Most Mind Blowing Theories

The Top Ten Most Mind Blowing Theories

1 Phenomenalism

Everyone is interested in what happens to things when we are not looking at them, scientists say, they disappear. well, not like that, philosphers believe that objects exists as a phenomenon of consciousness - Ananya

*mind explotion* - Martinglez

2 Retroactive Precognition
3 Brain In the Jar

This experiment is a question discussed by thinkers and scientists, who, like most people, believe that human's understanding of reality depends solely on his subjective feelings - Ananya

4 Multiverse Theory

There are variety of of parallel theories out there - inflationary bubble universe, the many world theory rte, they all presuppose that there is a larger multiverese that contains our universe and many others - Ananya

5 Fictional Realism

It would mean something like superman is real - Ananya

6 The Fermi Paradox
7 Presentism

It argues that the past and the future are imagined concepts - Ananya

8 Plato and Logos

Everybody has heard of plato, the most famous philosopher, argued that beyond our perceived reality there lies a world of "perfect" ones. everything we see is just ta shade, an imitation of how things really are. - Ananya

9 Eternalism

Just the opposite of presentism - Ananya

10 The Singularity

Some scientists say that in the coming decades humans will experience a technological singularity by which we will transcend biology itself - Ananya

The Contenders

11 The Copenhagen Interpretation

Frankly quite a subatomic bit,but It is very astonishing- Kevinsidis

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