Top 10 Fireworks Displays in Kerala

When we talk about Kerala, a land renowned for its lush landscapes, tranquil backwaters, and diverse cultural traditions, we cannot overlook the significant role that fireworks play in its many festivities. For centuries, fireworks have been a cornerstone of Keralan celebrations, illuminating the night skies and symbolizing joy, prosperity, and divine blessings. Their origins are closely intertwined with Kerala's rich tapestry of religious and cultural festivals, predominantly associated with Hindu temples.
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1 Nemmara-Vallanghy Vela

Traditional methods are using for this fireworks.

This is beyond imagination.. No words to explain its size & amount

One of the best childhood experience..

2 Kavassery Pooram

Best fireworks in Kerala

Biggest fireworks in Kerala. Total 7 sets.

Festival of togetherness

3 Thrissur Pooram

Two teams spend around 3 crore for the fireworks each year. In this venue, the typical style of Kerala fireworks was born, so it can be called the mother of all Kerala style fireworks. It was the biggest fireworks display in Kerala in previous years, but later Thrissur became the fourth-largest city in the state. Nowadays, the Thrissur Pooram fireworks are comparatively lower due to security reasons when we consider other locations like Nenmmra and Kavussery. However, due to the venue's specialty, it still remains the best fireworks display with the best sound effects compared to any other locations. It is also the best location to access, with better transportation, all types of hotels (from 5-star to normal lodges), better views (you can watch from the ground or sit back in good seats arranged in the buildings), and all modern facilities like shopping malls, theaters, internet cafes, etc.

Above all, Thrissur Pooram is the best, most expensive, and biggest cultural festival in ...more

4 Anthimahakalan Kavu Vela

Part of our Cultural Heritage, must be preserved. Adequate Safety Measures need to be taken while organising the event.

If the total is as good as the firecrackers of the Ten Commandments, then the firecrackers will be the ultimate bullet.

Great fireworks and unique occasion for social gathering and entertainment for common people.

5 Uthralikavu Pooram

One of the best fireworks in kerala owing to the extra reverberation by the surrounding mountains.
Classic use of local talents which emphasises sound and sparkle over fancy colours.
Umbrella fireworks after the actual fireworks that can be seen only in thrissur pooram after here.

Best fireworks in kerala

6 Parakkottukavu Thalappoli

Fireworks + echo caused due to the surrounding mighty hills make this, one of the best ever.
Scenic view from the hills add flavours to the main dish.

We need this fireworks back... We have lot of expectations in this year. For sanction from higher authorities...

One of the best.

7 Arakkal Pooram

I think Arakkal pooram fire works is most beautiful and attractive in Kerala. I have seen many fire works but Arakkal pooram fire works superb

One of the best. Called as thrissur pooram in Malabar. Pooram has several events inside the temple as well as outside. Beautiful fire works

The best and loudest one

8 Kunissery Kummatti

Fantastic fire works

This is my place

It is the Biggest kummatti in kerala, more fire works are using

9 Ayalur Vela - Nemmara
10 Kannambra Vela

One of the oldest and most traditionally celebrated Vela.

It's an awesome experience with kannambra Vela.

Biggest fire works

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11 Chinakathoor Pooram
12 Palakunnu Bharani
13 Maradu Vedikettu

It is wonderful firework

14 Arattupuzha Pooram
15 Kuttiyankavu Pooram
16 Mudappallur Vela

Good fire works

17 Padur Vela
18 Chittilamchery Vela
19 Cheramangalam Vela

Super fire work

Good fire work

20 Machad Mamangam
21 Mangalam Vela
22 Manalur Kummatti
23 Mayannur Pooram
24 Namborkavu Pooram

Largest and strong

25 Thalavoor Pooram
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