Top Ten Reasons To Hate Kim Kardashian

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1 She has no talent

She says she regrets her sex tape, which clearly is a lie, since all she ever does to get attention in drop her clothes. She breaks internet by getting naked. She models in thong to show off her butt. She even gets naked on twitter which is surely a big accomplishment. Not to mention her skills in business :- cheating, lying and ripping off other designers. How she swears by waist training spanx, when for real all she does to burn off her fat is liposuction. The products she promotes is a fad, she never uses them. Many of the products she promoted were sued, for lying. Kim Kardashian has no talent and no morals.

She and the whole tribe would extort God himself for a Gucci handbag. Not that I care, but what bothers me is the young generation who idolize these thugs. They fool kids into believing money, possessions, and beauty equals happiness, while in reality this behavior develops a low self image, greed, sadness, hopelessness and envy. Kids! - beware of these lies. Behind closed doors these people are miserable addicts that money can't fix. Believe in yourself, focus on others through love, generosity and kindness and it will return to you in a life that is priceless.

Sex tape made her famous, but to be honest many pornstars are more talented and beautiful then her, many of them being exotic dancers. Kim Kardashian tries dancing. Fail. Singing. Fail. Modelling. Fail. Acting. Epic Fail. The only reason why she is famous is because her mother marketed on her sex tape. Her mother milks any personal details of their life for attention. Kris Jenner is a crooked PR who would stoop to any level for fame. Kim and her sisters are spoilt rich kids who needs servants to wipe their butts, so them having a talent or merit? (actual hard work is required for talent, duh). The products they sell are just a fad, which says a lot about how they want to make easy money. They even got sued for lying about slimming pills and ripping off other designers. All they do is roll about in luxury and feed us fake stories to make some more money.

1. Dummy she thinks that having a big butt makes her talented.
2. Still have not figured out how she became a celebrity or why.
3. What happened to intelligence and talent creating a celebrity she has no Talent OR intelligence.
3. She and her family are a pathetic example of dysfunction and that trash comes in all Financial classifications
5. So when Kim Kardashian fliys does she have to pay for two seats on the plane because your butt is so big

2 She's greedy with money

Kim Kardashian has, sadly, no sense of money. To her, millions are merely dollars. She is used to spending money to make herself 'look' better. Plastic surgeons are just people who implant plastic instead of flesh into a body. They don't actually care how nice you look, they most likely just want your money. The thought, at a cynical point of view, is rather unnerving. As in my other comment, this page will lead no where. Kim is known for pushing blame on others. So, this page is actually fueling anger. She made a sex tape to make money, which she "accidentally" posted on the internet. You can't post something like that on the internet without meaning to. It's impossible. She has has plastic surgery, we all know this is true. No one knows her to have donated to charity. If she does, I will respect her an inch more. She'd buy something just because it was designer. Her also almost obsessive quirk for wearing white is somewhat outdated.

Anyone who has a lot of money should not be showing off that money - I know almost all do so they all need to be loathed - but instead giving it away discretely to many charities. One pair of shoes she buys can feed a family for a few months - how disgusting is that in an age when there is this obvious poverty and in equality on the planet.

Was it all fair and the world had no poverty, go ahead and show off what you earned unfairly; but until that day, you are simply a disgusting human being.

No one has to spend that kind of money on just everyday stuff like clothing or entertainment, for example, and then " flaunt it ", as if to get the message across how selfish she is. Why doesn't she seek out and help homeless families or homeless vets, or try to find out what children need life saving operations, and help their families with the cost of those those needed treatments? Those are just some of the options she has to be a worthwhile human being.

When Kim Kardashian dies, let's donate all of her money to the United States government so America can NOT go bankrupt. OR, I'm talking to you, Kim, we could donate the money now to something more important, such as feeding the poor and needy, to the government, into our schools, and much more!

P.S. also, a little message for everyone, Do NOT be afraid to ask how you can make your country better, regardless of political party, race, gender, hair colour, eye colour or anything! Kim Kardashian isn't the only one who needs to start helping our country, everyone needs to try. No, not try, will! In America, it is we the people. As a citizen, America is your responsibility. You have your rights, US them and forget about political parties, they don't matter. We're United, not Divided! Hand in hand, we can solve our problems in dept. We can fix the illegal immigration problem. I want YOU to do your best for your country. Every day, I see people complain and complain about the ...more

3 She acts as a spoiled child

She wines like a little baby brat...and now she's lying about her robbery. I find it impossible to free yourself from zip ties, but I guess she's a magician, and she's sooo scared. Please.. do you know there are people in America that have had more severe thing done to them, and they come through tough as nails. Stop making this into a full length movie..oh I forgot your new season isn't that just a coincidence. Your New name is Lying Drama Girl Kim, who's acting was so bad that not even the Police believe you. And the American People. To bad they didn't break your would have been nice not to hear your wine for a couple months...

