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1 Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi, once romanized as Yossy, is a fictional anthropomorphic dinosaur who appears in video games published by Nintendo. He is most known for his appearances in the Yoshi and Mario franchises.

Yoshi, I been a fan ever since super Mario world and yoshi's island. He has been a hero to me, and pet also. The cutest character ever in Mario kart.

Yoshi has awalys been cute when I got my first mario game super mario world he has been cute and he will awalys be cute

Yoshi has always been my favorite Mario character, whether it was Mario Kart, Mario Party, or heck, even in the Super Smash Bros. series he is the best Mario-related character. Not to mention, he is a medium character, the best kind for me. - ethany

Yoshi is actually quite good with the Mach bike. - Videogamesgal

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2 Funky Kong

Funky Kong is the best because his stats with the Flame Runner are the best, and the Flame Runner is the best bike in the game. Funky Kong also has the best stats in the game (Second is Daisy), which makes the best combo Funky x Flame Runner.

Best character in the game.

He's got "Funk" in his NAME!

Funky Kong is so a nice guy haha, and obviosly the best heavyweight and if we look at the stats he is the second best (after Daisy).

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3 Dry Bones Dry Bones Dry Bones is a common enemy species in the Super Mario series of video games since „Super Mario Bros. 3“ (1988). After his first debut as a playable character in „Mario Superstar Baseball“ (2005), he became a fan-favorite and also got playable in other spin-offs of the Mario series.

It's completely obvious that Koopa Troopa got ditched and replaced by Dry Bones in Mario Kart DS. Dry Bones may look creepy but he is actually pretty cute for a skeleton turtle, especially if you see Mario Kart Wii's ending screen.

Dry bones honestly deserves # 1. so what if he's a clone he is my favorite mario character.

My favorite that I main on Super Mario Kart (mod), DS, Wii and 8 Deluxe - Hues4tos

Nah, boring clone, he's alright but seriously - darthvadern

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4 Dry Bowser Dry Bowser Dry Bowser is the fossilized version of the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise, Bowser. He first appeared in New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS after Bowser had been dumped into the lava and was left with his skeleton. Since then, Dry Bowser has appeared as a villain in games like Super more.

First let me explain some concepts of mario kart characters, then I will describe why dry bowser is the best. In mariokart wii the characters don't matter at all, the karts determain everything, but certain karts are only available to certain characters, therefore characters have a very slight impact. There are three weight catagories, small, middle, and heavy karts. Small karts are slower but have better acceleration and agility, middle karts have ok everything, and heavy karts are fast but can accelerate or turn worth crap. Characters are also identified through weight, and small karts are only availible to small characters, middle karts to middle characters etc. So, no matter who your best character is, you are just as good at using one in three other charaters. Dry Bowser is a heavy character, so I would be just as good with Bowser, Diddy Kong, etc. (they are all heavy characters) So what this list really comes down to is, who looks the coolist, even though Dry Bowser has no ...more - CaptainComedy17

Normally I would vote Mario but I feel Dry Bowser is just too unloved and that he needs to appear in more Mario games or Smash or something. - MarioBros11

Way better than Dry Bones. At one point he used to be my fave - darthvadern

He is so hard to unlock but so worth it

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5 Baby Luigi Baby Luigi

Baby Luigi the man bro

Annoying - darthvadern

I had to get a new wii but on my old one baby luigi let me beat rainbow road time trial in 2:54!
(I used the blue falcon witch he rules with). To me baby luigi is the best!

To me he is the cutest baby character, very helpful when using bullet bike, booster seat, and the falcon one. He is overall badass and when I unlocked him I never was any character afterwards.

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6 Princess Peach Princess Peach Princess Peach is a major character in the Mario Bros. Franchise. She is the lead female of the The Mario franchise. She is usually the character who needs saved in most Mario Games, but also has appeared as a playable character in the Main-Series Mario Games, including Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario more.

She's great!

She's great but not that great - darthvadern

To me she and her wild wing and mach bike is the fastest

Fast I guess.

