Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs that No One Should Ever Use

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The Top Ten
1 Dextromethorphan

It was originally used as cough medicine but as time went on people used it as a drug to get high. It is known to have mild negative side effects such as panic attacks, diarrhea, hallucinations and rashes. But more negative side effects have happened such as overdose and anaphylaxis which can cause asphyxia, unconsciousness, cardiac arrest and even death. The drug has been banned and recalled for use in any medicine and would be legally classified as any other illegal drug such as meth, opiods, heroin, fentanyl, magic mushrooms, LSD and even crack cocaine.

2 Heroin

It is obvious because if you use it you can become unhealthy, dirty and smelly, aggressive and not think or act clearly. It can destroy your relationship with family and friends, cause addiction, lead to depression, increase your likelihood of becoming homeless and cutting your life short by 40 years. You can overdose which is deadly and very common to cause cardiac arrests and seizures. Also injecting yourself by sharing needles or reusing needles can increase your likelihood of liver failure and certain diseases.

3 Fentanyl

Just one packet of it could kill many people at once.

4 Crack cocaine
5 Methamphetamine
6 Cocaine
7 Opiods
8 Ketamine
10 Magic Mushrooms