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1 Would you rather kill someone and get away with it? or be falsely accused of murder and go to prison for a years?

I honestly have no idea. Both seems unfair. For the first one, well yeah, maybe it would be a win for me at first, but eventually as time passes, I'd feel guilty for what I've done (No, that's not a Linkin Park reference). I'd spent my days looking for redemption. And for the second one, who would want to be falsely accused of something you didn't do but gets punished for that anyway? That's an unfair kind of treatment, and I don't think anyone thinks otherwise.

Some people just make the first one a lot more appealing.

What kind of question is this of course the first one!

First one if it's someone I hate

2 Would you rather be a child your entire life and have everyone look down on you? or end your childhood early but be respected?

I want to be a toddler forever and have everyone respect me.

The second. I just keep learning from people as an adult.

Second. I wouldn't want everyone looking down on me.

End childhood

3 Would you rather marry someone you don't love? or never recognize the person you do love?
4 Would you rather watch 25 random people die? or watch your best friend/family member/lover die?

Less people die in the second option, but I wouldn't want to see my loved one dying... this is hard...

Assuming that both would happen regardless.. Probably the first one.

First one. I don't want to see a friend or a family member dying.

The first one.

5 Would you rather go to the desert without food or water? or an island without food or water?

An island. It's hot in the desert and I'm already tired of the heat in where I live in.

You said nothing about the island! For all I know, I just landed in Iceland!



6 Would you rather live a long successful life but die a terrible dead? or live a short sad life but die peacefully?

I would "Die a horrible dead" - CloudyDaze

The first one. I wouldn't want to live a short life. Life has a lot to offer, maybe something good will come to me eventually. - Misfire

First one. - Luckys

In the latter case all one would know is suffering. So the first one sounds much better. - PositronWildhawk

7 Would you rather know how you die? or when you die?

I guess I choose to know when I'd die. If I knew when I'd die, I'd value my time and I could plan out how I should use it. But if I knew how instead of when, however, I'd become paranoid. Let's say I died from this thing, I'd spend my life avoiding it since I know that's the cause of my death but don't know when exactly it'll happen. I couldn't really enjoy life better 'cause of how paranoid I might be and I'd just keep worrying until it actually happens.

This has always been a big one. I would rather know how I die so I could try and possibly prevent it. There would be too many conflictions with knowing either.

It would only be one possible future, so how.

Latter. So I know when to say goodbye...

8 Would you rather have your best friend disappear unexpectedly? or leave them forever without them knowing?
9 Would you rather marry someone who doesn't look human but is very kind and responsible? or someone who is human but is mean and carless?

The first one. At least he/she treats you with respect... - Misfire

Neither, I'd just not get married. - Luckys

I AM the one who doesn't look human though. - Cyri

Kindness and responsibility are qualities that make you like someone or something, regardless of species.
But if I did end up in the second situation, I'd get them a car :P - PositronWildhawk

10 Lastly, when you die, would you rather be forgotten? or remembered only for your mistakes?

Well, I wouldn't know anyway, since I'm dead, so it wouldn't matter. - Misfire

Latter - CloudyDaze

The second one - ParasN2000