Best Homestuck [S] Pages

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1 [s] Cascade
2 [s] Descend
3 [S] Collide
4 [s] Wake

No 3 people died in that. Yeah aradia resurrected, it really nice though! But those deaths were brutal.

That's the ness song

5 [s] Jack: Ascend
6 [s] Game Over
7 [s] MSPA reader: Mental Breakdown
8 [s] Enter
9 [s] Terezi: Remember
10 [s] John: Play a haunting piano refrain
The Contenders
11 [s] Make her Pay

Die spider itch die

aradias arachnophobia gets the best of her and I love her

and people who hate on Tavros for not immediately killing vriska need to actually go suck on a cactus without the pines because vriska seriously needed an ass kicking for those horrible things she did because every time she does something wrong, she either:

1. Gets a sympathy moment (see the page where she starts sugar coating her abuse of Tavros after she kills him by saying she's making him stronger and whining how she didn't get laid by Tavros for being to late even though she sexually assaulted him)

2. her actions get ignored (her bullying Jake and Tavros and locking a mentally ill coded person in a fridge)

3. Gets away Scott free

i woulda cried too if I were in that situation


The one where everyone isn't dead! Yay!

13 [s] Seer: Descend
14 [s] John: Rise up

Love it to bits. Awesome music and introduces new mechanic.

15 [S] Begin Interfishin

Yes the elevator musiccc

16 [S] Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 1

The one where it goes out of the regular panel area (for the first time if I remember correctly) and then can't keep playing because Caliborn is a jerk.

17 [s] Karkat: Mental Breakdown
18 [S] Act 7
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