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1 Stampylonghead Stampylonghead Joseph Garrett, known on YouTube as stampylonghead, is an English YouTuber who posts videos about the Sandbox Video Game Minecraft as the character Stampy. His Youtube channel was created in August 3 2006 and is still making videos in 2021.

Oh god, not this weirdo.
Agh... where do I start with this guy. Oh I know a hot topic in the Minecraft community, Pedophilia. This is starting to get creepy, just ask Stampy's good ole friends Lee and Lion Maker, they are trying to get into 15 year old girls pants. Why is he friends with those guys, personally I think He is a pedo as well because he even looks creepy (It's The Truth, Sorry Stinky Stimpy Stampy fans if you got triggered by this comment, people have
opinions you know). Anyways, this guy needs to be avoided I don't trust him (this guy reminds me of Craster from Game of Thrones). Anyways, He's just a creep and should be avoided for good.

Look, Stampy is OK, I guess. Some of his other series are good but the rest are boring. I'll admit it, I did watch the Lovely World videos but they got tedious and boring. Polly, Fizzy and William are not human! He used to collaborate with YouTubers in his Lovely World videos but Lee got arrested. Stampy plays, builds, plays, builds every episode and it's so boring! He would throw in a Hit The Target video every now and then, but they are so corny! What happened to challenges or adventure maps with Squid? At least he puts humanness in his videos! In one of the HTT episodes, you made HTT destroy Squid's house for no reason! And Stampy's fanbase! I'm gonna get 3774212467435 comments from Stampy fans that are being controlled. They respect him way too much! Probably more than Barack Obama! All of the games that he plays apart from Minecraft (with the exception of Roblox) he makes boring or the games are unpopular and his fans go and buy that game. I am an Xbox player but he needs to play ...more

His fans seemed to consist of 5-8 year-olds and his "Lovely World" is disorganised, poorly built, and just a plain waste of time. Plus, on top of all that, he plays Xbox 360 MC, and anything Minecraft has to offer is taken away by console versions of it. His voice, so high-pitched and nasal, sounds as if it's auto-tuned badly, and when he laughs, he sounds like a deranged monkey. It is true that his older videos (the videos he created before he realised 8-year-olds were watching him) have a more mature feel to them, but all the content throughout them is boring and scripted. He doesn't deserve half the Minecraft "fame" he's gotten over the years. At least give fame to someone who takes time with their buildings, isn't so overly scripted and has a channel that isn't devoted entirely to the 8-year-old community.

I think Stampy was an alright guy back in his old days but now he seems to repeat videos from older episodes that not many people watch anymore. I would not hesitate to say that his build are "sub or low par" but he tries to make it so kids can replicate them easily in their own worlds. To be honest, I could create better (any of his building in his town) in under 30 minutes. On the other hand, I'm terrible at redstone

2 TheDiamondMinecart

Ugly jerk, moron, DanTDM is better known as Damn-Ta-Ti-Dumb, his fanbase is 6 year old kids (anyone read the 13+ rule?! And the fans are just as bad! ) He lives in the same English Shire as me, uhh, sucks, his hair looks like some food coloring, worst person in human history, can't wait until Damn-Ta-Ti-Dumb and Team Ta Ti Dumb gets all arrested and deported. He even burned a toy with a blowtorch, seems like the toy has more brains then him. I promise you, his next video, he will say, "I'm gay, I'm weird, villagers are my boyfriend, I have no brains etc".

I condemn and denounce this weird idiot.

True, he's not that bad.

but his fan base is
and maybe some of his content.
The luck of his popularity and becoming insanely famous was because of Minecraft. Many youtubers (especially young ones) thought they could do the same and be popular. But alas, my friend, the odds will never be completely in your favour. Everyone is madly hungry for the same content again and again, and most likely will only stumble upon your channel by advertisement, recommendations or searching for one specific detail that your channel so gratefully happens to have. My point: without Minecraft, none of the youtubers you've seen today would be here.

His content was actually good, unlike some channels. -.- He did copy at times when no one notices but not without good intent or it being already copied. He does do his videos with quality and new ideas constantly sprung up on his channel, unlike Apple who had ideas but created excuses to delay the revolutions. However as time went by so did ...more

I can't see how people sit through this guy's commentary. It's as stupid as a children's television program, and kids aging up to teenage years find this enjoyable. Mine craft is destroying the let's play industry. Let's Play's shouldn't be scripted. Mine craft videos are, simply because it's boring to watch someone build with blocks. Other gamers like Markiplier on the other hand, play funny games, make improv commentary, and laugh with you.

