Best Body Parts on a Male Human

The Top Ten
1 Brain

Wow! Just so sexy (if used properly) It's so wonderful exchanging intelligent conversation with someone who knows what they're talking about.
My top 5:
Brain (one which works)
Heart (kind)
Mouth (plump lips)
Eyes (love green)
Hands (I love rough hands)

This deserves to win, so smart

The fact that brain is first on here but boobs are first on the female human list. *facepalm*

2 Penis

If this goes number 1. I will eat 10 ghost peppers

This part is the best! Especially on guys!

Penises are my life.

Why isn't this #1?

3 Heart
4 Testicles

This should be numbers 2 and 3.

5 Eyes
6 Stomach
7 Butt

Guys buttstock are hotter than girls butts!

8 Neck
9 Mouth
10 Teeth
The Contenders
11 Nipples
12 Genitals
13 Legs
14 Belly Button
15 Chest

Especially if it's hairy.

16 Ears
17 Scrotum
18 Abdominals
19 Hands

Men are very Handy sometimes

20 Arms
21 Feet
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