So true! She dishes nastiness to everyone she knows acts like she's so kind but it's an act. Why does a approaching 40 women go after the reputation of a 20's girl. Greed! She states it's to support her husband well that's why he should have been a man. But then again he's not a man either... look what he did to Beyoncé. It appears that Kanye is in love with Beyoncé and Kim turns a blind eye for money but then again he did say he wanted another women and she was okay with that too. Money, money and more money. Selling your soul to the devil is not worth the heaven our lord has awaiting us.

I don't think Kim would have lunch with us regular people.
If I managed to get on her property I would be arrested and demonized in the press.
Celebrities live in a different reality than we do guys.

She's showing the kids of today that to get a boy or be famous you have to be selfish, spoiled, have a huge butt and boobs via implants AND have 8 tons of makeup on. I just can't WAIT to see the next generation, I honestly can't wait.

4 She's overrated

I do not understand why she is such a beloved celebrity (or maybe it's becuase I'm a geeky 13-year old girl). She disgusts me almost as much as gay people do. Her family is a disaster, and the only thing she cares about is money, attention and how to get more of those two. She should find a real job for a change and get in the real world. These kinds of people are worthless and face the real world instead of running away form it with their money.

Unless the media is talking about another attempt from Kim Kardashian to garner some attention, the media doesn't need to talk about her anymore. Kim Kardashian doesn't deserve all of her fame and fortune because of two general reasons. Firstly, the way she rose to fame is undeserving and wrong. She became famous through a sex tape and she lost her virginity when she was 14 years old to a relative of a celebrity. Secondly, the things she does as a celebrity are very undeserving of fame. Kim Kardashian not only stems from the same unnecessary fame as Paris Hilton, she's also a friend of Paris Hilton as well. Kim Kardashian has a reality show in which she cries over little things like losing her earrings in the water on a trip to Bora Bora, even in that episode, her former husband Kris Humphries said that he doesn't know how to deal with her and I'm not even going to describe how Kim Kardashian ended the relationship with him. In a interview with Barbara Walters, Kim Kardashian once ...more

She's overrated in all of her show. She doesn't even care about the kids and she has a baby and still making tapes. I don't not know why people like this girl. She's fake just like Nicki Minaj with a husband that USED to sing really good after the song P.O.W.E.R. I know why his music is trash today it's probably because he's talking about that stupid chick so much in his music. My opinion. Everyone should have the same opinion

She is overrated. Her fans are crazy about her, which is so stupid. There are many other celebrities who deserve this fandom because they are actually talented. And many people think us haters are jealous of her. WHAT? Jealous. Why would we be jealous of her? We are happy that we are not born in a messed up family.

5 She is dating Kanye West

I'm not surprised that they are together, they are equally the same individuals. Selfish people who have no talent, always in the media for the wrong reasons.

Kanye West is just another example of her horrible taste in men. She doesn't care who she dates. She mooches off one boyfriend then moves on to the next. They are both the worst people ever.

Who the hell is Kanye West anyway? Oh! He's the black dude that is dating Kim kardashian. That looser wouldn't have half of the fame he has if it weren't for the Ho he's dating.

That say a thousand words. Kanye is not a reputable person everyone knows it. He can make some good music and then again down hill.

6 She and Kanye named her first baby North West

No offense but the name is a bit ridiculous isn't when she grows up and realises that kids are going to tease her she is going to be upset and I would feel sorry for the poor girl. At least come up with a more sensible name that. I know its her baby but have some conscience. She's calling her second baby Easton its not that bad like the first but I think that she does It for the fame. It's sad!

I feel super sorry for North, I mean she has some of the worst parents ever and I doubt she was even planned anyways. Besides North is probably the smartest person on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Besides Kim is gonna spawn another child. I bet its name is probably gonna be East West or South West. But out of all that is holy don't name it West West!