This retard relies off of kids to give him views and subscriptions, he has no humor, his videos are excessively mind-numbing, whenever he can't think of something he fills the dead air with OH MY! How does he stay popular? By exploiting dumb kids by screaming and playing mine craft. Speaking of which, why do kids even have YouTube accounts? Like, isn't there a 13+ rule in the terms of agreement?

3 PopularMMO's

Pat and Jen used to be great in 2013-2014. But after they got 3 million subs it was like they started to act more fake and goofy. I loved to watch them because of their unique content and personalities. But now they sound the same as any other Minecraft Youtuber: fake, childish, immature, and with repetitive and boring content. They also love to stretch out series that were entertaining, like Crafting Dead, Lucky Blocks, etc. Jen sounds like the stereotypical blonde girl too. It's so obvious how they act. There's even an unedited clip of them on YouTube that proves this. It's sad what they have become. I actually had hope that they would be different from other Minecraft Youtubers. But nope. They're just the same as almost everyone else.

When you realize that Pat and Jen's content couldn't get any worse, then you see them playing Roblox. They only care about how many views and money their next clickbait video is going to get them. Their acting is more than obvious as well. They don't play Roblox or Minecraft because they like to. They do it because their audience is full of little kids who like to play these games, and that makes this couple get a lot of views. Lots of views means they get a lot of money. You can hear how forced they sound in each and every video. They are clearly not enjoying the content they're producing. But you know what? They're filthy rich because of it, so they've become slaves to the system. If you REALLY want to watch Pat and Jen at their best watch their videos from before 2015. Then you will see how much they've fallen in quality.

Another case of "Child Friendly = Good Channel", like Stampy and DanTDM. Great. He now relies on Lucky Blocks and Challenge Games more than half of his videos as of the end of summer. Seriously, what the hell happened to him? I remember when I saw him around 2013, he was a pretty good Minecraft YouTuber. I watched his mob battle videos and sometimes OreSpawn. But as he reached the millions of subscribers, things started to go pretty bad.

The fanbase turned from a good one to a crappy one filed with kids who hate people for hating on Pat or Jen. Speaking of Jen, she has severely dumbed down. Falling into holes and doing dumb thing is definitely a gag. In some of the original videos, she was actually smart, and the only times she was dumb was right place right time. But now, she's one dimensional and an idiot, Pat is also one dimensional and a stereotypical strong man.

A man and wife who used to be decent underrated YouTubers...then they started acting like 2 year olds on their videos, and even worse, they started doing clickbait and challenges. If I wanted that BS I'd go to another channel, not to one that used to be creative and had unique content. I guess they needed more money, so they started acting even more "kid friendly", and of course all the little ones fall for it = more $$$ for them. And Jen...man Jen just makes me cringe nowadays. You can notice how much she forces herself to act the way she does in her videos, and Pat as well but to a lesser extent.

4 SuperMinecraftKid

This horrible monster is the worst of all YouTubers. Stampy is awesome, Diamond is cool, and everyone else is at least decent, but THIS loon ruins life as it is. If Kim Jong-un died, the perfect heir would be Super Minecraft Kid. He has absolutely no logic, and is basically drunk 100% of the time. He said Minecraft was the first game ever (moron! ) and said Notch made it in the year 1700! (Buffoon! ) He is unbelievably racist, and makes the most atrocious, heinous, wrenching scream ever! He curses every 3 seconds, unlike Stampy who curses every 3 YEARS. His complaining and persuasions to convince YouTubers to subscribe makes only more people turn against him. Unbelievably though (even crazier than the Malcolm Butler interception in Super Bowl XLIX and Rodgers Hail Mary against the Lions) he was ultimately banned and destroyed! Life lives on, until he strikes again. Someday he will get revenge...

This kid should be number one. I have so many reasons why he is the worst. I have no idea why this autistic kid is on 4 when he should be in the 1st spot.

This kid is SO obsessed with Minecraft. I like Minecraft, but I'm not loud like this kid!

He swears WAY too much! He even uses the N word! Where are this kid's parents? Thankfully he got grounded.

He is SO loud, I get instantly deaf (Not actually) whenever I go to his channel to watch his crappy videos!

He says almost EVERYTHING is a ripoff of Minecraft! Legend of Zelda is a ripoff because you can... hold a sword? Not only that but he also REALLY hates Nintendo! (Just why does this kid hate everything)

Minecraft was the first game ever made... I get so triggered every time he says this. It was also the first 3D game ever! So apparently Pong doesn't exist!

