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21 Moo Moo Meadows

One of my favorite tracks for the relaxing music, and I just really love the cows.

This course is short and pretty boring sometimes - Ajkloth

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22 Mario Circuit

The chain chomp is my favorite part of this course. I love the great bouncey music. It's also named after mario! The last thing I would like to say about this is that my 4 year old brother can win it

I usually do pretty well on this course. It has nice shortcuts and I like the chan chopper. - Ajkloth

The music is awesome and I like the chain chomp

23 DK's Jungle Parkway

Has a good shortcut heading to the big jump. Actually it's my favourite course

It is the second best Mario kart wii retro track (only dk mountain is better)

24 GBA Bowser's Castle
25 SNES Mario Circuit 3
26 Mario Raceway
27 GCN Mario Circuit

YOU'RE basically just putting every course in the game in!

28 N64 Mario Raceway

It's much better than the Wii one I like the big mushroom and the hill and the pipe

29 GBA Bowser Castle 3
30 Desert Hills
31 N64 Sherbet Land

Come on guys, sherbet land is fun because it's challenging and I love it way more than Yoshi falls.

32 Peach Gardens

This track is beautiful! Why the people hate it? (Wait... I know... It's because this is a Peach track -_-).

There are nice shortcuts and it's a good track even though it gets boring after a while - Ajkloth

Just great shortcuts through the flowers and an exelent maze
With them chompers

How is this 32? It's one of my favorite tracks in the game! The scenery is beautiful, along with the chompers and Peach's castle! It's not too long nor short, and it has plenty of shortcuts to go with! I will always think it's awesome! :3

33 Shy Guy Beach

Honestly the worst mario kart super circuit course. Ever! It is just terrible. - Arilio

34 Desert Hills DS

It's a lot easier with mushrooms for shortcuts and a very forgettable track - Ajkloth

I love this! It's a nice simple track, not to complicated, love the music as well.

The only thing that I like in this track is the music - Arilio

35 Luigi Circuit

Whoever thinks that Neo Bowser City is rubbish I agree - Builderwide

At least it is better than Neo Bowser City in Mario Kart 7.

It's a bland course.

I hate the nitro circuits in this game (except the Daisy circuit). The Luigi circuit is too easy, short and monotonus!

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36 Ghost Valley

This is the shortest track in the game and is pretty fun and is good for beginners - Ajkloth

I love this place! Although you have to be careful in this course, I love it either way.
Also, I love spooky places in gaming!

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37 Peach Beach

I love the track because I always have rode in it since I was 2 and now I'm like 12. 10 years in one beach! Also the music is classy.

I hate those ducks. It insults me. - recaller

I prefer the Daisy cruiser.

I hate those thingies that try too kiss u! Also if they do, and no one else comes around, they will do it again!
The music is interesting though. Overall, this track is medeoker and baron. - greenshyguy

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