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7 Daisy Daisy Princess Daisy is a fictional character in the Mario series of video games, in which she is the princess of the fictional region of Sarasaland.

How the heck is Peach higher than Daisy? Daisy is clearly the better princess and she isn't annoying like peach. At least put her in the top 5.

I don't like that they got rid of hi I'm daisy

My friends hate her for the same reason I love her. The screaming after every stunt, wheelie and boost.

I love Daisy because she's not a wimp like Princess Peach, yet she still has a girly personality too. Her dress I think reflects her loud and somewhat obnoxious personality, and I think that's kind of funny!

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8 Toad Toad Toad, known in Japan as Kinopio, is a major character in the Mario Bros. Franchise. He assists Princess Peach in the Mushroom Kingdom and will do whatever it takes to help her. He first appeared in the classic game, USA exclusive Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES. Since then he has been a reoccurring more.

One of the worst - darthvadern

He is the king of Mario Kart! Although most think Funky Kong is much faster than this little mushroom, for scientific reasons, they are all wrong. Let me explain: 1: Toad has the best acceleration in the game, and you need acceleration to get to high speeds. 2: Toad is a lightweight, so he'll whizz as he's not putting much pressure on the kart/bike he is using. Finally, 3: Toad, in the actual games (like NEW Super Mario Bros. Wii) He is always the quickest dude on the block, and Funky Kong is quite slow when running, which is rather shocking. I found out all of this from my general knowledge and scientific research.

He’s cute if I ever get Mario kart eight I will be him always

Speed doesn't even matter if you can't even reach the speed. But acceleration lets you reach a reasonable speed. Toad is the best because of his acceleration, which others cannot match. Others have good speed, but is pointless without acceleration to reach that speed. Toad can do accelerate like mad and he is AWESOME

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9 Mario

The main character. I love him.

Why is he number 9 - MarioBros11

Mario time!

"Mario yeah" - Mario, 2008 - darthvadern

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10 Luigi Luigi Luigi is a fictional character featured in video games and related media released by Nintendo. Created by prominent game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Luigi is portrayed as the slightly younger but taller fraternal twin brother of Nintendo's mascot Mario, and appears in many games throughout the Mario more.

Better than mario - darthvadern

So easy to win with uigi before it was hard, now I'm trying to unlock bowser jr and dry bowser

Luigi is my favorite just because I can always win using Luigi if I'm playing in manual. I also really like yoshi, toad, dry Bowser, and waluigi.

I can relate to luigi way too much. I'm clumsy, I'm scared, but I'm also protective over my loved ones, - SansTheComic

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? Mega Man

Super speedy character unstoppable

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11 Rosalina Rosalina Rosalina, known as Rosetta in Japan, is a major character in the Mario Bros . Franchise . She first appeared in the popular Mario Game, Super Mario Galaxy in 2007 for the Nintendo Wii and later returned for the game's sequel in 2010 . Since then, she has been featured in many main-series Mario Games more.

Rosalina is truly an awesome character. In order to unlock her, you have to get at least one star rank for ALL the mirror mode cups, so it takes skill. I also loved her in Super Mario Galaxy and she's such a good sport when she loses, simply stating, "Oh, well. Next time. " She's also the only large girl, so you can go super fast and not have to be fat Wario.

Drift and speed? why is this not higher? she is my main

She's the best mario female, and is also either the easiest one to unlock, or the hardest - darthvadern

Rosalina is to me the most valuable because she is really hard to earn unless you have Super Mario Galaxy. Plus, she is really good at speed!

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12 Mii


Yes, you can play as yourself finally! - darthvadern

Why are you guys talking about Peach? What do these guys have to do with peach?!

Mii rocks! Peach sucks!

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13 Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopas, or just simply Koopas, known in Japan as Nokonoko, are a fictional race of turtle or tortoise-like creatures from the Mario series, as well as its sister Yoshi series.


