Top Ten Random Responses to "When Life Gives You Lemons..."

Have you ever said "when life gives you lemons kill the lemon"? See what other random responses you can give to people who give you lemons
The Top Ten
1 "Put them in your pants and dance around"
2 "Shove them in your dog's butt"
3 "Use them to rob a bank with the President"

Nobody move! I am armed with a pile of lemons!

4 "Put them in a RPG and shout Zimbabwe!!!"
5 "Give them to an angry llama"
6 "I asked you for an orange!"
7 "Give them to the Salvation Army"
8 "Squeeze them into someone's eye"
9 "Why? Am i getting lemons for Christmas?"
10 "Don't make lemonade!"
The Contenders
11 Throw them at your enemies!
12 "Can i eat them yet?"
13 "Shut up already nobody wants your imaginary lemons"
14 "It's life's way of saying you're fat, go on a lemon diet"
15 "Buy the book 'An Action Manual For Lemon Owners' by Ralph Nader."
16 Don't make lemonade. RAGE! GET MAD! INSULT EVERYONE! Throw the lemons back and shout "I DON'T WANT YOUR LEMONS, LIFE!"
17 Throw the lemons back and shout "I don't want your lemons, life!"
18 Make a lemon cake

Delicious recipe

19 Flush them down the toilet
20 Throw them at someone else.
21 Throw them in the lake.
22 "Make glasses out of the hollowed-out slices."
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