His animations are PURE GARBAGE. Wow! That's the best story ever! That animation with the square and circle is the best one ever! (Obvious ...more

This kid is literally the egg shell of scrambled eggs. Yes, he is THAT bad. He actually wants to make myself throw my computer out the window because of how annoying his voice is. 70% of his videos are 5 seconds long that say "join my discord server" or go to my twitch or something stupid like that. I got a youtube channel blocker chrome extension just for this kid. If I see any of his videos again I will report his channel. Save yourself!

He always swears and screams every 2 seconds and this kid is what? 10? He is really racist, (using the n word) and he said that Minecraft was the first game ever made! There were like tons of games before minecraft. He also hates nintendo. like a lot. He thought The Legend of Zelda was a ripoff of Minecraft just because Link uses a sword... just because it has a sword in it doesn't mean it's a ripoff of minecraft. SuperMinecraftKid is one of the worst channels on youtube. I'm glad he got banned from youtube forever, and I hope it stays that way.

5 SkyDoesMinecraft SkyDoesMinecraft Adam Dahlberg (born: January 17, 1993), better known online as Sky Does Everything or NetNobody (formerly SkyDoesMinecraft), is an American YouTuber, video game commentator, and former animator who gained prominence for their precursory Minecraft appeal, referring the Minecraft gold ingot item as "budder" ...read more.

Why is he in this top 10 'worst' Minecraft Youtubers? he makes us laugh and he has other people in his videos he is a good person, and he just wants to make the people that watch him laugh. And no one should be saying " he needs to grow up" if you don't watch him. The people that watch him from the other side of the screen all except him for himself, And if you don't keep that to yourself! And most of the people that watch him are NOT 3rd graders and we don't worship him like a god, No but we do except him for who he is and we do that for a good reason! He says 'Budder' to make us laugh and we all know that. if you think that people are not fair and you are on this sight than you are saying that you don't care if you are doing this to other people and you are making those people feel bad about themselves, and that can lead to depression. We the people that watch Sky enjoy his videos because they make us laugh and feel warm on the inside, like how we sometimes can't see that there are ...more

He is funny sometimes but he gets annoying. I am way glad he stopped saying BUDDER and started actually maturing. by the way he was inactive on youtube for a while due to a break up or something...?

I kinda agree that sky needs to be mature and his videos at sometimes were never too friendly, and also may be the reason why kids are so toxic these days, but c mon! Most of his videos are funny, despite his age, he acts immature to make his viewers laugh, otherwise they wouldn't subscribe to him at all. His only haters are poeple who easily get bored with it and are more "civilized" then the average immature teen today.

His channel is not entertaining. And when someone says gold he starts squawking like a child. I know someone who still likes him. And that someone is a teenager. You would think that they would be mature enough to realize this guy is mentally immature.

6 PinkSheep PinkSheep

Pink sheep: Always says "HATER ALERT! " when someone doesn't like him. SUPER vain. He always brags about how amazing his mustache is. Whenever he fails at something (like survival games and parkour), he makes up really stupid excuses like "Oh my mustache wasn't ready" or "My mustache was to long so it got in my way." Also, not he likes his mustache more then his own son!

Although he is rather cringey, it's mostly his fan-base and his creator that makes him unpopular. People don't like that ExplodingTNT gave him his own channel and think it's a moneymaker for him. His fanbase will not have a reasonable conversation with you, as they will infect anything even remotely MineCraft or Youtube related with Pink Sheep bullcrap.

I didn't and still don't understand the aim of creating a channel that revolves around a sheep with a robotic voice, and all he does is talk about how "beautiful" and "wonderful" his mustache is. Probably a way for explodingtnt to get even more money from subscribers.

Pink Sheep was a WILDLY successful channel for ExplodingTNT, and giving him his own channel was a wise move for him. However, to the non-obsessed fanboy, the channel is really bad. Non-interesting, base-based videos, made by a person posing as an annoying, snooty, oblivious sheep.

7 The Girly Gamer

You Jen fanboys and fangirls don't get it. There is NO way someone can be so bad at Minecraft. ESPECIALLY when Jen has had years of experience playing the game almost every day. Also, Jen ACTS in the videos. Today she makes her voice sound so high pitched. It is nothing like it was 2 years ago. Same with Pat but not as much as Jen. They're putting on a show. Their videos don't show their real selves. Once you kiddos get older you might understand what I'm saying

Jen really has gotten dumber over time and that is sad, I love waatching Pat and Jen but Jen is 1st BAD at all the games so you KNOW Pat will win. 2nd She always tries to push Pat off or Kill him in burning maps and she is just NOT funny! It is sad because I love the two of them when they play together ;-;

She is one of my favorite YouTubers. The only reason people don't like her is that she's just not the best at video games, but still she IS a girl so it doesn't matter anyway. Jen you're the best you and Pat together is Cookies and Milk.