My main in spin-off's where Birdo is excluded. but since she's in the game, sorry Koopa Troopa - darthvadern

Koopa Troopa is the best he is adorable and should be number 1

Koopa is a lightweight and he has the worst karts but he is the only character in the lightweights that goes faster in the marina courses with the cheep cheep car. Pick Koopa, Daisy, or the blue dress princess and I garuntee you'll win the game.

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14 Toadette Toadette Toadette is a character in the Mario series. She is a female Toad who first appeared in the Nintendo GameCube video game Mario Kart: Double Dash.

She is cute as hell. What more to say

She's my main, basically my Mario Kart Ulala (she's my main in Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing). I'd highly recommend using her with the Tiny Titan or Booster Seat.

She's a clone, but at least a tolerable one - darthvadern

Toadette is a very good Mario Kart Wii character because she gets a boost for off-road and speed, and she's lightweight so most of her karts/bikes have good acceleration so if you get hit by a pesky blue shell, you'll recover in time.

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15 Bowser Jr

Why isn't he higher up? - darthvadern

Come on, everyone, make this higher! Bowser Jr. Is my all-time favourite character in not just the whole of video games, but in the history of all fictional media! He's cute and mischievous, so please vote!

If you think Bowser Jr. sucks, you are wrong.
I don't know if you mean he sucks as a character or as he gets in last a lot. Neither is true.

When I play VS by myself, Bowser Jr. does great 95% of the time. He has beaten me 2 times in overall points after 32 races. And I come in first a lot in wifi races so that is saying a lot.

Plus he is truly awesome. - Jonas103

Bowser Jr. Is my favorite character and he has the best cars, he is the fastest one when I play him and I think that he should be #2

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16 Diddy Kong Diddy Kong Diddy Kong is a fictional character in the Donkey Kong series of video games, first appearing in the 1994 game Donkey Kong Country.

Quite a cool character - darthvadern

I love to play as Diddy Kong with the Sprinter and the Super Blooper because he helps them in the stats they aren't good in. He's always been my favorite character because he's a chimp and it's fun to watch him do those back flips.

I just love Diddy Kong and I was so pissed when I saw mk8

Come on, people. Make this higher! He is cute and heroic. So please take him up to #4. Funky Kong is #3.

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17 King Boo King Boo King Boo is the leader of all the Boos, and the main antagonist in both Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

King boo and the phantom is beast!

Cimbo, why are you heavy-weight? - darthvadern

He's food with that star bike

He's just cool

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18 Baby Mario Baby Mario

Why is Baby Mario 18? He should be higher than this - LimePepsi25

One of the few babies that aren't clones - darthvadern

Baby Mario is my favorite cause he has Mini Beast and Bit Bike, the two best vehicles in the whole game, I always win as him. Rock on Baby Mario! - williamrozario

Cause people who go extra large, are compensating for something. Large class users

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19 Waluigi Waluigi Waluigi is a selfish, greedy man who works closely with the infamous Wario. He is Luigi's rival and is known as the opposite of him. Waluigi first appeared in the Gameboy Color game, Mario Tennis as Wario's partner. He has appeared in every Mario Tennis game since, still remaining as Wario's partner. more.

Not as good as his partner or the Mario Bros. but still great - darthvadern

Waluigis the Best

He have enough weight not to worry about other racers
and enough speed because he is heavy character
and he gets a bonus for acceleration
and after using waluigi for some time you'll understand that speed+acceleration+weight=WAH

Now let me explain waluigi haters why he's a good character there are 3 different weights lightweight medium weight and heavyweight Lightweight have bad stats on everything apart from speed medium have no good or bad stats and heavy best acceleration weight and traction and he heavyweight so he good

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20 Baby Daisy Baby Daisy Baby Daisy is the infant version of the major character in the Mario Bros . franchise, Princess Daisy . She is known for her appearances as a playable character in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 . She is also found as a playable character in Super Mario Sluggers for the Wii .

Started the whole baby filler spots in mario rosters - darthvadern

She is less annoying than baby peach, that's for sure!

