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41 Everyone Can Do Everything Better Than Americans
42 All Teenage Girls Like Pop Music

The internet = 1 place to slag off pop music because no one can see you.

I'm a teenage girl and I LOVE POP SO MUCH!

I listen to 50's,60's,70's and 80's

My music is a mixed bag of rock, pop, rap, electronic, etc, depends on if song sounds catchy and had good lyrics/voices.

I hate 1D, Bieber, 5SOS and Mendes
They all suck in my opinion. - Lunala

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43 Jews are Greedy

Your religion doesn't matter just your personality. I'm sure some Jews are the most generous and sweetest people on the planet. - PeachyBlast

I am friends with Jews and they are more generous than greedy. - TwilightKitsune

Excuse I am Jew and this is extraordinarily racist

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44 All Skinny Girls are Anorexic

I'm underweight even though my diet is junk food and KFC. I love eating food. In year 6 I was not hungry once so I just didn't eat. Not because I'm staving myself but I just wasn't hungry. But a mean teacher (she had bleach hair ugh yuk) comes up to me and says "No wonder you're so skinny." AM I ALLOWED TO NOT FEEL HUNGRY? I don't HAVE TO EAT IF I'm NOT HUNGRY. Ugh and the teacher was mean too. - Lunala

Been a victim of skinny jokes my whole life. I see why some people can't fathom how food simply melts away for me, but that's not to say it isn't annoying. However, I think assuming fat people are all lazy and gluttonous is an even worse stereotype, so I don't complain about it much. - keycha1n

Ewe, no I'm not that skinny! - funnyuser

I'm skinny and I am no where near anorexic - Ihateschool

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45 All New Yorkers Are Rude V 3 Comments
46 Black women twerk a lot

Now you cam't deny that majority of black girls/women have a bit of meat on em I mean look at rihanna. She can break it down even though she doesn't have big Bhatti but that doesn't mean that all black women twerk a lot

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47 Redheads Have No Soul

I've only seen two evil redheads - bobbythebrony

Is this even a stereotype. I don't have Red Hair and I have never heard this.

Is this from South park from ginger kids - Ihateschool

The Weasleys from Harry Potter have more soul than whoever created this stupid joke. - TheWiseOne

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48 Canadians live in Igloos

Dude what... So according to some idiots, Canada is under snow at all times with igloos as the main habitat, but guess what, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, all cities with tons of skyscrapers, cars, traffic, greenery, just shut up, Canada is just as developped as the USA

That's right eh? I love snuggling with my pet polar bear and riding my moose to school... (It's not a thing but yes we are all addicted to Timmies... Eh. )

FYI us in Canada DON'T live n igloos.
1) we have pretty much the same temperature (or the majority of us) as the Northern States in America
2) it gets really hot in summer, so how would that work?
3) The only places that you could ATEMPT to live in an igloo is in Ninuvut or the Artic

49 Everyone in Texas is a cowboy

It's mostly offensive if your from Texas. Since I am, I'm not afraid to punch anyone who says this crap

Yeehaw! Howdy folks! I'm from Texas and I don't like dem Li-be-rals and dem al-Ka-ders! I herd cows all day too! *sarcasm*

You know people from Texas are normal people just like from everywhere else? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

50 Men Are Rapists

The only reason people believe this is because of stupid Feminists who think men are Satan incarnate and say they're should be a world with no one but women - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This is false. I hate extreme feminists
Also extreme feminists always make jokes about punching men. Sadly I'm not joking. - Lunala

51 Asians are Ching-Chong-Chang

Racist. Also once at school these two idiots came up to me and one said "What do Chinese people name their babies? " I replied with "A name? " Then they said "The sound the babies make when they throw them at pots: Ching chong." WOW those dumb racists. - Lunala

Whoever put this up has been listening to Rucka Rucka Ali

No, that's only the Chinese. Filipinos, on the other hand, are babababababababa!

Hey, idiot!

I'm a Filipina, nice to meet you, and...well, it really annoys me when I hear my folk rant on and on and all that, but it's not always 'babababa...'

So take a closer look, man.

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52 All Mexicans Are Rapists

What Donald Trump thinks about Mexicans, this is clearly from Donald Trump. - AnimeDrawer

Like what Donald Trump thinks?

I bet Donald Trump thinks this.

53 Romani's steal
54 Old People Can't Drive

My grandparents can drive just fine BUT when you come of a certain age, then you really shouldn't be allowed to drive, not saying every old person can't drive but if they too old then its best they shouldn't - Danielsun182

My grandmother is bad at parking and driving but still this is mean. And also my grandmother is a better driver than lots of other annoying people on the road. - Lunala

This is so cruel and mean to say! SERIOUSLY!

My bus driver is in his 50's or 60's... he can drive.

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55 All British People Have Bad Teeth
56 All Southerners are Rednecks
57 Black Men Hate Black Women

People that say this kind of stuff listen to the media way to much. - nintendofan126

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58 Catholics are cruel to everyone

I'm Catholic and I'm extremely offended. That's not true at all! We Catholics actually base a lot of our religion around good ethics and morals. So don't call us mean, especially if you don't know what it's like being Catholic

Not trying to be mean but I went to a catholic school one year and there were lots of mean kids there

Umm... I'm a Catholic, to be honest, and I promise I've never done anything bad to anyone. - redhawk766

I have a catholic teacher in my Jewish school and she is my favorite teacher - Ihateschool

59 Black People can't have long hair

I seen many Blacks with long hair and I always ask "Is that your real hair" and they always respond positive. - TeenTitansGoSucks

My hair without the crazy weaves in my head is a little long. - PrincessKiana

60 All Heavy Metal Artists are Devil Worshipers

That is really stupid, it's just as bad as saying "Oh you only like that singer because of the looks"

Fake fake fake fake fake. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I love heavy metal... And I'm actually agnostic...
I don't sacrifice goats, I'm not into Satan, this stereotype needs to die already

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