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1 Mineplex

This server has a really bad community but that's ok because I have the Legend rank so I can just make my own private server and play dragon escape that way.

It has Bridges, Paintball, Survival Games, Super Smash Mobs, Mine Kart (which is Mario kart with animals instead of karts), turf wars. It has 16 mini games. It's simply the best server ever.

Mineplex rocks! All the other servers: People are annoying and want to report me for no reason. It is the only server where people are nice.

Mineplex is the type of server that you will never get bored of. It has so much Minigames, I couldn't play them all in one month! Mine plea is not OVErrated, but actually pretty underrated. Some people say it's real laggy, but you know what I think, them peeps need to get their interznetz connection RUNNIn cause the server ain't laggy at all man. Maybe they live in the US and play in the EU server and vice versa.

2 Hypixel

Fun games like Bedwars and Hide and Seek. Broad community and the ability to create your own house on your own personal island. Not sure why you would rely on a server to keep your work when you could just build it in your own personal world but still, props to them for doing something not many others do.

Hypixel goes for more of quality then quantity, which is good. They do not have too many games, most being just tiny 10 minute games. There staff aren't too good, and the anti-cheat is not too god, but overall, the games are fun, the community isn't complete cancer, and its slightly playable.

Housing is good. But usually 95% of it is full of undertale, aphmau, parkour and "wvh wolf vs human" roleplays.

Build Battle is good. But people spell out the words or build gross body parts. Also in the team build once the person I was paired with went afk then when he came back he spawned cows ALL OVER my build. I'm not kidding they covered the WHOLE baseplate.

Blitz survival games. Is full of competetive pay2win nerds who treat everyone else like little pieces of trash.

The best server. Never gets old. There are so many games and so many genres. LOVE IT! The Blocking Dead mini game is amazing... !

5 HiveMC

So GOOD! I love it! It's so fun that it should be no.3 after shotbow and mineplex then no.4 is hypixel!

Pretty fun, but there is no swear filter, young players beware!

I like the games but the staff and players are abusive!

So many of Team Crafted's videos were from here.

6 ItsJerryAndHarry

These guys are great they have exclusives only at this server that are nowhere else! From MineFighter to pyramid, herobrine's chamber and even one in the chamber!

So fun! If you are a noob at survival games you can play it and it makes it easier for you because the chests have good loot.

Best mods ever and tons of fun game modes.

The best server in the world!


I think they could definitely work on their anti-cheat a bit more, as well as the staff team, although I really enjoy their actual games. The SG is quite fun, despite the toxic community, and the hackers everywhere.

As an MCSG Mod I can guarantee you that it is a very fun server.
It is pretty competitive too so if you have a competitive side it's just for you.
Hate survival games teams? We got Solo SG

8 Brawl

Very good server, very high quality games and very original! Its nice to see a server that doesn't copy every other one. If your looking for a fun server, with a nice community and lots of awesome games, definitely check out Brawl.

9 The Hive

This is a Bedrock Edition server! Why is it compared to Hypixel? by the way, it's the best

Has everything you need!

10 ShotBow Network

Awesome, Love GhostCraft Mode and MineZ Gunz... The guy who made MineZ is one of the owners of this Server

Never heard of it. I bet it's great though

Amazing I've got to admit. I like the family atmosphere with the anti-swearing plugin!

This is pocket edition?

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11 CubeCraftGames

I quite enjoy their painting signs and egg wars.

15 Nexus

I can't even get on there cause it's 1.7.9 if I do that I get crash report

16 Avicus

Avicus is one of the best servers I have ever found, I have probably been playing it for 2 or so years and it still has the same feeling!

Very nice server, fun games to play, fun people to meet and you'll surely want to come back after the first time!

The maps are awesome, the community is great and the staff team is better than it ever has been!
Avicus is my favourite server!

The best server in the world! It is better than OCN for sure. A little community growing into an amazing place for kids from 7-22 years old.

18 SkyDoesMinecraft Adam Dahlberg (born: January 17, 1993), better known online as Sky Does Everything or NetNobody (formerly SkyDoesMinecraft), is an American YouTuber, video game commentator, and former animator who gained prominence for their precursory Minecraft appeal, referring the Minecraft gold ingot item as "budder" and hating squids in the game. They also sang the song "New World" as a Minecraft parody at Minecon 2013. They are also a musician going by the name NetNobody.

Server features all mini-games played by sky! Must use by any sky fan!

He actually made some cool games like Levels PvP.

19 Mindcrack

I haven't joined it yet, but I'm expecting very good quality!

Epic server! Very original games

Oh! I'm looking it up now

20 Mineslam.Me
21 MineZ

MineZ all the way, You have to like it!

22 Creativefun.Eu
23 Wynncraft

Now that the Gavel update is out, this deserves at least the top 10.

24 Zombie Manic

Amazing, But unlike ShotBow Network, the family aspect isn't there asmuch.

25 Lifeboat Network
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