Most Brutal Fictional Diseases

These are some of the most brutal and most destructive fictional diseases, both physical and mentally, from across shows, movies and video games. I hope you enjoy!
The Top Ten
1 Tyrant Virus (Resident Evil) This pathogen, also known as the T-virus, is a bio-weapon developed by the Umbrella Corporation. It has the devastating capability to reanimate dead cells, causing the infected host to transform into a zombie or a mutated creature. Its high transmission rate through bodily fluids or bites turns societies into terrifying landscapes of undead horror.
2 Protomolecule (The Expanse) Originally an alien-engineered construct, this infectious agent is not exactly a disease. It's more of a catalyst that kick-starts evolution, capable of altering DNA and creating new life forms. It manipulates inorganic and organic matter at a molecular level, leading to unpredictable and often disastrous outcomes.
3 Descolada (Ender’s Game) A complex virus from the fictional planet Lusitania, Descolada disrupts the genetic material of organisms, recombining it in novel, often lethal ways. It’s responsible for a wide range of ecological transformations, including the creation of new species, but poses a deadly threat to human life.
4 TS-19 (The Walking Dead) This infection, identified as Test Subject 19, induces a state of death followed by reanimation, leading to a worldwide zombie apocalypse. The virus resides in the brain tissue, activating upon host death to create mindless, flesh-hungry walkers.
5 Geostigma (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children) Advent Children): A metaphysical ailment, Geostigma is the result of the planet's Lifestream infected by an alien entity. Manifesting as painful physical symptoms and black ooze from the body, it represents the planet's struggle against an otherworldly intrusion, causing widespread suffering.
6 Grayscale (Game of Thrones) A highly infectious disease, Grayscale turns the skin of the afflicted into a hard, stone-like surface, often leading to madness and death. Spread through touch, it leaves its victims disfigured and feared, a horrifying embodiment of a slow, inescapable fate.
7 The Taint / Blight Sickness (Dragon Age) This malady, known as the Blight, is a corruption spread by the monstrous Darkspawn. It leads to physical and mental degeneration, ultimately transforming the afflicted into ghoulish creatures. Its cyclical outbreaks, known as Blights, are a looming threat to the world of Thedas.
8 Simian Flu (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) Initially developed as a potential cure for Alzheimer's, this retrovirus boosts cognitive abilities in primates while being lethal to humans. It triggers a global pandemic, decimating human populations and paving the way for a new world order led by intelligent apes.

Good for the apes, deadly for the humans.

9 Purity (The X-Files) Also referred to as the Black Oil, Purity is an extraterrestrial virus that can control its host. It resides within black, oil-like substance, often seen seeping from the eyes of those infected. This alien pathogen plays a pivotal role in an impending colonization plot.
10 Rage (28 Days Later) Engineered in a lab, the Rage Virus transforms infected humans into aggressive, fast-moving creatures in mere seconds. Transmitted through blood and saliva, it pushes society into a state of chaos and fear, as the infected exhibit extreme violence and no signs of their former humanity.
The Contenders
11 Captain Trips (The Stand) An extremely lethal strain of influenza, this bioengineered virus is known for its rapid onset and near total fatality rate. Nicknamed 'Captain Trips', it triggers a global pandemic, decimating over 99% of the world's population. The virus is characterized by severe respiratory symptoms and high fever, leading to a swift, agonizing death.

From the demented mind of Stephen King, it killed 99% of the world's population.

12 SCP-008 (SCP Mythos) SCP-008 is a complex prion from the SCP Universe. Exposure triggers a series of catastrophic biological changes, transforming the victim into an undead-like state. Symptoms include necrosis, severe dementia, and a relentless hunger for human flesh. With a 100% fatality rate, it's a fearsome embodiment of the living dead apocalypse.
13 Porphyric Hemophilia (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion) Oblivion, Porphyric Hemophilia is a vampiric infection. Contracted through combat with vampires, this disease gradually transforms its victim into a vampire themselves over a period of three days. Symptoms include increased strength and speed, an aversion to sunlight, and a thirst for human blood.
14 SCP-610 (SCP Mythos) Known as "The Flesh that Hates," SCP-610 is a terrifying, anomalous disease. Upon infection, it causes rapid, out-of-control growth of flesh and tissue, transforming the host into grotesque, monstrous forms. It can infect any living thing, leading to horrifying landscapes of pulsating, merged flesh.
15 Cordyceps (The Last of Us) A parasitic fungus that infects the human brain, this disease leads to a post-apocalyptic world overrun by infected hosts. The infected undergo a gruesome transformation into zombie-like creatures, losing their humanity as the fungus takes over. This pathogen, based on a real-life genus of fungi, symbolizes nature's terrifying and destructive power.
16 Neurax Worm (Plague Inc.) The Neurax Worm, originating from the strategy game Plague Inc., is a manipulative parasite. It invades the host's brain, taking control of their behavior and inducing severe mental alterations. In its most devastating form, it can instigate worldwide insanity and even bring about the end of humanity.
17 Forced Evolutionary Virus (Fallout) This viral agent from the Fallout universe accelerates mutation at an alarming rate. It was designed to quickly adapt and strengthen human biology, but often results in grotesque deformities and superhuman capabilities. Despite its grim outcomes, the Forced Evolutionary Virus is central to the creation of various mutant species in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.
18 MEV-1 (Contagion) An ultra-contagious and deadly virus, MEV-1 results from a combination of bat and pig viruses. Transmitted through fomites, it leads to a global pandemic marked by rapid onset of symptoms, including seizures and death. The rapid spread and high mortality rate of this pathogen causes widespread panic and societal breakdown.
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