What Boring People Like to Watch

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1 The News

Nothing more boring than the news! "

A better title for this list would be "What Intelligent People Like to Watch".

some stuff is interesting but the rest is boring. the news is also depressing

2 Infomercials

they’re so long too

3 Nothing But Sports 24/7

it can get kinda tiring after a whole

you have to have a undiagnosed mental illness & no identity to be committed to something like that/this

one trick pony watching another one trick pony/ponies, theres/there's more to life than supporting n watching one trick ponies, athleticism is only a temporary economic necessity, artificial intelligence is the economic core of necessity needed to further evolve life man & the world, sports n sporting only builds minimal character development while unlike e-sports which fulfills the development of one/ones/one's individual character development developing your cognitive capacity/capacities to its full/fullest potential overall

4 Religious Programming
5 Shopping Channels
6 Educational Programs
7 Musicals

I actually like musicals. they’re fun. I’ve even acted and worked for stage crew in my school musicals

8 Anything Political
9 Nature Programs
10 Soap Operas