance many LSD casualties on other people. Also, just think about the famous acid casualties of the sixties ; Syd Barrett of " Pink Floyd ", Rocky Erickson of the " 13th floor elevators " etc... Maybe not so " not harmful " as many people think. A drug should be called " safe " if everybody has the same benefit and the same adverse effects of the drug. The effects of LSD are different for every individual person. Can you call this really " safe " if every person reacts and responses differently with the same substance? Safe for many but also unsafe for many others.

Even weed has the aspect of psychological addiction, and inhaling any kind of smoke isn't good. Still would be one of the safest drugs ever, if it weren't for psychedelics. LSD is definitely the safest drug you can get a hold of, because not only is the dosage low, but the substance itself doesn't 0 damage to your body physically and mentally. Additionally there have been studies that show LSD improves peoples' mindsets and positively changes their perception in the way that they find different ways to solve problems, have more objective unbiased views of the world, and appreciate the little things in life a little more.

This list is about as irresponsible as could be imagined. Psychoactivity "at such a low dose" does NOT "preclude the possibility of overdose," particularly given the modern "more is better" zeitgeist which is only exacerbated by the inherently poor judgement exhibited by chronic stoners. And the biggest threat of any street drug is unpredictability--there is no way to know the contents or dose of what you're getting. Would you blindly stick your hand into a hole which could hide either a harmless garter snake, or an angry mamba?

LSD itself carries no risk of lethality from scientific perspective. When it comes to culture and how people distribute and administer these drugs, yes there are risks.

It is true that much of the LSD is either impure or consists of mediocre research chemicals. However, dying from taking a tab of fake LSD is not an actual possibility.

LSD is taken at a microgram dose - not a milligram dose. There is no substance on earth that can kill you at a micrograms dose. Even if a tab were laced with cyanide (which never happens), it still wouldn't kill you.

The cases of street drug unpredictability death has almost always come from powder drugs, generally fentanyl posing as heroin or MDPV posing as cocaine. Milligram doses can kill you.

Your worst case scenario with fake LSD is a bad trip that goes away after a day or two. With alcohol (legal and socially acceptable), your worst case scenario is overdose or violence. Death is permanent. - marmalade_skies

Lsd for the win!

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3 Psilocybin (Mushrooms) & DMT

Psilocybin has been ranked less dangerous than pretty much every other drug (including weed) by actual researchers on more than one list. They've also been shown to have lasting positive effects on creativity and aesthetic appreciation. They're physically less dangerous than caffeine, which is legal for children to buy.

Dmt is already apart of our biochemistry, it's completely safe and evidence has even shown that use can help empathy, creativity and intelligence. Studies will be done on its long term benefits since to my knowledge we are only at the hypothetical stages of dmt. It's unfortunate it's illegal since it's a chemical found in our brain that can't be studied unless you are FDA approve due to its short but powerful visions.

Psilocybin (Mushrooms) are easily the least harmful too you health wise but People who take shrooms irresponsible may end up having an episode and potentially harm one self *Always have a trip sitter especially people who haven't done mushrooms before Dmt is found in the Brain but I have only tried it once It only last 15 mins but it's a hell of a 15 it feels like hours and you start tripping right after you exhale the smoke so I don't know were that ranks on the charts

Shrooms are the only thing on this list that will, with a 99% chance, not make you feel worse the next day. Actually since its quite effective against depression, you'll most likely feel a lot better for quite some time.
No overdose, no addiction, no toxicity, no cancer, no lowered testosterone etc etc
Easily better than weed, which causes long term learning deficits, is bad for your immune system, lowers physical performance...

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4 Amphetamine

Meth, or any amphetamine at sufficient dosage, can kill you the first time you use it. "Doesn't impair mental abilities? " Paranoid-schizophrenic episodes are quite common, often accompanied by extreme violence. Why are you recklessly misrepresenting the risks posed by using these dangerous drugs?

Using in excess can cause heart problems, but overall, it's one of the very few drugs that doesn't impair mental abilities (and in fact strengthens them). It's the only drug on this list you can drive on. - marmalade_skies

Bery good drug my newborn does it as well

The deadly dose of amphetamine sulfate is between 26mg-55mg for 1Kg orally. Meaning that if you weight 80Kg, you have to take between 2080mg-4400mg orally. The more powerful substance methamphetamine has strangely enough a lethal dose of 70mg for 1Kg orally. For someone of 80 Kg it means 5600mg orally ( 5,6 gram ) [ sources taken from ' The Merck Index ' ]. Adderall ( amphetamine ) comes in 2,5mg and 5mg tablets. This means that you have to take about 1000 tablets of 5mg to actually kill you on the spot. Nobody gets as a prescription for 1000 tablets or takes for that matter 1000 tablets of aderall to get high. But don't be fooled. Doses of 500mg and less can give you hypertensive crisis, tachycardia, psychosis etc...that can give irreversible damage and kill you 2 days later if you don't go to a hospital to stop the effects at time.