Actually, North West has something to do with Illuminati and Satanism, because I watched a video on YouTube explaining that she was a princess in the Illuminati and her name is symbolic of that. Just type in "North West Illuminati" on YouTube, and hopefully you'll see what I mean.

What about Easton. Thy are so stupid for naming their babies both those names. I feel bad for North and the unborn child Easton. Easton West? I bet when they have a girl it's gunna be South West!

7 She's not the sexiest celebrity after all

Honestly, why does it matter what a celebrity looks like? Who cares if you are skinny or fat, black or white, have long hair or short hair, and etc. All of you people who only care about what someone looks like rather than how they act and treat others is really pathetic and petty. Also, getting plastic surgery isn't bad unless you are doing it just to look good instead of getting it for an ACTUAL purpose. This title sounds more like some person's opinion rather than an actual fact of why someone should be hated for. Judge someone for how they treat others and act, not how one looks like or where they came from.

Being naturally "beautiful" and glamming up with makeup and some stylish clothes is the sexy ticket in real life. She starts off plain, plump, over-surgeried and puts on her makeup for 1 and 1/2 hours and then wears horrific outfits (she even left the house with her butt crack showing in her see thru skirt) disgusting! I mean come on she's all hype and trashy. She's just turned 31 and has had major surgeries;she is starting to look old and cat like.

Wait man, Lindsay Lohan used to be hot, I remember her in older movies. She was pretty. But drugs ruined her. Anyways Kim kardashian ain't so bad looking but she isn't sexiest, and her butt is fake even if she claims otherwise. A natural butt is nicer anyday even if it's smaller. Her butt looks like a caricature of big butts.

Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, Megan Fox, Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, or Beyonce alone is hotter and sexier (and A LOT MORE talented and classier) than all of the Kartrashian-Jenner sisters combined. And that is only 1/1000 of the women I have mentioned!

8 She likes making sex tapes

She only made one tape. And this is not the sole reason she is famous. She is a business woman, an entrepreneur. And she's not the only celebrity to make a tape. Go do something better with your life instead of ridiculing a woman who obviously has more class than you. Who creates a web page just to hate on someone. That's low.

Truly sad. She claims she didn't know and acted like she was ashamed and truly hurt and perhaps she was for a moment. Then they offered her money and was a greedy happy person again. Fake lady.

Wait...I added the wrong comment. Id like to say that the things I hate about her are...

*her knack for acting pretty (when shes not! )
*adding too much makeup (the wrong comment I placed)
* AND being a nonsense sex star.

Kim's sex tape was a release to the media by her pimp Mommy. How else can a NO TALENT, FAT ASS HO become popular. Good Pimpin skills, mom.

9 She thinks she deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

I would comment on all of these reasons, agreeing with such profoundness that I'd break all ten fingers, so I will say all I want to say here and now.
How much effort did it take some celebrity legends who actually worked their butts off to get a star? A lot.
If Kim Kardashian worked her butt off, she'd first fall flat on her face because of the wate of her breasts, then cry becuase of how worthless she is without her big fat butt.
And she isn't curvy, she is fat and an insult to not only women but to all of the human race. It would be funny to get A.22 calibe and shoot each buttock then cut her butt off with a butter knife...
Oh, sorry. I'm not violent or anything

Why doesn't anyone ever talk about Kim's fling with her sister's husband? Or her swinger outing's with past by the way? Doesn't boom know her husband has never been faithful to her. Has she ever gotten her self checked for an STD? You never no with the Kardashian clan...

Putting her name next to some of the most influential and talented people in entertainment would compromise the whole concept of what it means to be included on the Walk of Fame.

The only thing she deserves is some new facial features because looking at her is like looking a Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus put together.

10 She wears too much makeup

She's just fugly. I hate what she stands for..superficial, conceited and thinks her ass will get her through life. She needs to pick up a dictionary and learn to spell. Better yet get her GED. She needs to get deported to the North Pole and banned from society. With her gone the world would be a much better place.

Kim is ugly! Inside and out, she is SO in love with herself and is addicted to taking "selfies". She is all ME ME ME. I Can't stand people like her. You know there is a lot more to life then caking on shovel loads of makeup, taking photos of yourself and your big fat ass all day.

She is literally ugly. I don't know why, but she looks like a duck. I hate people who like her, because they have no brains.

Sorry, but I think too much make up just sucks. Totally. It just makes her a complete fraud.

