Most Painful Place to Pull Out a Hair

Ever been dared to pull out a hair from somewhere? Which is the most painful place to pull out a hair?
The Top Ten
1 Nose
2 Moustache

This happens to me far too frequently. You think it's just a hair on your lip, and then you pull it off, and severe pain often follows.

I don't have a moustache so I don't really know how much pain it causes.

3 Back of Thigh
4 Knuckle
5 Calf
6 Back of Neck
7 Perineum
8 Eyebrow
9 Navel
10 Eyelash
The Contenders
11 Butt
12 Pubic Area
13 Privates
14 Armpit
15 Ankle
16 Legs
17 Arm
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