Things You Might Not Want to Begin

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1 Justin Bieber Fan Club

This jackass has enough fangirls as it is. And he isn't even anything great.

2 World War 3
3 Dora the Explorer 2

Oh my god! This is bad. Dora the Explorer is bad.If there was a 2nd one I would kill them.

I don't even like the idea. Please, do NOT make this happen.

4 Hot Dog Store

Do anybody know what these are made out of. Left over meat, goop, V7 drinks putten with extra spice.

5 A Physical Education Class

Okay I forgot to say PE takes your ID away and it's hot and tiring

I always hated PE since I first took it

6 Dating your best friend

Just because your best friend, or one of them, is a guy doesn't mean you should date him. And dating a best friend could cause you to lose him altogether. My closest guy friend and I found each other having feelings for each other, but I couldn't bring myself to date him out of fear of losing him completely. There are multiple reasons dating your best friend is a bad idea, but the biggest is that by dating them you risk losing him completely if you break up. I'd rather have him as a friend than not have him in my life at all.

7 Getting pregnant at a young age

This already happens too often. Young girls are always getting knocked up before they're even out of school.

8 Dating people way older than you

A little older is one thing but there's a limit. Too much older just seems awkward.

9 Imjaystation Fan Club

Not after the way he exploited Mac Miller after his death. That was uncalled for. And he did a black Santa video, which sounds pretty racist. That's not cool.

10 Corey Feldman Fan Club

After the way he wrote about his friend (who has died), who needs enemies?

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