Top Ten Made-Up Sentences That Will Make You Realize Basic Grammar and Spelling Are Important

Trust me, I'm not a huge grammar Nazi, but basic grammar's necessary for a reason.
The Top Ten
1 I'd rather murder my best friend then murder my parents.

You'd murder you best friend and your family? Wow...

So you'd LIKE to murder your family and friends?

At least the pet is still alive

The pet lives another day

2 Hell help me now.

Without an apostrophe, it's like you're asking for guidance from Hell.

You think Satan will lend you a helping horn?

Yes,I need help,I want to face my fear of demons,p,z help meh

3 My sister slipped in a comma.

That's more pleasant than slipping into a period, I'm sure.

Oh no, she fell in a punctuation mark!

And their were 1000 ice cubes around her...just wow...

Spelling mistake

4 Santa's slay is one of the most iconic things about Christmas.

Coming to a theatre near you, "Santa Claus, Dragon Slayer! "
Made by the same guy that directed "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"

This list is hilarious!

Ya,I love it when he slays my milk and cookies

He murders the naughty kids and gives them coal... in their coffins.

5 Theres a reason education is important.

And there's also a reason apostrophes are important.

Where,I want to catch it with my Pokemon,

6 Remember guys, there is no I in happyness, so keep in mind being happy doesn't mean not sharing.

Their is not an eye in words,so no ears too?

7 Your terrible.

Your terrible what? Your terrible grammar?

My terrible? I don't have a terrible.

What about your terrible?

And your muhhamad

8 Let's eat Grandma!

I have another one. "I love the smell of his colon when he walks by! "

Why... what...? I... I gotta stay away from you. *runs away*

9 Almond tree school sucked thank God I graduate

This one's actually real, but I'm still putting it up because it teaches the fact that grammar's quite important.

Almond Tree School is my least favorite! That’s why I switched to Orange Tree School!

Ya,graduate is what Oi want In future

10 I love the smell of his colon when he walks by!

What in the world?

The Contenders
11 Would you rather win or loose a game?

The secret third option is to tight a game.

I would like the fourth option,lose

12 You need to wait for the right time to have six.

I don't know what the spelling and grammar mistakes are.
Grammar Nazi's are trolls.

This is making fun of Kiwis (New Zealanders). When they say "sex", it sounds like "six".

Too late! I had 6 chocolate cakes in the last 30 seconds.

Yes, because having six is way too much to handle.

13 Let's eat Mr. Johnson.

Commas prevent cannibalism.

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