Best Places to Be Kissed

The Top Ten
1 Butt
2 Mouth

This is the most pointless list in the history of all lists but the mouth and cheek are my favorite. I mean how could they get to the but or breast anyway? 😘

3 Breasts
4 Neck
5 Cheek

I love it when she randomly kisses my cheek it makes me blush a lil

6 Forehead
7 Tummy

One time I was kissing her on her stomache and she started laughing because it tickled, it does tickle but the way she laughed was so cute. I'm not gonna forget that night. I also like when she gives me a hickey there but I kinda don't because it does tickles lol

8 Inner Leg
9 Shoulders
10 Hands
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11 Toes
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