I will turn her into ground beef if I have to! Hope Donald Trump put her in jail! Don't get me wrong, I don't support Trump, he's racist. But this stupid Girly Gamer doesn't even deserves to exist on the whole universe.

8 SuperEnderCreeper

He only made 1 video of Minecraft and the video was only 30 seconds long...

Probably another troll

9 Doni Bobes

All he doesn't is make bad owl puns when he is clearly a duck. His videos aren't even that interesting all he does is prank people for no reason or catch hackers because it's clickbaitable enough that people might click. Don't even get me started about how cringe his intro is.

He really doesn't think about the consequences of his trolls.

I literally saw one of his videos today where he essentially broke apart a friendship by making one person think the other was the troll

It would be much better if he told people it was all a troll to rectify things like that

He's an okay kid but god he gets annoying after a bit, and his content is hardly mind-blowing. His real 'thing' is bringing to light some proper nutter Karens. Aside from that pretty meh.

it's odd, I want to like the guy because he fundamentally seems okay, but there's something about him which just seems to ruin it.

Doni is awesome. Obviously there are a lot of people with no sense of humor.

10 BajanCanadian

BajanCanadian deserves the top spot. He is generic, fake, and a liar. He rarely finishes series, and always quits cold Turkey without a word to his fans who was enjoying the series.

Yes he's the most retarded but it's really hard to decide, cause most of the choices and named YouTubers which are mentioned here deserve the top 10.

"Yeah I'm the best at Hunger Games! "

I've seen him lose games before. There's always going to be someone better than you at hunger games.

Hunger games is so unoriginal. Make your own minigame name not rip off a bestseller series. Also hunger games is just survival games.

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11 L for Lee

Seriously what happened to this guy? He used to be one of Stampy's friends now he's some kind of deranged pedophile who sexually harassed a teen. what?!?! Lee is just human scum now and so is his other pedo YouTube friends Lionmaker and Stampy.

Whoa wasn't this guy like outed for being a known pedophile. Why isn't LionMaker or BashurVerse on here they both make trivial content.

Back in 2013: Lee is cool!
2016: wow he sexually harassed a girl bad lee.

Everyone why is lee here

12 Captain Sparklez

He is awesome. What do you not like about him. His videos are creative. He was in 3rd place like of the finniest and best Minecraft YouTube like someone else said

Listen I don't hate the guy it's just he's not very creative anymore he's like every other youtuber (Reacting to this, Reacting to this, you know the drill) Once again I don't hate him it's just he's not original anymore but then again that's for every youtuber now (Pewdiepie, SSSniperwolf, etc.)

He became too rich and money-minded, his channel content is now absolutely horrible.

All he can see is money! He has his own figure... nope seems like a cool youtuber who likes Minecraft and really cares about his fans.Sure he cares about his fans money!

13 iHasCupquake

I'm nearly considered an adult, and I love her. She's an absolute inspiration and shouldn't be getting hate. One thing I agree with though, is that her husband ruined the channel. And sometimes she can make me face palm, but that's it.

Why is tiff on this list!? She is really cool and funny and she is an inspiration! So leave tiff alone!

To me, she seems too much like the stereotypical girl with all that pink. Other than that, she's OK.

IHasCupquake is a good channel! With her pink/purple hair, and her awesome personality, she is a good youtuber.

14 MineCraft Awesome Parodys

The cringe is pretty intense, I cringe when just seeing the song's thumbnail. Not to say profile picture and avatar. Yet being extremely overrated, he got 100,000 subscribers in July 2017, which proved the minecraft fanbase is populated by fantards. I regret watching just ONE of his songs, please pass me some bleach or a knife.

He literally cannot get some of the lines correct. Just listen to the fifth line in mine diamonds and you'll see what I mean. I did not understand a word in it. Also they're bragging about how "awesome" they are and they cannot spell either. And the lyrics make no sense sometimes.

Most say it's a work of art because he purposely breaks everyone's ears. Also lots of sarcasm.

Are you kidding me? This guy made the best song of all time! It's called "Mine Diamonds".

