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21 The first Christians were all European

It started in Israel and eventually spread through Europe through the Roman Empire. - ethanmeinster

Christianity did not just spread to the Roman Empire. It spread to places in the Middle East such as Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon before the Middle Ages.

As a matter of fact, the first apostles to spread the word afterJesus died were St. John who went to Greece and St. Paulus who went to Rome. Also Israel was part of the Roman empire at that moment, so it's almost safe to say that Christianity started in the Roman empire ( wich doesn't mean necessary Rome ).

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22 Jesus was born on December 25th

Researchers have proven that Jesus was probably born some time in summer or spring, due to the stars being seen at that time of the year. Christmas got its date when Christian missionaries tried to convert the pagans in the north (Netherlands, Germany, UK) by combining two of the holidays. Pagans had a winter solstice holiday, and the missionaries claimed that they had a holiday at about the same time. In fact, many of the Christmas symbols, like wreaths and Christmas trees, actually originated from the festivals. After it stuck on, the Catholic church made December 25th the primary day Christmas is celebrated. - ethanmeinster

First of all, when jesus was born and died we were using the roman " Augustinus " calendar. These calendars were changed by the church many centuries later and we all know that the new system isn't exact when it comes to historical facts.

December 25th was the birth of Tamuz (the first antichrist), child of the Queen of heaven and Nimrod. If this is causing confusion, read Isaiah 14:14

23 Catholics worship Mary, popes, and saints

We ask them to pray for us, not worship them. - ethanmeinster

True, no matter what excuses Catholics make it doesn't help

24 We think that Earth is the center of the universe

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that. Although it may say that God made us one of his important species, that doesn't exactly mean that Earth is at the center. This was caused when the Catholic Church tried to combine ancient astronomy with traditional beliefs. Plus, the center of the universe is just some empty space. Does it really matter if we're not in the center? - ethanmeinster

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25 The New Testament is not accurate as it was written centuries after Christ

The truth was that many books were written around 25 years after Christ's death, and by eyewitnesses. Most of the books were lost after the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD. Some evidence points that even Revelation was written before 70 AD. - ethanmeinster

The oldest found fragment of the new testament is the gospel according to St. John and dates about 150 years after Jesus died. Till this day there is no evidence or proof of older writings of the new testament.

26 Jesus is only mentioned in the Bible

Pliny the Younger, a Roman writer who would describe the eruption of Vesuvius, said that Jesus was called as the messiah. - ethanmeinster

Pliny the younger doesn't use the word messiah when he's writing about Christians ( Letter 51 X96 pliny to Emperor Trajanus ). He did interrogations to Christians about their beliefs because they were all in deny of the roman gods wich was a crime against the roman empire. They all said that they believed in one god and in the founder named " Christ ". After interrogation and even torture Pliny the younger concluded that they believed in a " superstition " about a man named Jesus who died during the rule of governor Pilatus.

27 We all follow the Pope

Yes, the Pope does lead the Catholic Church, but not every Christian is a Catholic (half of all Christians) - ethanmeinster

28 We don't accept evolution

No this one Is true we don't believe that we came from monkeys - Thecyanryan


29 We view everything as satanic V 1 Comment
30 Christians start every war

There are some "holy wars", such as the Crusades and the Thirty Years War, but Christianity is nowhere close to being the main cause of war. The 2 World Wars had nothing to do with religion. The Communist Revolutions were caused by atheists who were fighting for a new government. Even back in the Middle Ages, when basically everyone was a devout Christian, you had people fighting secular wars over land and resource - ethanmeinster

Edit: Catholics
they killed mang Christians especially in the Crusades

31 We're all gay hating conservatives
32 We all force our beliefs on everyone

I hate when atheists say this, we know God exists and we're trying to warn you because we don't want you to go to Hell. Maybe you find it annoying but please understand our intent (if we hated you, we would just let you be atheists and keep our mouths shut)

So, hate us and let keep your mouths shut. We don't care about unrealistic warnings. Let us live our lives like we want to because your intentions have no meanings to us.

33 We are all hypocrites

They will say we are hypocrites because we do some of the things Jesus said not to do... well we're not that hypocritical if we are Christians because that means we came to Christ in order to be saved because we knew full well we did things Jesus said not to do.

34 We hate anybody who isn't a Christian

I have a buddist friend I don't hate him I once had some hindu friends I didn't hate them - Thecyanryan

Okay, that's not true! I'm an atheist but I know for a sure fact that Christians doesn't hate everybody who don't believe them. Maybe there are some exeptions but exeptions doesn't make the rule.

35 Christians believe the earth is flat
36 Christians believe the Devil is like the Halloween costume
37 Christians hate Halloween
38 Christians hate Harry Potter
39 Christians hate magic
40 Christians read chick tracts
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