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11 She is a whore

Too many "nude selfies" she has NO RESPECT for her body what so ever. Everyone has seen her naked. We are sick of seeing her fake flabby boobs & big fake rubber ass. She's not even attractive she's just false. Sick of seeing her fake tiny waist all over the magazines saying how amazing she looks, she only reached a small waist by wearing a waist training corset which breaks all the ribs and sucks them. Yuk, It's truly disgusting the stress people will put there perfectly healthy bodies under just for vanity.. Filling your body with plastic implants, the bitch is so fake she was Made In China

She has no reason to be famous. She has no talent, no dignity, and no intelligence. I know people get somewhat famous from doing things like she did, but not that famous. She doesn't even deserve a show.

Unfortunately this is true and what's truly sad is she doesn't care about herself. I wonder if her father was alive would she have turned out the same. Money is not everything or at least it shouldn't be.

Kim has always dated older men, Celebrities, always trying to be in the spot light. Google it and you will be amazed how many years it to her to be noticed in this industry.

12 She is a bad role model

Kim and the entire Kardashian clan is normalising toxic Hollywood culture (plastic surgery and being promiscuous for money). I remember when girls looked pretty back in 2000's, now all these girls have fillers, implants and make up like drag queen. Natural is best, learn to love yourself, don't get brainwashed into multilating yourself with surgery/fillers.

She calls herself a role model, for getting so much plastic surgery, showing off too much skin, being annoying, having a stupid show, making inappropriate tapes, etc, who in their right mind thinks this is being a good role model?! Did she ever get educated?.

I am liberal but I despise her and her family for teaching all the millennials the materialistic world is the ideal world, and teaching adolescence to be fake and abuse social media as a competition to gain acceptance.

She believes she inspires young girls. Really Kim. You inspire them to be faker than a Barbie. All you did to get fame is lay on your back. Hopefully your child won't turn out to be like you.

13 She's a hypocrite

I agree. She wanted guns to be banned in America, but she owns a gun herself. Also... She doesn't like it when other women are body shaming her and judging her for her nude photos, but she does the same thing herself.

#1 truth. She has displayed this over and over with her family. Like the Kyle puma add if it where her she would have done the same. But she has a problem with Kyle because Kyle is in and she is 40 and out.

I think too much everything and the next generation to encourage by showing like Kim what she did every day it is so bad we had enough.

Kim is not very genius and married very ugly Kanye!

14 She cheats on men

She creates tacky mashed couple names and then cheats on theme for attention and fame!

Prenup Kanye and Kim.
Notice Kanye gets nothing if Kim cheats on him.
Watch out for Kardashian trap guys.

She's the reason why her and Kanye are divorced.

If we donated some of the money given this whore for even 1 wedding we could feed a small country for many years. Why do we support this kind of trash when they are worthless and a bad example for nice girls trying to grow up as ladies. The Hampton s invite you to leave and please don't come back. You are not wanted here

15 She only dates black guys for the media

You people in the comments section are big racists. Blacks are also humans. How will you feel if someone did that to you? Have some shame! And by the way, you're only spoiling whites' name.

P.S. I'm a white, but I have respect for others, unlike you.

She is fetishizing black men and black culture just for attention. If you're going to try to take all the "coolness" or being black without shedding any light on black issues (or any issues for that matter) you're a waste of time.

No one else in their right mind would have married Kim K, other than a black guy.

To be honest, I don't understand what white women see in black guys.

16 She uses too much botox

I am so tired of looking at her fake face. She can't even smile anymore! If mannequins make a comeback, I wouldn't be surprised if those poor kids felt more comfortable around them then their actual caretakers... The nannies since their fake, self absorbed mom will be too busy taking nude selfies or blowing the pool guy or kanye's homies.

With big, sticky and rubbery lips of hers covered in saliva, she looks like Mr. Limpet the cartoon fish from a 1964 movie. As for her boyfriend, Kanye West, he'll always be a gay fish.

She keep saying that is natural beauty and the make up makes her look different, give me a break! Everything on her is fake, including her fat ass.

If you look at her before & after pictures she looks nothing close to what she use to look like. Kim NEVER had a butt and she define Armenian features.

17 She is fake

I hate it when some of my friends talk about how Beautiful Kim is
And when you look at her old pics then you see her Real face
She's fake and her Butt is discusting to look at
They all say how they admire her beauty and even when you say that its fake, then they will just say " I Saw her prove on the T.V. that her Butt is Real"
They are all just being naive and keep forgeting that they are prettier, than her because they have natural beauty
If she dident have the money then she wouldent have Beautiful face

18 She doesn't care about anyone but herself
19 Her brief marriage to Kris Humphries

It's no wonder why he dumped her less than two months after their wedding.

