Top 10 Spoderman (Meme) Quotes

Spoderman created sweg and Ebola no wonder he is a genius of the 21th century and I will do the best if I could to search his wise rare quote...please love me
The Top Ten
1 "k"
2 "Sweg"
3 "Wit graet paowr cums graet sweg"
4 "Ur An Faget"
5 "I hte u *Insert Character*"
6 "Vak y u do dis?...i cri evrytiem"
7 "*Insert Character* Pls"
8 "helo am spoderman"
9 "Waz not web"
10 "Wen lief givs u leminz cri cus it di'nt giv u sweg n ur an fagit"

Life didn't give you lemon...i did! "

The Contenders
11 "1 smal step fer men...1 gyant leep fer sweg"
12 "der iz no 'u' in sweg"
13 "give me an big mek"
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