Yes, Baby Peach was annoying as hell, and then Baby Daisy came, so you don't have to hear Baby Peach's stupid screams. But yeah guys, I DID NOT vote for her just because she was "cute". YOU IDIOTS GOTTA STOP JUDGING PEOPLE BY LOOKS!


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21 Bowser Bowser Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first more.

He's awesome - darthvadern

Funky Kong, lakitu, rosalina, honey queen, or shy guy can outnumber Bowser. He never will shut up his evil laugh when I play as dry bones in the blue falcon. That is why he deserves a number 3 in the worst list. Too many Bowser heredity clones: Bowser jr, regular Bowser, and skeleton Bowser.

Oh no Bowser laughed at you. It's not like he's the main villain or anything - Randomator

Come on Bowser is awesome, cool, and fast. He is the best Mario character ever, even in Mario kart. He is slow in other games but he is fastest in Mario kart.

What's not to like about him. He's big he's strong and he is a turtle with spikes coming out of his shell.

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22 Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is an arcade game released by Nintendo in 1981. It is an early example of the platform game genre, as the gameplay focuses on maneuvering the main character across a series of platforms while dodging and jumping over obstacles.

Donkey Kong is slightly overrated honestly - darthvadern

He should be called King Kong!

I love Donkey Kong! He is awesome. He is the only character that I ever use.

Come on! The first Mario game was named Donkey Kong! Make him higher, guys!

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23 Birdo Birdo Birdo is a dinosaur that is well known for her (or his) confused Gender. It was originally stated that Birdo was a male who believed he was a female, but this was changed in later games. Birdo is commonly referred to as a girl, however, they are in a relationship with Yoshi. Birdo first appeared in more.

Number #1 needed immediately - darthvadern

How is Birdo the worst medium? It is a boy, it is a girl! WHATEVER! Why does everyone care so much about GENDER? Gender and voices don't make a character it is personality and who is good or not! Anyways you can all blame Birdo for worst characters and not yoshi? Because basically Birdo protects the egglings and got her nose cut off in a battle, besides the nose gives Birdo more power and for yoshi he needs birdo or else he'll have blind and deaf shy guy and babies.

Birdo rocks and baby daisy is the worst. Birdo is the most colorful and athletic of the females. Pick birdo or rosaline and you'll beat the game.

Birdo is a beast, and one of the most underrated characters. - HELLADERE120

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24 Petey

Isn't in the game - darthvadern

This one is not a correct item for this list

25 Shy Guy Shy Guy

He is a poo poo

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

Hurray for Shy Guy!

Hip Hip... he’s not in the game.

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26 Baby Peach Baby Peach Baby Peach is the infant version of the major character from the Mario Series, Princess Peach. She is mostly known for her appearances in the Mario Kart Franchise in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 as a playable character, but she also appears in other Mario games, including Yoshi's Island DS, in which more.

THE WORST! - marlinDory7

I don't like Baby Peach - LimePepsi25

Eh, but at least she isn't a clone - darthvadern

This stupid moron doesn't deserve to be on this list.

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27 Baby Princess Peach

Um, it's Baby Peach - darthvadern

She is so good she is on this list twice.

Kinda annoying sometimes, I will admit, but she is my lucky character. I cannot tell you how many times I won with her. - SansTheComic

I play as Baby peach all the time and I'm a man!

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28 Link Link Link refers to several different incarnations of the same protagonist of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

29 Lemmy Koopa Lemmy Koopa

Not in game yet he sucks with his other 6 siblings

Wrong game
Lemmy: AaaaAaaa
Lemmy falls off a cliff
Me: gasps sobs

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

What the heck. Lemmy is in Mario Kart 8 and not Mario Kart wii. Even though it doesn’t relate honey queen is in mk7. Oh goody t.r.o.l.l.s. He is a custom character in Custom Mario Kart Tockdom Wiki

30 Metal Mario Metal Mario

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

He is not in wifi u

31 Chunky Kong Chunky Kong

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

Who? - Pokemonsonicmaster

what - YOSHIA2121

I wish

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32 Larry Koopa Larry Koopa Larry Koopa is the youngest koopaling. He first appeared in Super Mario Bros 3, which came out in 1990. He is known for his blue mohawk hair. He was created by Nintendo.