Obvious publicity stunt

20 She's arrogant

She's so concerned about having the best everything. Setting unrealistic appearances for young woman and an unrealistic lifestyle for a lot. Instead of being a stuck up materialistic snob she should use her power and money to help others. I don't get why people like her. She is no role model.

She looks into camera's and seems like she just smelled something nasty. Oh, probably that stinky, nasty family of hers. She thinks she is above other people, but she is stupid, whiney, selfish, greedy and wears way too much makeup. Please, GO AWAY you nasty ole ho!

So full of herself and her ugly fat ass. Who wants a ass like that? She made a sex tape and got rich.. But already was a trust fund baby. one day her fat ass will deflate and she will fall flat on that big ugly ass of hers

She is a brat who has nothing to be famous for so she harrasses nice people like Taylor Swift to keep her in the news to keep her ego up.
The only thing bigger than her butt is her ego.

21 Kim Kardashian: The Game

And in this hated game, Kim Kardashian refers to the width of her large, feminine thighs and buttocks.

Why would people be jealous of a game, angry bird clones are easy to make.

Episode has let me down.

22 She's a terrible mother

She cares about money and her Instagram followers than HER OWN CHILD! I feel so sorry for that child. She was literally named "North West"! (Yes, you read that correctly and I wish I was kidding) Are Kim and Kanye trying to set her up to be bullied in school?! Their child deserves much better parents than them! Or at least someone who wouldn't name her "North West".

I really feel sorry for that baby. Two worthless, arrogant parents who live in front of a mirror. The child will become a burden and then be handed off to nannies for the next 18 years. Kim had a lousy role model, her nasty mother. That one should be stoned to death. Scum.

If I had the chance, I'd really adopt North West and give her a beautiful name and treat her above everything else. AND I'll tell her how much her real mom is a child-hating moron and I'll raise her to be a good, well-mannered lady. AND if she ever meets her real mom, Kim better WATCH OUT.

This is Kim in the hospital after the baby's birth.
Doctor: Here's your baby
Kim: I don't want no babeh! I need 2 know wether ma bod has become normal again! Kanye name that dumb babi the worst name ever!
Kanye: eeerrr North West?
Kim: that's perfect now ima look in the mirror its been 10 seconds since I last looked in it! That the longest time ever!

23 She got famous because she made a sex tape

She seems to be a horrible lay. Lets be honest at least Pam and Tommy looked like they were enjoying it. And for the love of god they atlest put in a effort. Yes kim you put in as much as you are an actress. Which is S...! Also your family is annoying. Please America some how we need to figure out how to cancel that stupid show. Tired of hearing about them.

She just got lucky! Due to the fact that society has changed entirely, kids know a days see that as an accomplishment. Her mom as a manager took that opportunity to make it a positive outcome and made her a reality star." Being a reality star is not a star.

I think she got famous because (now please don't hate me for saying this but it's true) she is the daughter of Robert Kardashian. The attorney for O. J Simpson during his 1995 murder trial. Trust me, I to am trying to pretend this never happened.

So true otherwise no one would have heard about her. She didn't even get a degree in anything but sex sex sex.

24 She hates the baby

Does anyone notice how when Kim holds her baby its always far away from her face and body, mothers who hold their babies keep them close. Is there one picture of her kissing or playing in a park with her baby anywhere? Even the baby looks uncomfortable and like it is going to cry when she is holding it. Also she seems to be following her hubby West around every time he is out at night, does she ever look after that baby at all or is it all nannies 24/7 except when she needs photos or attention. I feel so sorry for that baby being born into such a selfish, lazy, self serving, out of touch with reality family (funny they are in a reality show ha ha). Kim remember Paris was just like you once, where is she now? It can't last forever that's when someone like you will really suffer because the attention is so much more important then the money. Tick tock, tick tock the clock is running down.

Her baby North is not crazy about her mom either! Did you see the video where Kim was holding her and she was trying to rip kim's lips off!

She didn't want a black baby, she wanted it to be olive skinned and look like her. Well the kid is Kanye Jr!

Kim kardashian is a terrible model,

1, shes just plastic now...

2, she dislikes the baby

3, all she does is show her buttocks

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