Once you test your pills and powder and do common doses, once every 3 months I don't see any problems. I've been doing it once every 2/3 months since I was 15 and I'm happy to say its matured me a lot, I don't know if it's me but I always feel much older and mature after a night out.

Provided you have actual MDMA (not a clone), understand the dose you are taking, are in a supervised setting and are well hydrated, risks to health are very minimal. It's generally reported to be non-addictive and is lethal only in exceedingly rare cases. - marmalade_skies

Better than meth

Thius is a good rug

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6 Mescaline

Mescaline, along with most psychs, is incredibly safe even with overdoses.

I think this should be first... Even less harmful than marihuana

Cactus/peyote. - marmalade_skies

Are you guys nuts? You ever read HST? Mescaline will mess you up mah boys

7 Ketamine

I like butthole juice daddy

K is insidiously addictive, but fairly easy to withdraw.

Just don't overdo It and watch out for bladder problems.


A7a gamd nek

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8 Khat

It's a stimulant that's stronger than caffeine, but not exactly cocaine. - marmalade_skies


Khat is the keton-equivalent of methamphetamine ( the beta position on the amine chain has a oxigen atom with a double bond C=O. The beta position on the amine chain of methamphetamine has a hydrogen atom with a simple bond CH-H ). It can be prepared the synthetic route or it can be found in its natural state in the Khat-plants. It's less powerful than methamphetamine but has the same effects. It also have all the adverse effects of methamphetamine. Not one of the least harmfull illegal drugs at all because its as harmful as methamphetamine. It is a stimulant of the Phenylethylamine category, so you can't compare the effects of Khat with caffeine or cocaïne ( like one of the comments say ) which are totally different molecules.

9 Cocaine

In moderate doses it wont hurt you, you will want more but just be smart and don't over do it and you'll have a great time

7 grams can kill you if do a dose on that much

Meh, it's something I'd rather avoid. - AlphaQ


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10 Heroin

Is this a joke? Heroin is known to be one of the most addictive drugs. Once addicted to it you're capable of killing just to have a fix, to need your dose. And you're telling me that heroin is not or the least harmful drug? People who have the common sense to stop their heroin addiction have to take years ( sometimes their whole life ) a substitute like methadon or buprenorfine because their body and mind can't function at normal anymore without a opiate or opiod. Is that what you want to learn your children? Heroin is not dangerous, not very harmful? I think it's very irresponsable to put this on a list like this!

Shoot up everyday for 3 years nothing happened yet besides happiness.

What. At first I was like "cannabis, LSD, psilocybin... Yup these are some of the safest drugs" but heroin? Heroin is one of the easiest drugs to overdose on and has one of the worst withdrawals known to man!

I love heroin

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? Codeine/Promethazine Syrup

Can't believe that this isn't on this list. It's safer that most of the drugs listed. AND IT TASTES SO GOOD!


Trip out kids

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11 Magic Mushroom

Mario is a drug addict then. - AlphaQ

This is not that bad

Just hallucinations, helping with your mindset, helps with depression, just don’t extreme dose it, that’s when u loose your mind

12 PCP

PCP can be used date-rape, causes poor judgment, impairs coordination, can be overdosed when binged on, kills brain cells, causes possible organ damage with long term use and a small portion of it's users become violent.

Actually, I described alcohol too. - marmalade_skies

13 Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine (sold on the street) is the world's deadliest drug next to heroin due to it's very high addictiveness, neurotoxicity at high doses and a long depression-filled withdrawal.

It is, however, a prescription under the name of Desoxyn. It's rarely prescribed. 99.9% of people should not take this prescription, but it is used as ADHD medication for people who have tried everything and failed. The reviews on it from patients are surprisingly positive. Horror stories are minimal, and less than that of many other prescriptions on the market.

If you're taking Desoxyn at low doses and have a legitimate prescription for it, you are responsible, and you follow the laws regulating this drug, it's not going to be anywhere close as street meth. - marmalade_skies


14 Flakka

I've been on this drug for 5 years now, lost a few limbs, but I mean, who really cares?

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15 Steroids

If you don't overdo it its actually safe


16 Fentanyl

This is a joke

17 Desomorphine

Most dangerous drug ever 15times stronger than heroin

18 Jenkum

It can't really hurt you... I mean... its coming from YOUR body...

Just don't mix it with other substances and enjoy your jenk, you'll have a wonderful and insightful experience.


19 Scopolamine

It's a date-rape drug. The story on this drug is that all someone needs to do is blow it in your face and you instantly submit into all of their demands. It does sound a bit far fetched, but me personally, I'm staying away from this one in any event. - marmalade_skies

20 Nitrous Oxide

NOS is very safe as long as you break to breathe oxygen

21 Captagon

Yes botch

22 Jenkem
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