15 RageElixir

Obviosly running out of Ideas. Most of his videos is on minecraft or his special occasions. We DON'T care about you Finding Herobrine in minecraft, We DON'T care about you playing horror Maps and we DON'T care about you playing granny!

This gus Makes boring and dumb videos. For example, I sentiasa on a date for 24 Hours on minecraft or something is in my Room. WHO the hell cares, Mr Rage?

Same as Dark Corners, Except 99.99% Of the time, no sightings happen
Also, Half the time, All he sees are crosses and fake Rituals

This guy is basically if ricegum and ali a had a son, this guy made a 10 plus minute long video about pewdiepie roasting him

16 Dark Corners

Clickbait 3am videos. At one point they were high quality (For Clickbait) But now they are absolutley GARBAGE

17 Psycho Girl
18 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, ...read more.

The reason I don't like him is because he made a gross video where he cut a real life body part (I forgot what it's called but it's red and I think it starts with a t). My tounge was at the 98% area of puking.

Has my vote simply because he is quite awful...I don't even care if he doesn't play minecraft, I do not see how anybody can stand him...

People keep saying he doesn't play it. He has played it, so it still counts.

What do you mean?! Pew barely touches it!

19 SSundee SSundee

Honestly, like most of these youtubers, his content used to be half decent. I used to watch his original skyfactory series because it was really fun to watch and well made. Now I can go through 20 videos of him and not a single one of his jokes will be funny to a half decently intelligent person. He's just a crappy channel for young kids to destroy the minecraft community in.

Went to fortnite because it was popular, then when Minecraft monday and Pdwdiepie started to happen and go on trending he went back to minecraft to get more popular and become trending so that he gets more money.
I am not saying I am a hater, as Aftermath and H1Z1 were popular b ut he ditched them for more popular videos so that he could make more ad revenue.

Wow, just saw 2 episodes of his skyfactory and that's all folks, how can someone watch him, his so annoying. I guess he is focusing on kids.

Honestly, he has his moments but it feels like he is pushing jokes WAY too far and sometimes is just an overall dick to other people.

20 UnspeakableGaming UnspeakableGaming

Why the heck do you guys think he's on this list!? His obnoxious screaming in his videos are unbearable, his skin looks like it wants to end it's own miserable existence, and how has no one mentioned his horrible clickbait green Steve minecraft videos!? they are everywhere!

Absolute click bait, my younger brother's watch him all the time, and all he does is scream and play fake role play. His only views are 5 years old's who think his content is good, when it really is definitely not.

My 6 year old sister watches this clickbait, strait up obnoxious channel. I try to make her stop watching this channel, but I can't because my stupid parents are always in the way. they don't know what she's watching...

I think he is a terrible YouTuber he thinks he is so cool but he is actually a baby I mean how many times can you scream in one video COME ON!

21 Theminingmovies

Why is he on here? Just because he didn't upload for long doesn't mean he is bad!

He was out for three months and expected people to stay subbed! UGH!

He was sick/Busy it wasn't his fault.

22 Logdotzip

Used to be funny but only mildly grating, but now he pumps out content on a regular basis that I could only ever imagine entertains the lowest common denominator. Not to mention he's added ridiculous immersion breaking promos throughout the beginnings of his videos.

The only voice I've ever found annoying plus his webcam is too large and distracting. He used to be tolerable but then he made Minecraft news videos. That voice does not fit a news channel. Often, he clickbaits the news videos. Worst one on this list by far.

I found when he reached 1 million subscribes things go downhill fast.

His videos are quite one dimensional and mind numbing. The titles are irreverent to the content. I hate him a lot now

Why is this guy on my recommended youtube list.
He's about as annoying as a 5 year old with a microphone.
And now that he has an actual gaming channel? Ew.

23 Minecraft Masters

He is the worst

24 LionMaker Studios

First of all, all he does is make boring Minecraft Xbox Hide and Seek videos along with boring Minecraft Xbox Hunger Games videos. At least with Stampy, you can tell he's at least trying to make appealing commentary. But with Lion Maker, all he does is say boring cliche commentary.

His intro makes him sound constipated along with including a stock lion roar sound. He's a chubby, 27 year old manchild. And he somehow hasn't been arrested for grooming and manipulating a teenager.

He's boring, is a wannabe Stampy, and he cheats in Hide n' Seek (Example: One time he got caught and he ran off saying that the person had to kill him or something like that).

This guy is awful for these reasons he plays boring Xbox hunger games with stampy, he is a pedophile, and he asked 15 year-olds for nudes. YouTube if your reading this ban lionmaker

25 EthanGamer EthanGamer
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