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

The trolls are here. Yay

33 Honey Queen Honey Queen

She is literally only in two games which are Mario Galaxy and Galaxy 2 what is she on this list - MarioBros11

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

How is she even in the game she's a bee have wings no wheels

34 Kirby Kirby Kirby is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. His first game was created in 1992, and the pink puffball has made his way into the hearts of fans of all ages.

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

Kirby would be cool too - Pokemonsonicmaster

Seriously? - DaisyandRosalina

35 Bob-omb Bob-omb

He is a weapon

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

He's not even a character


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36 Bullet Bill Bullet Bill

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

The crazy thing is, there's this super weird glitch that you can preform to actually play as bullet bill. I'd say he counts as a genuine character.

Not a character

37 Burto

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

Birdo is already on the list and Burto seriously

38 Dry Bowser Jr.

Wait he exists - MarioBros11

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

Certainly not on the game but an awesome character!

39 Silver The Hedgehog Silver The Hedgehog

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

It would be cool to see silver cause he is so awesome - Pokemonsonicmaster

What I Laughed so hard at this option - TrisTris

40 Iggy Koopa Iggy Koopa

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

The best possible Mario Kart character ever!

Oh goody the trolls have arrived

41 Tiny Kong Tiny Kong

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

Yah des dud I cool

Not in mkwii

42 Wario Wario Wario is a character in Nintendo's Mario series who was originally designed as an antagonist to Mario. His motives are driven by greed and he will take the side of whoever will give him the most pay. Although he may seem like just a mean man with no heart, he does have a very tragic past.

I think that this is the second time he is put on this list - MarioBros11

I don't understand why Wario is this low, I mean in my opinion he's one of my favourites - darthvadern

Wario's the best character in the game for me! I like using him in the Offroader because it helps me perform shortcuts and the Flame Runner because it's the most used vehicle!

He's bad at driving and he's fat and heavy so what's the point of playing him when your going to go last if you play Wario?

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43 Cat Peach

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

She is not in MARIO wii! Stop making up characters!

Cat Peach is a good character in Mario kart 8 and she is worth the price. She has a great personality and is different to the other princesses. She also goes fast and is very good at drifting

44 Baby Rosalina Baby Rosalina Baby Rosalina is an infant version of the major character from the Mario Bros . Franchise, Rosalina . She first appeared in Mario Kart 8 as a playable character and is now one of 5 baby characters in the roster, alongside infant versions of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Princess Daisy .

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

You know how pissed I was when I saw Baby Rosalina three cheers for crappy characters"hip hip why"

45 King K. Rool King K. Rool King K. Rool is a fictional anthropomorphic crocodile and the main antagonist of Nintendo's Donkey Kong video game franchise, as well as the archenemy of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

He is definitely not in the game

What's up with fake options? Since when did this game have 41 characters - Randomator

46 Mii B

What on earth is this? - MarioBros11

You mean Mii Outfit B? - darthvadern

47 Roy Koopa Roy Koopa Roy Koopa is one of the seven Koopalings. In the DIC cartoons Roy is called Bully Koopa. Roy has a tough guy demeanor, but wears pink which is most likely a reference to real men wear pink. Roy also wears hot pink sunglasses and from an angle it looks like he has no eyes.

NOT IN GAME - darthvadern

He is a dragon koopaling his roar from super Mario bros U is sounds like a dragon.
I just love him

48 Hammer Bro Hammer Bro

In The beta. - Hues4tos

49 Kamek Kamek Kamek is a common enemy in the Mario Bros. Franchise. He usually appears in New Super Mario Bros. Games, Super Mario Bros. Games, or other similar games. He also appears in spinoff titles, like Mario Party, in which he is not a playable character but creates an obstacle for the players on their way more.

NOT IN THE GAME - LimePepsi25

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