Top 10 Best Things About Swimming

I love swimming. It's my favorite sport. Even though I haven't been on a sports team, I still recommend swimming to anyone. Too bad I can't do it often.

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1 It's fun

When you are swimming, you can do lots of things to have fun. You can play with beach balls, Frisbees, and shoot water at people with your pool noodle. I remember even playing "water basketball" one time. It's basically Basketball but the hoop is in the water and you have to shoot it when you are in the water. You can also play Marco Polo, which I have fond memories of. And as for beaches, you can surf. I haven't surfed before, so I don't really have an opinion of it. It looks pretty scary though. If you do fun things when you swim, it can certainly make your time there more memorable.

I love swimming

2 It is great exercise

Swimming keeps your heart rate up, builds endurance, and helps maintain a healthy weight. Nearly all of your muscles are used during swimming. It's a very peaceful way to exercise. If you plan on swimming, I recommend you swim for at least 25 minutes.

3 It helps you cool down

It's a sunny day, you have been riding in the car for about half an hour, the air conditioning during the drive was weak, and you finally arrive to the water! You want to jump in, but first you put on your sunscreen. OK, NOW you finally jump in the water. Immediately, you feel the heat leave your body. When you enter the water, it makes your skin cooler, and your sweat evaporates.

And it's especially useful if you live in places like Australia.

4 It's relaxing

Swimming can relieve stress easily, which is one of the main reasons I love it so much. Swimming makes the brain release neurochemicals that make the body feel good, and lessen stress. It can also reduce depression, anxiety, and even improve your sleep pattern. Swimming is great for your body, soul, and heart.

I enjoy just being completely underwater. That feeling of freedom is amazing

5 It's easy to learn

Swimming is not that hard. I don't think there's a wrong way to swim, as long as it works. Swimming involves, kicking, stroking with your arms, and breathing. There are many ways to swim, such as doggy paddling, dolphin stroking, and butterfly stroking. Some are more advanced, and some are for beginners. If you haven't started swimming yet, get out there and do it! But if you have a fear of water, you might want to overcome that first.

I used to be afraid of swimming when I was very young, but the more swimming lessons I took, I got less afraid and now I'm not afraid anymore.

It's fair to say I still doggie-paddle.

6 You can dunk people under the water

I used to get really mad when my older sister did this to me. Now I'm not really bothered by it. I would pass it on to my sister, but I'm not like that. Besides, my mother would kill me if I did that. My sister can be annoying sometimes, but I love her. Also, don't overdo it. Edit: I regret adding this item now lol

YES. Me and my friends do it all the time.

7 It gives a sense of freedom

The unchained movement in the water, the almost otherworldly clarity of mind and spirit.

8 It's available in many places

You can swim at a beach, in a pool, in a lake, and many other places! It's pretty hard not to find a place to swim in. I think that's a reason why swimming is so popular. If you never swam before, I would be very confused.

9 The water feels nice and refreshing
10 You can jump off of a diving board at a pool

This is one of the best parts. There's a really fun game you can play, where one person (in the water or on the side of the pool) will count down from three. When they get to one, the person on the diving board will just while the person who just counted down will shout out a category, such as "color". The person who jumped will have to come up with a valid response before going underwater. It's actually rather difficult

This can be very scary. I'm scared of it because I'm afraid of heights. But if you have a fear of heights and jumped off of a diving board, I'll give you points for bravery. My mom always told me to try to jump off of it, but I don't think I'll ever do that. Some people think it's pretty fun, but I find it more scary than fun.

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11 You can go underwater

I just love touching the bottom of an 8ft pool. Even though the pain feels like your head will explode the feeling of accomplishment get rid of that feeling for a second (at least for me)

I use goggles when going underwater. Gives me a better sight.

Often do, when pursuing a torpedo.

12 You can race other people

Swimming can get pretty competitive. There are swim teams which you can race other people. Swimming is considered as a sport as you may know. I've raced someone before, and I can say it's pretty fun. If you want to get better, keep practicing!

Competitive swimming is really fun. Oh and I'm debating going my school's swim team this year vs taking drivers Ed. Which should I choose?

13 You can meet new people

Because swimming is so popular, it's easy to make friends while swimming. It's actually quite easy. You can challenge someone to a race or play a game with them. Or you can just start a conversation with someone. I can't do that because I'm an introvert haha.

14 Helps get rid of pimples

Works better in the sea

15 Wearing swimsuits is awesome
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