Top Ten Things That I Miss About Life Pre-Covid

Basically the things that I miss about life before Covid-19 became a worldwide pandemic. I think the title is pretty self explanatory. Disclaimer: I do not support nor condone the items on this list, they're just things that I miss about how life once was.
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The Top Ten
1 Wearing a mask

I'm not anti-mask by any means. I will wear my mask wherever is required, but it doesn't mean I enjoy it. It restricts my breathing, and I feel like I never get enough oxygen anymore. Wearing a mask also makes me feel suffocated, which triggers my gag reflex wayyy more than it should. I don't know if anyone else faces this problem, but I also subconsciously keep my mouth open while wearing my mask. Why? It's an attempt for me to try to receive more oxygen, but in the end it just gives me massive jaw pain. Oh well.

We all hate wearing masks

2 Traveling

Although some travel is still possible, the majority of it is either restricted or not normalized. Sometimes you just need a break from life, and traveling is a great way to do so.

3 In-person schooling

Although school is not exactly something you'd look forward to, moments such as eating lunch with friends, going to an after school club, or playing a sport can make it all worth it. However with online learning, school feels like an empty, artificial place with little to no connection between teachers and other fellow students.

I find school much easier through in-person schooling.

4 Going to a movie theater

Although it's a dying industry, the experience of a movie theater is one of a kind. Of course the food and tickets are overpriced, but there's nothing like sitting in a gigantic theater with reclining chairs, a screen, and a giant bag of popcorn with a large fountain drink (and from one of those massive Coke machines, no less).

I was in this hobby for a few years. It sucks that we almost couldn't go to movie theaters during a pandemic.

5 Parties being normalized

Maybe I'm just an immature 18 year old but I dearly miss when it was socially acceptable to go to parties. I'm not going to deny the fact that people still party, but if the Internet mob found out, they would certainly be cancelled. And we can't forget the comments that people will get, some of which include "it's your fault that my grandma died" or "you're the most selfish person ever".

6 University life

The majority of universities these days are barren, empty campuses where every class or club is online. Of course teens will be teens, so they find their own ways to make friends, party, and have the time of their lives. However, it is extremely difficult to make friends, join organizations, and receive a meaningful education.

7 Concerts

Listening to one of your favorite artists live is an unforgettable experience. Especially when this artist means so much to you, or if they have helped you get through a rough time. You get to see them sing in the moment with fans who love them just as much as you. I cannot wait for these to come back.

8 Bars

The majority of my friends still go to bars these days but again, as I said with parties, it's not a normalized thing. People have to keep it wayyyy on the down low. I'm not one to go to parties/bars much because I've always been more on the reserved side, but I still miss these things being normalized.

9 Going to the gym

As someone who finds it difficult to have the motivation to work out, gyms being closed do not help. In order for me to have more motivation, I have to get out of the house. Me being trapped inside my house due to the pandemic has made me feel incredibly lazy, and thus, it is difficult for me to work out.

10 Going to sports events

Yes, I'm aware that sports events are still going on (to an extent). However, it's either at a limited capacity or they play in empty stadiums. I am obsessed with baseball, and my favorite team got a brand new stadium this year. Sadly, because of Covid-19 rules, I was not able to go. I just miss being able to sit down at a sports event with friends and watch my favorite players play.